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20 Short Motivational Poems To Guide Your Path

The short motivational poems below remind us of :

  • Who we truly are
  •  How to keep being that
  • And some truths about the road to success.

Short Motivational Poems

1. Be The Hero

short motivational poems

On days when giving up

Is the only thing that really makes sense,

And lossing hope is your only real defense.

Be the hero who never lets that villian prevail,

Despite all the torture he did instill.

2. You Can Make It Through

I know it is hard,

I know sometimes you can’t stop the tears from breaking through the walls.

You tried so hard but the pressure built from all the pain let them through .

And as they got the taste of freedom,

You stayed down though you Hated being the victim.

I know you can make it through this deep end with time and

Learning from all you went through.

3.That Thing

What is the one thing that makes you laugh so hard

You forget all the worries which urge your frowns.

What is that thing which produces tears from positive emotions.

That thing which makes you want to be yourself with no restrictions.

That thing is what you need when you feel the hurt which makes you freeze.

Truly you need to keep it close for days when you see no way to stop the pain.

4. Become An Idol

Are you the one thinking the only way out is to surrender to the fate you never really grazed.

Are you seriously believing if you keep on trying all you will find is no better than you decline.

Do you believe your idols never had times when their dreams felt unattainable.

Well if you truly do, here’s a guide book to inspire you with the ups and downs of those you call idols,

And hopefully some day, you will become an idol for those who come behind you.

5. What Are You Willing To Do For Your Dreams?

famous short inspirational poems

What prize are you willing to pay

For the goals you set today ?

What rules are you willing to break

To be the one who makes a change ?

6. Be Different

short motivational poems

Who said the only way out was the proven method.

Before the method  was proven it was not.

So make sure to keep that thought

As you go against the norms to be among

the ones we credit for the new world we cherish.

7. Let Go Of The Toxic Bonds

short motivational poems

The hardest part of breaking the bonds which did you wrong

Is the thought of  being alone as you walk towards your goals.

The best part of breaking the bonds which made you less strong

Is reducing the load which kept you from meeting your goals.

Choose Today


8. What Makes You Grow

Being the best takes going through some test.

So don’t stand perplexed

when your wish for gold

Is answered with challenges which repel your joy.

For this is the only way to you grow.

9. True Foes

famous short inspirational poems

It’s no news

That the true foes

Are the ones who cherish and inspire

The habits which bring you low.

10. Let Go Of The Past

So what you took the bends

Which led to the profitless ends,

So what you poured in time

To things which never made a dine.

All that truly matters is that you take the time

To learn and make amends for the past which can’t be reversed.

11.Real Magic

Real magic is seen in a moment

But brought from years of torment.

Years of ups, followed by downs

Which took you lower than you began.

Years of nights when sleep was repelled by your need

To find a breakthrough which rewards

The ceaseless work though no results.

12. What Makes The Difference

short inspirational poems

The only difference between the ones we forget and the ones with success.

Is the truth that they foughtless and let the challenges make them digress,

From the road which led to the world of “their best

13. Don’t Stand Down

short inspirational poems

Being the one they call clown

Should not be the reason you turn around .

For this is a common noun

That spurred the greats to work for their crown.

14. Those Who Never Fall

Come to think of it, the only ones who never fall down

are the ones who always stay down.

They are the ones who stayed at the points

Where lower heights were non-existent.

15. Her Ups And Downs

What happened to the girl who turned up first

And everyone thought she was the best.

I remember the day the results were pronounced,

The day her name became renowned.

Well she went through some tests,

Tests which made her regress.

She fell so low, noone thought she could get a second chance to progress

But after a few months of feeling depressed,

She rose back up and astonished everyone with a better best.


16. Have Faith

Etah's short motivational poems

Looking back at all the victories

Whose how to seemed like a mystery,

And all the big dreams which kept me wondering these streets.

I clearly see the blind steps brought the big wins ,

And created the real needs for a life which seems so unreal.

17. That Great Day

On that day when the rewards start flooding in.

All the hits you succumbed to along the way will be forgotten,

And your joy will make the days you hurt so worth it.

You will be so thankful, you never let the fear of your downfall

Stop you from working hard to have it all.

18. What Makes You Unique

You are not the only one having days when everything seems to be going wrong.

Days when staying strong is the greatest challenge you ever took on.

Nights when staying restless is the only thing your mind can afford.

You are not the only one leaning towards giving up for fear of fall.

You are just the only one who can make that choice FOR YOU to keep on or loss all.

19. The You, You Should Be

short motivational poems

Be the you that would make the you in the future proud.

Be the you who speaks your truth and never let’s the night with wounds

Keep you from being the you that will inspire the room.

20. The Key

Etah's short motivational poems

Letting go of your need to please

Will be the key to the ease you need

To be the you who lives loud and free.


  • Letsret

    What a great site and I love the short motivational poems.  They are truly motivational and with such a great variety of topics there is a poem that will fit many situations.  

    I can say that there are a couple that I wrote out and placed on my fridge as a gentle reminder.

    Thanks for the post, I will be checking back for sure

  • Henderson

    There is so much motivational poems here that even after reading the first four, I already found something to cheer me up from the pains I feel. I am very happy that I found this post and I have bookmarked because I didn’t finish everything. I will like to take it bit by bit. I didn’t know that there was so much magic in poetry. I will like to visit more often.

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