You Can’t Have It All | Lean In Sheryl Sandberg Review

Why I Read This Book

One morning while I was listening to the power of the subconscious mind by Joseph Murphy, I woke up with the strong urge to know more about Victoria Beckham. I figured this was definitely my subconscious mind giving me a message, so I listened and began searching for YouTube content on Victoria Beckham and I came across her conversation with Simon Collins, former Parsons dean of fashion.

Check It Out

Awesome video to watch, I got to know more about Victoria and some choices she made which lead to her level of success in the fashion world. So I was inspired to keep watching and towards the end of their conversation Simon Collins asked Victoria about her secret of work-life balance and he mentioned Lean in by Sheryl Sandberg. She expressed her love for the book and so I immediately noted the name and commenced listening to the book immediately after completing the video.

About The Author

In Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg, the author began by introducing herself which really inspired me to keep on listening, so if you are like me hope the following points outlined below motivates your next steps;

    • She is the present COO (If you are like me, who had no idea what this mean, no worries I got you. It means, Chief Operating Officer) of Facebook.
    • she has worked for Google as vice president of global online sales and operations.
    • Before Google, she served as chief of staff for united states secretary of the Treasury, Lawrence Summers.
    • She is the founder of A website which targets a wide range of women issues, providing eye-opening statistics, practicals ways in which men could join the struggle for the equality of the sexes. This platform also puts women in touch with men who are willing to mentor them towards leadership, one of the main things talked about in Lean in by Sheryl Sandberg.
    • In 2012, she was elected to the board of directors of Facebook becoming the 1st woman to serve on the Facebook board.
    • Her Ted talk title “why we have too few women leaders ” has been viewed over 2 million times.

  • She Co-authored with Adam Grant to write the book title “Option B” which was inspired by the loss of her husband, Dave Goldberg in 2015.
  • She is a mother of two.

As I read this book, I got inspired by her experiences both good and bad. She is very honest, as she talks about a lot of the expectations which we might be ignorant to before marriage.

Outstanding points learned from lean in by Sheryl Sandberg.

Okay, so I listened to an audiobook which was more than six hours long and as I sit down to write this review I can come up with only six points, which shows how terrible my attention span is, LOL and reminds me of the need to listen one more time to get more useful insight.

  1. This book opens my eyes to various cultural norms or ideologies which only serve to create a mindset in girls which encourages us to aspire for lower.
  2. she talks about various choices us ladies make which leads us down the road of giving up on our careers and subsequently our dreams.
  3. she points out some important things we need to take into account before choosing our partners.
  4. she highlights the importance of mothers thinking about being role models to our sons and daughters, hence making choices which inspires the personality of the adults they become.
  5. She goes on to talk about the importance of us ladies sticking together, not being vindictive towards women in leading roles as this only serves to undermine the progress of the cause we are all fighting for.
  6. Another point I notice as I read through this book was the personality and the achievement of her friends, which goes a long way to affirm the statement “Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are”.

Who Needs To Read This Book?

I will recommend Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg to everybody, everybody seeking knowledge and practical ways to improve our world, not just by new trendy hashtags but by practical and realistic steps, we all need to take to get the world we seek.

  • Those who have an open mind towards the equality between men and women, your faith in the need for this course will be strengthened and our eyes will be opened to the ignorant words, thought or actions we might be guilty of which has given more life to the oppression of women.
  • Those with a closed mind towards this course, this books will provide you with statistics which show, the success of this course is beneficial for us all, yes even you.






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