12 relatable things i am grateful for today

12 Relatable Things I Am Grateful For, Today. What Makes Me Happy.

So Much To Be Grateful For Today!

” If you want to find happiness, find gratitude”

– Steve Maraboli

the importance of the things i am grateful for, today

I just turned 25, yeah !!

I am so happy I made it this far.

There were so many times I thought I wouldn’t.

Also, I am in a very good place right now.

I mostly have this overwhelming joy which I sometimes fear I might lose.

This feeling comes from just feeling thankful for the so many blessings in my life right now and not underlooking any positive.

I am very positive from the things I listed below, you will find out how blessed you are too.

Oh, by the way, thanks Ruth for inspiring this post.

12 things i am grateful for today


1. I  Am Grateful For My Family

“Family is not an important thing it is everything”

– Michael J. Fox

today, i am grateful for family

Sometimes when I think of my family, it brings tears to my eyes.

A group of people who are always there for you NO MATTER WHAT.

I have no quilt about calling my mom for help at 2 am.

Why, because she would want me to.

My dad has gotten mad because I had some challenges and I didn’t call him.

My sister opted to help support me with finance when I need it.

My brothers always tease me and have given me the funniest nicknames which annoyed me at the time but now makes me smiles whenever I remember the good old and present days.

They are always there for me.

My extended family is great.

I consider myself blessed to have several mothers.

All of my mum’s sisters consider me their daughter.

Men, I am blessed and I am sure you are too, just look around, take no love for granted.

2. I Am Grateful For My Career

‘”Passion is the difference between having a job or having a career”

today, i am grateful for my career

I have a career which helps me pay the bills.

I also get the awesome opportunity to render service and truly impact people’s lifes.

I am talking about my career as an online English teacher.

Bless my students for always reminding me of the help I was opportune to give.

I am also talking about something which partly pays the bill but I still regard as a hobby.

My youtube channel.

Sure it is a lot of work to keep up with a regular uploading schedule but I can’t complain about creating content which is very close to my heart and having a loyal audience which enjoys it.

Last but not the list.

 I am talking about blogging, which once more gives me the pleasure of being of some impact.

3. I Am Grateful For Internet Access

today, i am grateful for internet

According to wikipedia , as of June 2018, 55.1% of the world’s population has access to internet.

That is a 44.9% without internet.

44.9% of people which includes young people trying to find their path in life but limited to just what they can see in their immediate environment.

Blind to the limitless opportunities out there.

In my opinion, the internet is the best invention of the 20th century.

In the post How the internet changed my life, I talked about the details of how my eyes were opened to a whole world out there.

Through the internet, I got to know of so many opportunities, so much possibility.

Though at first, it seemed impossible because no one around me had done it before.

Through the very internet, I came across the stories of so many people, coming from situations worst than mine but were still able to achieve greater than what was ever thought possible by those around them.

I still continue learning daily.

 Every day I am sure to learn something new which keeps molding my mind for the better.

4. I Am Grateful For Blogging Gadgets

“Blogging is not rocket science, it’s about being yourself, and putting what you have into it.”

today, i am grateful for my blogging gadgets

Not to brag but I have a great phone, its no iPhone x but it gets the job done.

I have 2 highly functional laptops.

I have income to pay for a truly incredible online entrepreneurship course, which has guided me so far on my blogging journey.

I am also blessed to have access to limitless free blogging resources online

  • Free pictures on unsplash, pixabay and so much more.
  • Free image designing software ( Canvas, Pablo)
  • Free guides on how to start your own blog ( Build your website in 5 minutes guide) and so much more.

Look around you, that thing you have always wanted to do, I can bet you there is someone who has done something like it or similar before.

You have some equipment you can use to begin, it might not be perfect but as many successful people will agree, you might never start if you keep waiting for perfection.

5. I Am Grateful For Food

today, i am grateful for food

According to the food and nutritional organization of the united nations (fao), for the third year in a row, there has been a rise in world hunger. The absolute number of undernourished people ( those facing chronic food deprivation) has increased to nearly 821 million in 2017, from around 804 million in 2016.

Having in mind the number of people who can not afford food to eat, I feel so blessed.

Some are refugees, right in my country, who have been driven from their homes by the present crisis going on.

They are hiding out in the bush, fearing for their lives and living on whatever they can find in the wild.

I have food to eat daily, this literally brings tears to my eyes.

It also reminds me of the responsibility I have to be of some help to the less privileged.

6. I Am Grateful For Past And Present Experiences.

“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.”

-Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

today, i am grateful for all of the experiences i have had

” You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.

– C.S. Lewis.
today, i am grateful for where i am

I will be lying if I tell you I have no regrets.

I will also be lying if I tell you I don’t fear things changing in the present if I turn back the hands of time and change certain things I regret in the past.

All my past experiences both good and bad have molded me into the person I am today.

I am a girl who is far, far from perfect, but so happy with her present condition and very optimistic about the future.

All my experiences have truly been a learning process.

No matter how much I wish I could have learned from other’s mistakes, the lessons really sank in because I got to experience the consequences first hand.

7. I Am Grateful For Bad Habits I Didn’t Develop

” It is easier to prevent bad habits than to break them.”

-Benjamin Franklin

today, i am grateful for the bad habits i didn't develope

Seeing how difficult it is to lose some present bad habits, I am very thankful for the ones I didn’t develop.

  • Sure I keep my feelings buried.
  • I am a people pleaser.
  • I am reluctant about putting myself out there
  • And so much more.

But on the bright side I didn’t develop the habit of always thinking I am right or perfect and I am always open to change.

