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Top 20 Impactful and Inspirational Podcasts For A Better You

Why Podcasts Rock

why this inspirational podcast rock

In my opinion, podcasts are presently one of the best things on the internet.

Something you could listen to while you drive or do some chores

One common factor among all the podcasts I have listened to is the degree of openness you get both from the hosts and guests.

All of the podcasts I will be listing takes you deep into the inspirational side of the lives of the hosts and that of their guests.

They provide raw, authentic and unfiltered content which makes you find more comfort with who you are.

Some of the podcasts I will be listing talk about topics which many shy away from.

If you are in the learning mindset and want to find content which challenges you to think out of the box, podcasts are definitely the way to go

How To Find The Podcast For You?

a magnifying glass to find the right inspirational podcast for you

Every time I go on my podcast app, I feel like a kid in the candy store.
So many captivating options.

It doesn’t matter what you are in to, trust me there is a podcast for you.

You just have to know how to look and what you are looking for.

What you first need is a podcast app.

I use podbean, incredible app.

Then go to categories and make your pick;

Arts, business, comedy and so much more.

Top 20 Inspirational Podcasts

top 20 inspirational podcasts

Now let’s dive into the podcasts which have inspired me to strive and seek for more of similar content

1. On Purpose With Jay Shetty

on purpose one of the inspirational podcasts

Jay Shetty is presently one of the most inspiring individuals out there

His content always leaves me feeling comfortable with where I am at and just trusting the process.

On his podcast On purpose, he has interviewed so many role model worthy individuals  like

  • Lilly Singh talking about why she took a break from youtube and going through depression
  • Chelsea handler talking about how therapy changed her life
  • Gisele Bundchen talking about the importance of being kinder to yourself
  • Mike Posner talking about how fame ruined his life and the steps he has taken which got him back on track.

2. The School Of Greatness With Lewis Howes

school of greatness one of the inspirational podcasts

Lewis Howes’s story of picking himself up from a state of depression, out from his sister’s coach to achieving several successes is one which reaffirms my belief that no matter how many times we fall, we can always pick ourselves back up.

On his podcast the school of greatness, Lewis interviews people who provide us with details about the moments in their lives which shaped their successful outcomes.

He interviewed;

  • Devon Franklin who spoke about relationships, love, and lust
  • Lindsey Stirling who spoke about the power of truth
  • Jay Shetty talking about small changes creating lasting results
  • And so many others

At the end of each interview, he askes his guest about their definition of greatness.

The different answers being provided has really shaped my view on greatness.

3. The Ground Up Show With Matt D’ Avella

the ground up show, one of the inspirational podcasts

Matt D’ Avella is the filmmaker behind the incredible Netflix documentary, called Minimalist.

On his podcast, the ground up show,  he has interviewed many individuals making a difference in so many ways.

  • GaryVee, a highly successful entrepreneur, who talks about Minimalism, hustle and finding meaning
  • Aileen Xu, a Youtuber, lifestyle blogger and artist who spoke about how decluttering can lead to clarity
  • Amber Rae, an author, blogger, and coach who talks about everything that is wrong with our view of success, what stops people from starting and how to finish your next project.
  • And so many others

4. Don’t Keep Your Day Job with Cathy Heller

Cathy Heller is a musical artist and the host of the podcast don’t keep your day Job.

In this podcast, she introduces us to people who have taken that bold step to quit their day job.

People who took that step despite all the risks involved.

Most of them faced challenges on the road but still kept on.

  • She interviews Emma Elizabeth, a florist, who designed a life with no regrets.
  • Cathy gets deep on how to overcome your limiting believes
  • She also has an episode featuring a coaching call with an Opera Singer in which she talks about how to build your confidence.
  • And so much more

5. Oprah’s Master Class

master class, one of the inspirational podcasts

This inspirational podcast features numerous celebrities.

They talk about their journey to fame.

She has episodes which include;

Actor, producer, writer, and director Tyler Perry who discusses the difficulties he faced in his childhood, his struggles as a playwright and his path to becoming a media mogul.

R&B superstar Usher Raymond IV who talks about how he dealt with fame at a young age and the role that family has played in shaping his career and life along the way.

Actor and comedian Kevin Hart who shares with us how his persistence took him from selling sneakers to selling out stadiums all over the world.

6. Impaulsive With Logan Paul

impaulsive, one of the inspirational podcasts

Logan Paul is a controversial actor and Youtuber.

True logan Paul has made some mistakes but one of the outstanding things he has been able to create is the Impaulsive Podcast with co-host Spencer Taylor and Mike Majlak.

This podcast which both entertains and educates takes us into the lives of many successful social media influencers.

It gives us a picture of what it actually takes to be internet famous.

The down and up sides of the internet world.

