writing jobs review

Writing Jobs Review: Is This A SCAM?

Writing Jobs Review

Name : writing jobs online


Price: $1 trial then $27/month

Founder: Glen Anderson

Earnings : $700-$5000 / month

Rating: 8 on 10 for new freelance writers

4 on 10 for old freelance writers.

The Beginning Is Overwhelming.

Writing Jobs Review

The first freelance writing job platform, I joined was Freelancer and after one week of intensely bidding for jobs, I was disappointed into taking a break. Before I got into this, I was very sure this was what I wanted but my first experience made me think otherwise.

There were many job offers which I tried to bid on within minutes of their availability but several things were against me;

  • So many experienced and already rated writers were bidding for the same jobs.
  • I actually didn’t know what was required from writing jobs and how to avoid being scammed.

How I Got Scammed

Writing Jobs Review

I honestly didn’t know if this was a scam or just the way things were done but it seemed really fishy to me.

So on my second day of bidding, I was contacted for a job offer and I felt so excited. This was it, I will do my very best at this job and get an awesome rating which will increase my chances of getting others.

So although we were adviced not to have any discussions out of the platform, I still accepted when she requested we continue talking on skype. She then told me the terms of the job;

  • She will pay me every Saturday
  • She will give me several writing jobs in the week
  • And will be paying $23/ hour.
  • She expected me to complete each topic in 2 hours.

I felt so excitedly, as this was 5 times what I was presently making per hour.

So she sent the first topic, I wrote and summited it. She wasn’t pleased but she decided to give me another opportunity.

She sent two more topics in one day which I completed and sent to her and she was satisfied. She sent the third and I told her I could not work on it on that day, I needed some time for resting my brain and research.

She was not very happy but she accepted. So the next day came and she kept on pressing me for the work but it was in a domain which was very foreign to me and I needed a lot of time for research and I had to still do my other jobs.

So I wrote to her telling her that, I could not work with that pressure, I needed time to do a good job. she then wrote to me telling me she could not give me that time, all her jobs were very urgent. So I wrote back saying sorry but I won’t be able to meet up and thanking her for the opportunity.

She immediately blocked me and I have never heard from her till date. No payment for the two articles completed which satisfied her.

writing jobs review

What I learned

Writing Jobs Review

  • Never Take Urgent Jobs.
  • Have a fixed price per job payable immediately after completing the job.
  • Be clear about your working terms from the beginning.

What Would Have Helped Me

The best help I would have gotten in the beginning was some mentoring from some more experienced freelancers.

Scrolling through the various opportunities offered by writing jobs, this would have been great help for me.

Writing Jobs Review

This is a platform which brings together writing jobs and tools offered by other freelance writing jobs platform.


  • Writing training available for beginners.
  • 7 day $1 trial.
  • Ebooks to be downloaded ( Can be found online for free if searched)
  • Writing jobs divided into types ( I like this since, it gives you an idea of what you are applying for.Is it a sector you are inspired to write in? Finding writing jobs which inspire me is very important and keeps me loving my job.
  • You can pay through various means. Most favorable being PayPal.
  • Very inspiring testimonies from older members.


  • Most of the resources they offer can be found for free online.
  • Limited and outdated training courses
  • You could  sign up to various freelance writing jobs platforms to find the same jobs

writing jobs review

 Final Review

I will recommend this for you, who is just getting in the freelance writing world and are in need of guidance.

There is a lot to learn about the freelance writing world. You could decide to go the hard and cheaper way and independently do the research and learn from experience or you could find a training program which could guide you.

Though if you are like me and will like to take the route with more work, no beginning reward, and greater reward in about 3 months from start, you might want to start your own blog.

In order to excel in this, a highly recommended training, hosting and networking platform is wealthy affiliate.

Interested: Visit Writing Online. net

Check Out My Wealthy Affiliate Review

You could still use the skills you learn from this training to standout as a freelance writer.

Remarkable SEO content writing Tools

Free Online Writing Job sites

Some are limited to writers in specific countries. Below are some platforms available worldwide.


writing job reviews

For free membership, you will be limited to 30 job biddings per month.

You regularly receive emails about available jobs.

Getting accepted into this platform is relatively easy.

2.Great Content

writing jobs review

This is a highly recommended freelance writing platform and sometimes it takes a while to be accepted on the platform.


writing jobs review

This website tackles a wide variety of freelance jobs. Acceptance to this platform depends on your skills and on the present clients’ demands.


writing jobs review

The Entry process, acceptance time and requirement are relatively longer but this platform is highly recommended.

I hope this was helpful and you make the right choice for your stage in freelance writing.

In case you have used writing jobs services before;

  •  Did it work for you?
  • What was your experience?
  • What freelance writing platforms have worked best for you?

writing jobs review

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