Truly challenging but when there is a will there is a way.

So I am thankful for the bad habits  I do have, as they remind me to try as hard as possible not to develop new ones.

Needless to say, the good habits I have are a true blessing and keeping them is a priority.

8. I Am Grateful For Access To Water.

today, i am grateful for water

According to World Health Organization (WHO) 844 miliion people lack even basic water.

Globally atleast 2 billion people use a drinking water source contaminated with faeces.

In low and middle income countries, 38% of health care facilities lack an improved water source.

By 2025 , half of the world’s population will be living in water-stressed area. 

I have to buy water everyday because the tap water in my city is not the best.

With all the numerous benefits of water, I am grateful to have the finance to afford clean and refreshing water.

9. I Am Grateful For Good Health.

‘”Happiness is nothing more than good health and a bad memory”

Albert Schweitzer

” Good health and good sense are two of life’s greatest blessings”

– Publilius Syrus

today, i am grateful for good health


This point makes me want to dance.

Why, cause I can.

Its hard to really appreciate the privelege of good health until you spend a sleepless night due to severe stomache ache.

Or you can’t eat anything without throwing up.

Or you are forced to use a wheel chair to move around because lifting a single leg seems to drain all of your energy.

You can read this post, you still have your sight be thankful.

You are not in a coma , be thankful.

10 . I Am Grateful For All The People Who Showed Me The Way.

‘ Turn your wounds into wisdom’

-Oprah winfrey

‘ You get in life what you have the courage to ask for ‘

-Oprah Winfrey

today, i am grateful for all the ones who showed us the way

More of Oprah Quotes and Life experiences

” I will not lose, for even in defeat there’s a valuable lesson learned, so even it evens up for me.”

-Jay Z

“Impossible is just an opinion.”

Paulo Coelho

today, i am grateful for all the people that made me believe in the non existence of impossible


When I looked around me and I couldn’t see people who lived the life  I truly desired, I thought it impossible.

Then I came across many who proved there is nothing impossible.

They went through so many challenges at the top of the list numerous opposition.

One thing they all had in common is they never gave up despite all the failures.

They all achieved success at different levels and were kind enough to share their story with the world.

This gave me the push I needed to go above the limits thought possible.

For this I will be forever grateful and I intend to take advantage of all the knowledge or experiences shared.

11. I Am Grateful For Ideas Which Keep Coming.

” Everything begins with an idea.”

– Earl Nightengale

“It’s not about ideas , it’s about making ideas happen”

today, i am grateful for the ideas that keep coming

When looking for ideas to create content, I always keep in mind it is okay to copy successful ideas and spice it up with your own uniqueness.

On some really blessed days, some truly original ideas come to me and I love taking them down.

Everything big and impressive we see today was once an idea which was noted and acted on.

I also believe each idea we have was given to us for a reason and if we work on them, it can truly have a very remarkable impact on us and those around us.

I am thankful for being chosen to have those ideas and I don’t plan on letting the world down.

12. I Am Grateful For Life.

Its good to be alive right about now.

– Andy Grammer.

” Here is a test to find whether your mission on earth is finished- if you are alive it isn’t.”

– Richard Bach

today, i am grateful for life

I am so happy to be alive to get to experience so much and met so many.

I know of so many who didn’t make it this far, my heart goes out to their families and loved ones.

I hope those of us left behind would realize what privilege this is and make each day count.

So Much More I am Grateful For Today.

” Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.”

– Melody Beattie

the importance of being grateful for something today

I have so much more I am grateful for.

So much more and I am sure you do too.

Take the time to think about it, gratitude is a stepping stone to leaving your best life.

I will like to know,

What are you most grateful for today?

” Feeling a gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”

-William Arthur Ward

the importance of being grateful for something today


  • Mary

    This post resonates with me very well. I’m from a Jewish family from Russia. We remember the Holocaust, we remember Lenin and Stalin. Every day I’m grateful that we are alive, that I can put food in my kids’ plates, that we have a house and everything in it. Too many people didn’t have that.
    I’m grateful I’ve met my husband and we love each other, already more than 10 years.
    I look at my little son and I’m grateful he’s alive as we almost lost him about a year ago because of a stupid safety issue at home.
    I’m grateful I’m still able to learn and create.

    I’m glad you know to be grateful at the age of 25. For some people, it takes much longer to realize how lucky they are.

    • Etah

      Hello Mary,

      You are truly blessed and even more blessed because you recognize your blessing.

      I am fortunate to be inspired by many successful people to live in a state of gratitude.

      Gratitude brings more joy and success. 

  • Luke

    Hi Etah,
    I need to admit that it`s been a while since I read such an inspiring post. People usually rush in time, many times we can`t stop and think for a moment. As you mentioned, there are so many things in our life for which we should be grateful.
    I really enjoyed in reading your article, it makes me think about, thanks for sharing with us!

    • Etah

      It’s my pleasure, Luke.

      Happy you found it inspiring.

      we really do have so many reasons to be grateful, we just need to pause and look.

  • Andi

    This website is very inspiring! We all need things like this website for words of wisdom. I can’t tell you how many times I have felt like giving up and this website is the key for that push to get through a stressful day or task. The layout of the site is very organized. The visual ads with the quotes are an added plus to the page because it’s almost like they are speaking to you. Overall, this is an excellent website for daily encouragement. I look forward to seeing more post!

    • Etah

      Thanks, Andi,

      I am glad, you found my site inspiring.

      It’s my pleasure being a source of a daily dose of motivation in your life.

      have many awesome days ahead and see you shortly on my next post.

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