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Why The Red Table Talk Is One Of The Best  Things On The Net

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Okay, today let’s talk about my present favorite show airing on Facebook watch.

This is one of the best shows in my opinion.

The openness and humility on this table is so refreshing.

This show is hosted by Adrienne Banfield, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Willow Smith.

These ladies come to the table with all walls down and ready to share with the world their weaknesses and some of the lessons they have learned on their journey.

The Red table talk episodes usually include;

  • Outstanding Guest.
  • Rich and vulnerable conversations
  • Honest and realistic tips for an improved you.
  • and so much more

To top it all, during their live sessions, you get the opportunity to ask and get answers to some of your worries.

Today I will be sharing with you there episodes which helped me heal, episodes which had a huge impact on how I see myself due to some past and present flaws.

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Red Table Talk Full Episodes

red table talk full episodes

Mondays are one of my favorite days because new episodes of the red table talk air on Mondays.

I have loved every episode I have watched.

All episodes had something I could relate to on a personal level and I am sure you will too.

But there were some episodes which I have watched more than once.

Episodes which inspired me to change my view on life and work towards becoming a better me.

1. The Roadblocks Between You And Love

red table talk full episode with Jay Shetty and Radhi Shetty

As of writing this article, this is the most recent episode.

The episode which inspired me to write this article.

On this episode one of my role models, Jay Shetty talks about his love life before and after becoming a monk.

He talks about some of the harmful practices which didn’t yield the true fruits of love.

Practices born from ego.

Then Jada, Adrienne, and Willow also talk about some of the shortcomings they are still dealing with.

Shortcomings which are very detrimental to their relationships.

To top it all, Jay’s wife, Radhi Devlukia- Shetty was also invited to join the table.

It was all in all a conversation which reshaped my view on love and inspired me to reflect on my past relationships.

2. Jordyn Wood Shares The Truth

red table talk with Jordyn Woods

This was a talk which helped me have empathy for people going through tough times.

We get to hear the story of a young lady, Jordyn Wood who like so many of us took some steps she regretted and was ready to do the work to make things right.

We get to hear the full story of what happened between Jordyn Wood and Tristan Thompson.

During this episode, we are also reminded of the need to take ownership of our mistakes.

Stop playing the blame game and work on becoming better.

3. What Men Really Think About Love

red table talk with justin baldoni and wale

Okay, so there are so many reasons why I love this episode.

One of my role models Justin Baldoni was a guest.

I could relate with the second guest Wale.

Wale is from Nigeria, a country sharing a border with my country Cameroon.

In fact, I have some relatives who are Nigerians and our cultures and way of life are really similar.

When Wale spoke about the lack of expressive love between his parents, I could relate to that.

Also, it was nice to hear from the other side.

Sometimes we girls come to conclusions about men and the value they put on love.

It was nice to hear that no matter the difference in sex, we get to feel or experience similar emotions and challenges.

4. Surviving Loss

red table talk episode about surviving loss

During this Episode Jada, Adrienne and Willow talk about going through heartbreaking losses in their lives.

They talk about losing loved ones and losing themselves.

They touch on some of the things that go through our minds when we lose someone close to us and some tips on how to deal with it.

They talk about developing a mindset which will help us accept the inevitable.

5. Body Confession

red table talk episode about body confession

This is truly one of my favorite episodes of the red table talk.

An episode which reminds us of the effort we need to make to love our body.

This episode brings to light some of the insecurities we all face, what we need to tell ourselves to bring us to the highly beneficial place of self-love.

We can’t let the evolving standard of beauty society preaches have an influence on how we see ourselves.

6. Girls Trippin With Gabrielle Union

red table talk episode with Gabrielle Union

Love this when two women I greatly admire come together.

It is a truly blessed day when women decide to be friends instead of foes.

On this red table talk episode, Jada invites Gabrielle Union to the table to talk about some of the things which keep we women apart and how we can bridge that gap.

During this Episode, Gabrielle talks about her journey, how she dug deep and saw many unhealthy habits which repelled happiness.

We hear about the tough but truly beneficial road Jada and Gabrielle keep traveling daily in order to be their best selves.

7. Motherhood

red table talk episode about motherhood

To all the mothers out there salut, you are awesome and thanks for the unconditional love.

On this episode, Jada begins by having a talk with Will Smith’s ex-wife Sheree Elizabeth Zampino.

They talk about some of the challenges they went through in their blended family and what they learned along the way.

On this episode, we get to hear about some of the challenges, successes, and failures parents might face.

All in all this episode helped me have more understanding for my parents and gave me a picture of some of what it takes to be a mother.

8. Learning To Forgive

red table talk episode about forgiveness

On this episode of the red table talk, Jada invites her brother, Caleeb Pinkett and they talk about their journey with forgiveness.

Jada and her brother talk about their dysfunctional relationship with their father.

How they handled it, what they wished they did better and the lessons they learned from his life and passing.

One very important take away from this episode is one of the true benefits of forgiveness.

How forgiveness is more beneficial to us than the person we are forgiving and the process of thoughts that help us come to a place of forgiveness.

9. Becoming Mr. and Mrs. Smith ( Part 1 & 2 )

red table talk episode with will smith

This episode of the red table talk really changed my view on what it takes to have a long lasting relationship.

Jada and Will Smith talk to us about the secret of their 22 years marriage.

They tell it all, some challenges and some decisions they had to come to and keep in order to save their marriage.

All in all this episode tells us that every good relationship needs to evolve as the parties in the relationship evolve.

We need to build our relationships into what works for us not what the world says it should be like.

10. Facing Addiction

red table talk episode about facing addiction

This episode of the red table talk takes on addiction and some of the difficulties we face getting rid of our addiction.

This is an episode which helps us see into the mind of addicts.

August Alsina ( RnB Singer ), Ashley Marie ( Will Smith’s Sister ), Adrienne, Jada all talk about the various forms of addiction they have all faced.

They talk about why they began craving an escape in the first place and there steps they took to free themselves from this trap.

Hearing the truth shared on this episode, I was encouraged to look within and find out some of the harmful escapes I indulge in, why I feel the need to and the steps I can take to overcome this.

Get Inspired By Truth

This show is truth.

All the red table talk episodes come with some truth which ;

  • Encourage us to love ourselves, flaws and all.
  • Inspires us to look deep and work on the areas which need some modifications.
  • teaches Life lessons which guide us on our way forward

On the red table talk, we are reminded that we all have challenges and shortcomings and the power to become better humans lie in our hands.

I will like to hear from you what is your present favorite thing on the net?


  • Linda

    Well explained regarding taking blaming others for what is our own responsibility. Most people believe only children and teens do this action however, adults do it way more. They tend to make excuses instead of taking responsibilities on what they failed in. This means saying things such as; “I couldn’t church attend because I had to babysit my daughter.”  It is understandable, however; that is no excuse to not attend. The truth here is “I did not attend because I didn’t want to.” 

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