poetry by etah, my now and my forever

My Now And My Forever

What They Said

Hahaha, very funny,

It is funny how a girl who finds it hard to eat sees her future sunny,

It is funny how a girl with no exceptional talents walks through life thinking she is heading for glory,

Really funny she doesn’t realise the only thing she will ever be is just a phony who spends nights begging for money.

My Response

My Now is far from My Forever,

One is so clueless of the others existence,

That day when my Now walked past my Forever,

Showing no sign of acknowledgement, has no link to snubbishness.

It was a merely a clear case of ignorance,

Ignorance to all the possibilities and unexpected routes heading for greatness.

Nesting within my now is the mistakes, successes and failure,

All experiences my forever will forever be grateful for,

Though my forever is aware of the time, ups and downs ,

My Now must undergo in order to get to its presence,

It still hurts, watching my Now doubt, comtemplate giving up, and cry hopelessly.

If only my Forever could get a chance to show my Now just a glimpse of itself,

It knows my Now will continuously happy skip past the words of the unbelievers and stop signs.

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  • Jessie

    Hey thank you for the beautiful piece you have posted.  I find it sad when people have nothing good to say about someone, and tell them they will amount to nothing.I was actually in that exact same situation as a kid.  This poem really hits at home, because I, like the writer, did not let them stop me.  I actually used that as fuel to do exactly what they said I would never be able to do.  Thank you for this awesome piece, and I really do mean that from the very bottom of my heart!  It reminds me of where I came from and where I will be going!

  • Benson

    Hello Etah, its a very beautiful write up here. Celebrity about the future happens to be something we all want, but the supremacy of God over is lies in His ability to know what we dont know and it is human nature to keep working “blindly” for that which is uncertain. People will say what they want, but its left for you to hold your head high and keep pushing

  • Rodarrick

    Wow! This is rather an exceptionàl piece that I found peaking my interest. It has been long since I read something as captivating as this post. The poem is well loafed with simple but very interesting points that I know anyone would find so interesting to read on. Great post here. It is often funny really when the talk doesn’t correlate with the action and you have won my heart with this post.

  • Bella

    When poetry is well coin and well penned by a master of it, one found it to be a delight to read on. Life isn’t what we always want and for this reason, we should always appreciate the best that life offers. I am appreciating this because it is the best I have seen today and I know, for you to have coined this from your knowledge, there would be more to come. Really great post

  • KingAndrea

    What a lovely piece you’ve got here, i love the way you’ve composed it and also the way you established your message is very poetic. It’s true that a girl with no future ambition or no exceptional talent is far from reaching her forever. The now should be taken care of wisely since the past can’t be corrected, make your today count so as to be able to achieve your Tomorrow. Thanks for sharing this.

  • Bella

    Wow, wonderful, amazing. Words can’t be enough to explain how much I appreciate this post and how I could relate to it perfectly. Only a few times you can get to see such post that touches your heart like this. From the view of a girl child, I understand how it feels growing up amidst sexist and not been given much regards. I had such people around me who was always on the fact that “why are you still adding this much effort? You are a girl and it’s useless”. Those words were my motivations and though the future is not certain i am working towards it and I am achieving a lot. Cheers to us.

  • Henderson

    Hmmm, this is very cool to be very honest and it is, in fact, a very interesting topic as well. The now and the forever. They are really far apart and I think that they are like the moon and sun but they are still connected like the moon and the sun is connected by day. They also share the same sky and we are the sky. If truly the future can give a glance to the now. This is very nice here. Good post you have!

  • John

    Hmm, your response to what the whole world says about you is totally awesome. I didn’t see that coming a all. This at first seemed to me as a poem and I can still call it that but whatever it is. It is very positive. If people could look beyond the now and vision about the forever. Nice post!

  • Wildecoll

    Love can be a lot of things, fun, anger, and to some, the list interesting part of life, it all depends on your definition and the way you shape your personal life to reflect in your love life. I always enjoy to read articles like this that isn’t blur in it’s words and addresses real issue for the real audience which are the ladies here, same applies to the guys too because you’ve got to work on your now in order to get your forever. It’s really nice of you to have sent this.

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