When Change Comes, Part One|The Dark Side

Chapter One

The Awful Beginning.

Jumi did not realize the intensity of change he was about to experience, he had known change was coming but not this, he wanted change but not this, the other animals were so inconsiderate, so loud and above all highly undisciplined.

They were friendly and he could tell they thought this was the right thing to do and to many, they might seem cool but to him, they were just being a burden.

They distracted him from his quiet mourning time and the time he greatly needed to process this life-changing happening.

His Annoying Burdens.

He always tried to be polite but on this faithful cold morning, he couldn’t control himself for so many reasons his present companions were so ignorant to.

The weather was so harsh, unfamiliar and he could not understand why this didn’t affect anyone else but him.

Sure They were having fun, they really seemed to enjoyed each others company and acted with so much freedom of choice just as he imagined they would but he was so inhibited by the cold and flees to join in on the fun and honestly, he didn’t just feel like it.

The Unlucky Target.

As he lied down on his chosen isolated spot, he noticed the detested friendly smile approaching him so confidently as if she was so sure her company was just what he needed right now.

Jumi was fed up with people making assumptions of what they think will be best for him, no one considered his wishes before commencing the protest which landed him in his present condition, so he pretended to be a team player but maybe if he was asked, he might have discouraged them from going ahead with their plans.

True all was not sunshine and cool breeze daily but at least he didn’t have to fight for his food and they had numerous visitors daily who were just happy to stare and cheer but kept their comfortable distance.

He hated small talk and unlike his present, gorgeous companion, he could sense when others wanted to be alone and was wise enough to respect their wish.

Then She Spoke

Hello,” Luna said as if she felt this five letter word had some powers to brighten his day, Jumi thought as he gave her a cold stare hoping she gets the message.

I am Luna, why do you always like to be by yourself” As this words flowed out of Luna’s mouth, Jumi smiled devilishly within as words gravitated towards him which were sure to cause her pain, there was so much he had wanted to say, since his first eye-opening encounter and this just seemed like the perfect moment with the perfect target .

Then He Responded

Did it occur to you, that just maybe, I am always alone because, mmm, I don’t know, because I want to be alone ” Jumi said irritated, without letting her respond he continued ” Yeah I am sure you thought so but just like the overflowing dumb animals in this disgusting place, you don’t think that matters and you believe you have a right to go against my wish“he broke for a moment to catch his breath for the length of time  which Luna could get out only the words”No“.

No ?, you are telling me, you didn’t notice the fact that your company was the last thing I wanted, how dumb are you ” Luna realize he wasn’t going to give her time to respond and she was not willing to stand by and let him talk to her so rudely “That’s enough, you didn’t want to talk to me, all you had to do was say that

Words Intending to Hurt.

You know where I come from they say actions speak louder than words, so I guess we can add deafness right after ignorance on the list of your charming qualities,” Jumi said ironically as Luna swiftly began her escape from this verbal cruelty.

Momentary Relief.

Jumi felt a little relief but didn’t feel accomplished because the was a lot more he wanted to say, a lot he wished he had said to Kenu.

She had no right to take actions which led to his involuntary exile from his place of grace and he also wanted to shout at himself for letting himself be silenced by her beauty.

He knew what she was up to, she confided in him and he pretended to be okay with this with hopes of pleasing her and hopefully getting out of the friend zone.

The Return Of The Dark Feelings.

As the moment passed he sensed the feelings of sadness overtaking him and for some reason, he now felt worst.

A little, persistent voice within told him, his most recent act was just a momentary realize whose side effect was the present addition of quilt he suffered from.

To Be Continued…

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