how to stay happy when you are sick

What I Learned From Getting Sick, 10 Life-Changing Tips

For the past 7 days, I have not been able to sit up for even 30 minutes to create content for my blog. I have been so sick. During these days unlike most days, having inspiration for my blog content was far from the top of my mind.

It was in my mind but I tried my best to suppress any thoughts about my blog as this only made me sad.

how sickness changed my life


Also during this period, I have been reminded a lot about my mortality. This made me rethink a lot of things. So today I will be sharing with you, some of the thoughts or learnings I have had from my sickness inspired reflections.

What I Learned From Getting Sick.

1. I Hate Being Alone.

what I learned from getting sick

First on my list of what I learned from getting sick was the importance of creating bonds with people. I knew I have always wanted to create bonds and I sometimes felt reluctant making an effort in this direction because

  • I thought I only wanted it because it seemed like the cool thing to do.
  • I felt it might be something I will regret when it happens

During this seven days of being trapped alone indoors by body weakness. It really sank in how much I needed people.

I had no friend I could call to come and spend the time with me. Sometimes, when my health got really bad I really felt one of my greatest fears were coming through. I was literally dying alone.

2. I Need To Prioritize People More

what I learned from getting sick

For the past month, I have been so focused on creating daily content for my blog, teaching online and completing my training at the wealthy affiliate platform.

==>One Month Update On Wealthy Affiliate.

What I learned from getting sick was that when you put people in the trunk of your car because they might distract you from focusing on the road, they might not be able to come to your help, if you are getting mocked or worst.

So I am proud and happy to say, I reach out to an old friend of mine, we will be meeting up this weekend. I feel very optimistic.

3. Gratitude Will Keep You Happy In Downtimes

what I learned from getting sick

Yes! one thing I am grateful for is that I remained committed to writing down the things I was grateful for every night.

I still had things to put on my list. Meaning my life did not totally s..k. This kept me from making any silly decisions due to boredom or grief.

It also made me know what to have more of in order to brighten my day.

Conversations with my mum were something I was always grateful for and so I tried to do that every day.

4. Everybody Has Problems.

what I learned from getting sick

Don’t feel sorry for yourself, everybody has challenges, these are yours, accept it and be happy in spite of “Those were the words my mum constantly reminded me of during this period.

This is so true and if we take the time out to get to know about the problems other people are going through, we will be more grateful. we might even realize, we will not accept a problem switch if given the chance to.

This reminds we of the need to serve, getting out of our world and getting involved in life-changing activities.

5. Prioritize Your Health.

what I learned from getting sick

What I learned from getting sick was the importance of health.

Oh ok, maybe I didn’t learn this, I was reminded of this. I could not do any of the other things I was prioritizing over my health due to poor health.

This also made me realize I won’t be able to achieve all the big goals or plans I am making if my health is not in top form.

So in order to meet up with my various goals, prioritizing my health is definitely the wise choice to make.

6. Everything Doesn’t Always Go As Planned.

what I learned from getting sick

What stressed me out the most during this period was my inability to meet up with my plans.

Daily uploading, making a certain amount of income from teaching online, Investing in certain products and services which will help my business.

All of this was not happening because I did not have the strength to sit up for up to ten minutes.

I shared this worry with my mum and she told me stories of many people who I knew and considered successful. She told me of what they initially planned for their lives and how things turned out differently but awesome.

Justin Baldoni an actor/director, who I admire very much, in an interview with Rain Wilson, admitted he didn’t dream of becoming an actor while growing up.

He wanted to become a football player and an injury made that impossible. After several difficulties and depression, he took certain steps which led to doors opening for the beginning of an awesome acting career.

7. Expand Your Friend Zone Offline.

what I learned from getting sick

4000+ friends on facebooks, 1600+ followers on Instagram and 1000+ friends on some other social media platforms but what I learned from getting sick was how unreachable they all were when I was in a very dark time.

Justin from Canada or Yumi from Japan were miles away to make a trip to my place.

Online friends can be awesome but might not be able to make it in a jiffy when you need them.

8. It Gets Better.

what I learned from getting sick

Day one of sickness was terrible, even worst was day one of treatment.

I found it hard to imagine experiencing any good days ahead. Today, Seven days after, I felt strong enough to

  • Cook a delicious meal for myself
  • Tidy my kitchen
  • Last but certainly not the list, create content for my blog.

So whatever you might be experiencing be reminded of something you might already know.

Yes It Gets Better With Time 

Sometimes action might be needed at other times you might just need to be still.

9. It’s Okay To Depend On Others.

what I learned from getting sick

What I learned from getting sick was the need to get out of my comfort zone and ask people for favors.

I really struggle with this. One of my motivations in life is striving not to depend on others especially financially. During this period I have had to depend on people both financially and emotionally.

I spoke to my mum about my discomforts and she reminded me of the fact that human beings are community beings and we can never survive without some help from other humans at times.

She also reminded me of the people willing to help me. Then I thought this was something to add to my gratitude list, not something to ignore or repel.

10. Be Still

what I learned from getting sick

one very important thing I learned from getting sick was the importance of being still.

Lots of brights ideas and life-changing realizations come about when we face with a block in the road with stillness.

Stay calm, reflect, restrategize, then go.

I hope this article was helpful and as a bonus for reading till the end, I will also like to share with you this note to self

Take things slow when you finally get the energy to get back to your regular schedule, you will hate to have a relapse.

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