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Review Of Girl Wash Your Face By Rachel Hollis

A Moment Of Inspiration And Relaxation

Can you think of a moment when your mind feels so congested and overwhelmed?, a moment when your normal reflex is watching a movie or some pointless entertainment, but then you have made a commitment to yourself, to your dream to consume only content which will have a positive impact on your goals and you can’t give up now cause you have evaluated your life and you have realized that the only thing holding you back is your inability to see things through, you come with rationalize excuses to quit but you are so determined, not this time. This was the exact state of my mind when I luckily came across girl wash your face by Rachel Hollis.

Beautiful And Relatable Words

Rachel Hollis words are so light and easy to digest making it very suitable for enlightening relaxation. She touches on a lot of relatable content very boldly which makes this book very entertaining.

Her Romanic Relationship Before And After Marriage

When Rachel Hollis talks about the challenges she faces in her marriage and relationships prior to marriage, I get a warm feeling of acceptance and relieve. A lot of secrets we keep buried for fear of the unwashable stain in the way the world sees us. She makes you know she has been there too and it is okay to let that be in the past and let it serve as a learning experience on your way forward.

Torturing Ourselves With Comparison

Rachel Hollis also talks about the danger of comparing ourselves to others. Most of us might have fallen in that trap when we spend hours and hours scrolling pointlessly through our Instagram feed, comparing ourselves to the artificial perfect lives of others. Before reading this book, I knew this was wrong but why her words are very impactful is because these words are coming from someone who lives her life in the spotlight, someone who a lot of her followers believe to be perfect. Her honest reminder can go along the way to clear the illusion that we have about a lot of the highlights of people live shared on social media.

Good Girl Gone Bad

And when she talked about her story as a Christian girl who tried her very best to live by the rules in which she was brought up to believe was the right way, then she met a cute guy and was tempted to do otherwise men could I relate.

Her Struggle With Weight

Finally, one of the highlights of this book was her confession in her relationship with yo-yo dieting. After all her ups and downs she then came to realize, the only way was the hard way which most of us try to avoid that is consistent dieting and exercising.

Her  Traumatizing Childhood

To all those out there in situations in which they feel like they can never get out. Rachel Hollis shares her story with up, her toying childhood, the impact it had on her life and her decision to make a change, and just like many, many other success stories this did not happen overnight.

Help Us Inspire The World

As usual, if you have read this book and you had and life-changing realization please feel free to share that in the comments below.

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