If you are able to look past the frequent use of curse words, then you will find value in the episodes with ;

  • Jay Shetty who talks about his journey from monk to one of the biggest self- development influencers.
  • Austin Mcbroom who talks about his journey to massive fame on Youtube.
  • Tai Lopez who talks about what it takes to get to his level of success in business
  • Charlie Rocket who tells us about his journey to becoming a millionaire in the music industry and then going on to become an Iron Man athlete.
  • And so much more

7. The Influencer Podcast with Julie Solomon

the influencer podcast , one of the inspirational podcasts

Julie Solomon is an American businesswoman and publicist.

She is the founder and President of EmpowerYou, Inc.

Her podcast explores the secrets behind the ever-changing trends of influencer marketing and the careers of today’s top social influencers.

She talks about ;

How to strategically work with brands in an interview with Amanda Mueller, who works with overseas, affiliate brand and influencer relations.

She also talks about how to land Instagram brand deals with your elevator pitch.

She also goes into how to legally protect your business without Hefty fees with Bobby Klinck, also known as Amy Porterfield’s resident attorney.

8. Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations

oprah super soul , one of the inspirational podcasts

Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations include conversations between Oprah and numerous outstanding guests.

  • A conversation with Melinda Gates, Philanthropist, and co-chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation,  talking about her recent book, how inspiring women changes the world.
  • Discussions with Brene Brown, research professor, social scientist and New York Times bestseller, on the fundamentals of trust.
  • Also, talks with Iyanla Vanzant, author, life coach and host of the show airing on OWN ” Iyanla fix my life”, on how to build your ‘no’ muscles.
  • And so much more.

9. Rise Podcast With Rachel Hollis

rise podcast with Rachel Hollis, one of the inspirational podcasts

Rachel Hollis is an American author, motivational speaker, and blogger.

Her book girl wash your face is a must read.

In her books and blog posts, she produces content with real and raw truths.

Her podcast follows in the same light.

  • She talks about how to overcome the fear of failure.
  • She talks about the steps to build a billion-dollar company with Jamie Kern Lima.
  • She talks about the hard things that will throw you off-course and how to fight them.
  • She Talks about how to be successful in business without compromising your health
  • And so much more

10. Being Boss

being boss, one of the inspirational podcasts

This Podcast is hosted by authors and business besties, Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon.

This podcast talks about mindset, habits, tactics, and lifestyle for creative entrepreneurs.

  • They talk about the importance of resting for maximum productivity.
  • They talk about some of the limiting beliefs they had and how they managed to overcome them.
  • They have also had an interview with Ali Shapiro in which they talk about health, body, and business.
  • And so much more

11. Samira Stalks with Samira Sohail

Samira Sohail works as a Strategy Manager at the BBC.

Her podcast introduces us to reckless dreamers and their stories of entrepreneurship and the impact they created.

  • One episode with Sam Parr gives us a glimpse of how to build a media empire out of daily newsletters.
  • On another episode, Harry Stebbings, the twenty minute VC, tells us how he became a venture capital star at 20 years old.
  • She also talks about some tools and tips to help us meditate with Alex Tew.
  • And much more

12. Impact Theory With Tom Bilyeu

impact theory, one of the inspirational podcasts

Tom Bilyeu, the co-founder of the billion dollar company, quest nutrition introduces us to many successful people who have been able to make an outstanding difference in their fields.

His guests always share with us the secrets behind their success.

One of his most recent interviews with Megan Good in which they talk about what to do if you want something and believe you can have it.

Some episodes also include his wife Lisa Bilyeu, in which they give relationship advice.

Other episodes are Tom answering questions on topics like;

  • Tips for introverts.
  • How to recover from devastation
  • How to build the desire muscles
  • And much more

13. Insatiable With Ali Shapiro

insatiable, one of the inspirational podcasts

Ali Shapiro is the founder of Truce with food, dedicated academy, and a well-known health expert.

In this podcast she shares a more truthful approach to freedom from cravings, emotional eating, bingeing, bargaining and other diet derailments.

  • On the episode with Lianne Raymond, they talk about how to have a healthy relationship with our bodies.
  • She also talks about how to use astrology to achieve health goals.
  • On the episode with Bodie Welch, they talk about the relationship between how we eat and how we live.
  • And much more

14. How To Money With Joel And Matt

how to money, one of the inspirational podcasts

Joel has spent the past decade working as a producer in radio.

Matt has taken the entrepreneurial route and started a small photography business.

They both have growing families and a small portfolio of investment properties.

Their inspirational podcast, how to money talks about ways in which we can handle our money in a purposeful, thoughtful way that works for our lifestyles.

They have episodes talking about;

  • The truth about debt consolidation
  • What every renter needs to know
  • How much do kids really cost
  • And much more

15. The Side Hustle Show With Nick Loper

side hustle show, one of the inspirational podcasts

Nick Loper is an author and entrepreneur.

The side hustle show is a podcast for part-time entrepreneurs who are looking for actionable tips and strategies on how to turn their side hustle dreams into reality.

