poems by etah

What does loving mean to you ?

What does loving mean to you?

Is it a tool you use to help heal your wounds


A sword you use to cut open my wounds.

What does loving mean to you?

Is it a word you use for good


a lie you tell to woo

What does loving mean to you?

Is it just a game you play


a saving grace for the one who hears its name.

Is loving your way to torture the ones who dare to hold on strong

Cause I know of a girl who stood on firm,

Who molded and carved all her edges in her quest to fit into

what you cherished.

I know a girl who spent nights digging to find the key to keep you willing.

This gentle soul found her gold in the words you told

She never hesitated to give you the love she thought you merit.

She silenced the voices that screamed he wasn’t the one to let in.

For in you she saw a moment that felt like magic.

She hoped someday, your story will be told,

A story she hoped, will bring life to all the hearts buried in the cold.

She hoped someday, she will look back and say,

I am glad, I helped him grow into the man, I call my own.

And then you look her in the eyes and said,

you don’t have the time.

But what she heard was I don’t want to fight…

For you.

So you can understand how she feels about the changes she made

For you

Cause you told her she was meant

For you.

And she believed what you said

Was true.

So now I come to you,

begging to know the truth,

you got nothing to lose

so please tell me, I really need to know

What does loving mean to you?

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