what makes a new year awesome

What Makes A Year Awesome

More About The New Year,2020

We have been talking about 2020 being an incredible year.

We also dived into how to make sure 2020 will be awesome.

It is only right we also talk about what actually makes a year awesome.

What are the signs we will see, signs which tell us we are having that incredible year as promised.

10 Things Which Make A Year Awesome

things which make a year awesome

1. Growth

No growth is insignificant and one thing is certain putting in place some to the tips we previously spoke about, tips which are sure to lead to an awesome year, you will experience growth.

Daily, weekly, monthly growth and with growth comes an indication of you getting better and a year in which things better with time is definitely an incredible year.

2. Success

Linking success to an awesome year is a no brainer.

Finally getting the solution to that problem you have been brainstorming about.

Finally getting the money for that start up.

Making your first sale.

Passing that exam you have been writing and rewriting.

Reaching that milestone which at first seemed unattainable.

3. Lessons from Failures

One very certain thing about life and every year is that we will experience some failures.

What makes you and your year awesome is that you learn from your failures, you grow from them.

A year in which your failures make you wiser and ensure better choices moving forward is definitely a great year.

4. Bonds Formed

As we grow older we begin to see that what really matters is how we make people feel and the bond we make along the way.

Remembering this as we begin this year, taking time to get to know people , care for  people, treat people well which in  busy  world it might be difficult to allocate time for this but when we prioritize this we will definitely find time for this.

We could allocate at least an hour daily for connecting with friends and family.

Being able to have new and stronger bonds will make your year awesome.

5. New Adventures

Get to see places, have new experiences which will lead to an improved outlook on life.

Many of us might have the money to take spontaneous trips to different countries but we could have adventures not far from places we usually visit.

We could visit an orphanage in our town, get to sit down with the kids, we could go to the zoo, visit that spot you ignore which tourist travel miles to visit.

6. Giving Up Toxic Habits

We all know toxic habits are easier formed than given up but making that effort and succeeding to give then up is one of the best things we could do for ourselves.

Getting reed of some of our habits holding us back, habits like; Poor time management, complaining, blaming, idling and so much more.

This will lead to a better and improved version of us, ensuring an awesome year

7. Getting More Knowledge

As you acquire more knowledge, you increase your chances of acquiring success and you now know better, you are more equipped with better routes to take for success.

Increasing your knowledge by reading books, watching videos, listening to podcasts and documentaries is a great way to create this awesome year.

8. Getting To Know You Better

One of my favorite saying is “the person you will always be with is you, so make sure to enjoy your company.”

Take time to get to know yourself, your like, dislikes, what really makes you tick, what are you passionate about, why do you do what you do.

The best way to spend time with you is by practicing meditation.

Start with a 5 minutes a day and you can increase the time gradually.

Spend more time in the present.

9. Creating Productive Habits

We have spoken about getting rid of toxic habits, as we do so we could try gradually replacing them with more productive ones.

For example, getting rid of poor time management means adopting good time management.

Sometimes we might also find it beneficial to adopt habits which have nothing to do with the toxic habits we just eliminated.

Habits like exercising, Eating healthier, having deeper conversations.

10. Improved Mindset

All things we have been mentioning above will go a long way to great a better mindset.

That mindset which sees growth as a process worth going through.

A mindset which sees failure as a necessary step.

A year in which we are able to get closer to “an empire state of mind”

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