  • On this podcast, Nick talks about the importance of focusing more on getting better not getting bigger.
  • He provides a step by step guide on how to start a service business to replace your income.
  • He also interviews people who have achieved outstanding levels of success, like Mitch Davis, who sells around $9,000 per month with his private label products on Amazon Japan.
  • And much more

16. The Passionate Few With Omar Elattar

the passionate few, one of the inspirational podcasts

Omar started this podcast after a breakup.

He talks about interviewing one of his top guest, Grant Cardone in order to get back at his Ex-girlfriend, who was a Grant Cardone fan.

That interview is one of the most watched Grant Cardone interviews.

Interesting how some of the diamonds we create could come out of pain.

How To Live After A Breakup

In this podcast, Omar digs into the mind and lives of inspiring professionals from various walks of life to discuss passion, purpose, and profit.

  • He interviewed Dean Graziosi who went from $0 to $1 billion in sales.
  • He interviewed Sharran Srivatsaa who went from broke to $3.4 billion dollars.
  • He interviewed Manny Khoshbin who tells us how he made it from homeless to $250 million.
  • And so much more.

17. The Good Parts With Andy Grammer

the good parts, one of the inspirational podcasts

Andrew Charles Grammer is an American singer, songwriter, and record producer.

This podcast talks about the philosophies, failures and spiritual experiences that make up the lives of each guest.

Guest like;

  • Sam Harris from X- Ambassadors
  • Rachel Platten
  • Lewis Howes
  • Lindsey Stirling
  • And so much more

My favorite moment of this podcast is when he asks his guest about the most spiritual experience they have ever had.

18. ADHD With Travis Mills

adhd, one of the inspirational podcasts

Travis Tatum Mills is an American recording artist and actor.

He has admitted to having ADHD.

His inspirational podcast ADHD is filled with in-depth conversations with his entertainment, comedy, music and actor friends.

They talk about anything from popular culture moments, what success looks like, daily routines, working out, to all things LA.

  • He has had an episode with Mark Dohner in which they talk about the importance of getting uncomfortable.
  • He interviewed Gary Vee and they talk about the importance of embracing failures instead of shying away from them.
  • On his most recent episode, Justin Escalona ( May, 3rd, 2019)  tells us about how he ended up in Forbes at 22.
  • And so much more

19. The GaryVee Audio Experience

My best thing about GaryVee is his honesty.

When I know I am in need of some no bullshit, no sugar coating motivation, I tune into Garyvee.

  • He interviewed a German Youtuber, Diana Zur Loewen.
  • He talks about investing in the long game.
  • He also goes into the reason why everyone is in a rush and the better way to go.

Gary Vee is not afraid to disagree with his guest and I think that is amazing.

This shows us that not all successful people think alike and that the fact that you think differently from someone extremely successful doesn’t mean you will become a failure.

20. Livin’ Large With Mark Dohner

Mark Dohner is a successful Youtuber.

His Podcast Livin’ Large gives advice on living your best life in LA.

His interviews with people in the entertainment industry make us aware of what it takes to make it in that industry.

The good, the bad, the ugly.

  • He interviewed Disney star Peyton List who talks about acting, fame and shattering people’s expectation.
  • He talks about his recent breakup and some life-changing steps he has taken to get back on track.
  • On the episode with George Janko and Samii Ryan, they talk about success, fashion, and witchcraft.

Let The Audio Gold Help You Reach Your Goal.

These inspirational podcasts are perfect for starting your day.

Getting your mind in the right place for the road ahead.

While you take your breakfast, brush your teeth, get ready for your job or school you could be drinking in some value.

So many options.

Which of the 20 podcasts listed above could provide the most value to you at this point in time in your life.

I will like to hear from you, are you a podcast fan like myself?

What is your favorite podcast so far?

As usual, my friends, go be legendary


  • George

    Podcast is a great way to cover info while I multi-task.
    I like the whole way you explain the efficiency of it… I use them… And will visit this site when I need… Thanks for the open info.

  • Son

    Hello there,

    I work at a really boring job where I do repetitive tasks all day and I love having podcasts on while I work, it makes the time go by faster and also get to learn something new at the same time.

    I’ve actually heard about some of the people you have mentioned such as Rachel Hollis and Oprah (who haven’t heard of her?). Hearing these people talk really help inspire me to become a better version of myself. I’ll check out the other ones you mentioned. Thanks for the article.

    • Etah

      It’s my pleasuring sharing. All the best on your journey. I am glad you are willing to know and inspired to act on your learning.

  • Nate MC

    What a cool list of podcasts. I’ve heard many of these people, but I didn’t know that some of them had their own podcasts. In the future, I might give a listen to a few of them. I actually didn’t realize that Oprah had one! 

    I’m a fan of Tom Bilyeu too, and will start checking out his podcast soon.

  • David

    Thanks for sharing such a detailed informative article of Podcast. I am a huge lover of Podcast but didn’t have the app till i came across your post. I couldn’t agree with you less about  the common factor among all the podcasts you have listened to having a degree of openness from both the hosts and guests. 

    I can also say same for the once I’ve listened to. Your recommendations are superb and worth giving a try. Thanks once again for sharing.

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