poems by etah

The Weakling Of His Kind

When Clarence first heard of the manly loner,

She vowed to travel the miles to make him see her,

For she had to see to believe the strange whispers.

A man with the mind to be the so-called weakling of his kind.

A man who combines his emotions with the actions for his heart.

A man who says how he’s feeling and could care less about how that makes you see him.

A man proud to shed tears for what he believes in,

That man whose strength is great enough to say,” I Need You “

This man doesn’t hold his head high for the words he said that hurt you.

Clarence had to see to believe, that this manly fellow

Had no shame about dancing to the “girly” hit songs,

For their lyrics were a truth he could wholeheartedly sign on.

And to top off all the brave qualities that we speak off,

This unique Mister had a mission to be emotionally available for the one that he brings home.

His biggest dream was to bear fruits who never see it wise to let the exterior provide reasons to empower restrictions.

He cherished the thought of being the inspiration

that makes them know its okay to be the contradiction.

And when they cry and get shunned for their dripping expressions.

He plans to give them hugs with the words that make them see

The strength takes to let the world know they could bleed with no hesitation,

Even when they might title you a weakling out of their fear of being a victim.

Clarence was ready to give it her all to meet this man,

Who no doubt was truly endowed with qualities that made him the one.

The one she could make home and never let the fears of the world that they call home,

Guide the faith of the ones that they both mold.

A partner who will be there close,

As she wrestled on with the senseless roles.

This man so she’s told,

Is the one who stands all alone,

In a world which makes men cold.

So there she goes,

 To find the one that’s worth, the worth that she holds.

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