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    Let Me Tell You A Story

    When They Say How many times do you think you can get back up, Don’t you see the nine times you have fallen down, As a sign that your kind is only meant to scramble for the dimes, That are left lying few steps from where you dine, Why do you keep saying ” success is mine” when we all know, How many times you received in bold caps the words screaming “ denied”. What I Say I see you keep track of the lack that I face, And you take that as a fact that my case, Will most def be a fail with no hope to prevail. Well…

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    20 Short Motivational Poems To Guide Your Path

    The short motivational poems below remind us of : Who we truly are  How to keep being that And some truths about the road to success. Short Motivational Poems 1. Be The Hero On days when giving up Is the only thing that really makes sense, And lossing hope is your only real defense. Be the hero who never lets that villian prevail, Despite all the torture he did instill. 2. You Can Make It Through I know it is hard, I know sometimes you can’t stop the tears from breaking through the walls. You tried so hard but the pressure built from all the pain let them through . And as…

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    I believe I Can Fly | Motivational Poems

    You set the plane in motion despite all the ceaselss caution, For you knew you met the single condition, And as you pushed forward with hearing switched off And eyes lazer focused, you saved guarded your heart with the words “ It’s only a matter of time” Then the time came and what you sought for brought you misery and pain. You stumbled , trying to halt your fall, You struggled, striving to find the brakes, You thought you did and pressed on strong thinking you will now be saved But the speed that came reminded you, you still didn’t know the difference between left and right. And now you…