When Change Come, Part 1 | The Promise

Chapter 1

Chapter Two

The Promise

Kenu walks into the room all excited, Jumi’s attention is immediately caught by Kenu’s captivating smile which has a way of always melting his heart.

He was both surprised and pleased, he had never seen Kenu so expressive. She was always cautious about letting her guard down.

Seeing your parents being shot down while strangers drive you away from home could have that effect on you.

The Unknown Beginning Of Change.

Our cries are being heard, we are getting human supporters“, Kenu said as she tried to contain her joy.

wow, that’s great, that’s really great,” Jumi said trying his best to be supportive of the one he loved.” I can feel it, I will be home soon”.

There it was again, the very familiar sad eyes he had surprisingly fallen in love with.

Jumi knew what awakened this emotions so he walked across the room to his beloved, locks gaze with her and said”I am sure your sister is well, misses you and will be very pleased to have you back” as they stood still taking in the moment neither Jumi nor Kenu had an idea, how much their  lives were about to change .

Unsaid Life-Changing Words.

Looking back now Jumi thought as he glanced at his present home from the hilltop, things might have been different if he just added some few words to his statement “I love you and I hope we get to have our own family someday“.

Some months before he would have thought it was too much to say at the beginning of a relationship but now he realized how fast time flies and how drastically unknown and heartbreaking tomorrow maybe.

The Strategy For No More Regret

He never wanted to feel this regret again so Jumi made two promises to himself, always say what you feel and never let fear dictate your actions.

Shunned By The Community.

As Jumi walked down the hill towards his chosen spot, he could notice some difference in the way he was treated by the other animals and he could only assume this was due to the harsh words, he had said to the prettiest lion in the forest. “Awesome, message received, stay away from me, ” he thought as he walked on trying to fight back the lonely feeling, blended with sprinkles of regret which consumed him.

Blacking Out.

He then rationalized his unwillingness to apologize with his dedication to keeping his promise to himself.” He said what he felt and he not apologizing, had anything to do with fear“, was the last thought he had before the paralyzing pain, then the blackout.

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