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Top 20 Motivational YouTube Channels

Find Free Life-changing Knowledge On Youtube

Yes, books are awesome but the truth is some of us don’t have the patience or time to sit down and read a book.

Some of us digest knowledge better in video.

I am actually one of such individuals.

I just prefer my inspiration served to me in video.

Luckily for people like us in the age of youtube we have a limitless supply of motivational content at our fingertips.

If you have a phone, laptop and internet connection you are good to go.

How To Select The Good From The Bad?

Yes, I will admit the content on youtube could be really overwhelming.

300 hours of video are uploaded on youtube every single minute.

Finding content which motivates you is very challenging as the majority of the content uploaded is focused on mindless entertainment.

Scrolling through your youtube homepage trying to decide what to watch and what not to watch could be really tiring for your brain.

And you will like to preserve your brain power ( You need it to focus ) for more important things in the day.

So to help you avoid brain fatigue I have come up with the top 20 motivational youtube channels.

Top 20 Motivational Youtube Channels

motivational youtube channels

1. Evan Carmichael

Among all the motivational segments on this youtube channel, the most inspiring to me is the top 10 success tips from outstanding individuals.

Evan shares with us the top 10 things he has learned from Oprah, Obama, Jay Z, Beyonce, Jay Shetty, and so many others.

Tips which are sure to guide and mold your journey to success.

2. Success Insider

In case you have never read about the truly inspiring story of Tim Han, Check this article out 

On his motivational youtube channel, Tim Han interviews many game changers.

He takes us on his journey around the world, in which he gives us a glimpse into some steps he took to get there and some lessons he learned on his trip.

He also shares with us some of the routines he and so many other successful people have put in place in order to be their best.

3. Garyvee

Some would say Garyvee is so intense.

I say he is very honest and says what we need to hear to get to work.

If you can look past the f word, you will find so much value from the interviews and vlogs.

4. Tom Bilyeu

Tom Bilyeu is best known as the co-founder of quest nutrition.

His interviews always begin with an intro which wets your appetite for the value you are about to receive from the interview.

The questions usually asked to his guest gets them going into details about their journey, the challenges and lessons learned along the way.

On this motivational youtube channel, you will also find inspiring monologues by Tom.

5. Lewis Howes

Lewis Howes the author of the school of greatness and most recently, the mask of masculinity has a truly inspiring story.

He has found success as an entrepreneur and believes in transforming many lives as possible with the knowledge he acquired along the way.

In order to achieve this goal, he interviews people who have attained high levels of success in all aspects of life;

Entrepreneurship, nutrition, exercising, and self-development.

6. Jay Shetty

You will admit a guy from the west deciding to leave the life he had known behind to become a monk is rare and admirable.

Today he is no longer a monk and he shares with the world some of the lessons he learned from the 3 years of being a monk.

Jay Shetty’s goal is to blend entertainment and enlightenment.

He does a good job at that as his short skirts are always accompanied by a related eye-opening monologue from him.

Honestly, his videos get better with time.

7. Ted Talks

Diverse talks from individuals excelling in different fields.

Talks which introduces us to people who are undertaking game-changing endeavors.

People who don’t fear standing out.

People who make you believe it is okay to be different.

8. Women Of Impact

This channel was founded by Lisa Bilyeu.

She went from housewife to co-founder of a billion dollar company.

Lisa Bilyeu started this channel with the goal to share some amazing conversations she had with women killing it in different fields.

Trust me, you will find so much motivation from some of the challenges these women have been able to overcome on their way to greatness.

9. Valuetainment

Valuetainment as the name goes value and entertainment.

This channel was created by Patrick Bet David a successful entrepreneur in the financial services industry.

He shares practical steps on how to excel in the entrepreneurship world.

He also interviews highly successful individuals who have lots of tips and guides to share from their experiences.

10. Tai Lopez

You might have seen a Tai Lopez’s video, his videos frequently pop up on youtube as ads.

I am strongly behind his belief that the present school system doesn’t provide us with the equipment we need for success.

He not only complains about the gaps in the school system but he also provides content which helps us fill that gap.

He also provides  tips on how to start a successful social media marketing business on his channels and lots more on his website 


Deep deep knowledge provided on this youtube channel.

Unique tips on how to overcome numerous challenges.

Leo covers topics like depression, how not to care what people think, mastering your psychology and so much more.

12. Startup Stories

This is one of my favorite.

This motivational youtube channel gives us a summary of the road to success of many game changers.

These short videos are a summarized version of many entrepreneurs’ biographies.

In order to keep the videos short, lots are not told about the experiences faced by these entrepreneurs.

But what is shared I do believe is the most important;

  • The reason for their beginning.
  • The challenges and opposition faced along the road.
  • The times they almost gave up.
  • The successes they attained because the kept going.

13. Matt D’Avella

Matt D’Avellla is a filmmaker, famously known for the Netflix documentary he created called the minimalist.

On His youtube channel, he interviews people who have attained various levels of success in diverse fields.

He also shares his personal experiences and challenges.

He shares some of the tips he acquired along the way which helped him avoid making the same mistakes.

14 The Passionate Few

Omar knows the right questions to ask to get the right answers and stories.

The answers which give us details of numerous entrepreneurial stories.

15. Superwoman Vlogs

Yes, superwoman vlogs.

You might not be a vlog person but this is one who might like to watch.

Lilly Singh is a famous Canadian Youtuber popularly known as Superwoman.

In her vlogs, she takes us throughout her day.

She shares with us the activities she has to carry out daily to attain the level of success she does.

Her vlogs are an eye-opener to me about the level of work it takes to get there.

She reminds me nothing good comes easy and that we need to give up somethings to get what we want.

Top Motivational Spoken Word Youtube Channels

If you are a spoken word fan like myself, you might also find these channels inspiring.

In case you have no idea what spoken word is, it is a performance art that is word-based. It is an oral art that focuses on the aesthetics of wordplay such as intonation and voice inflection.
There is something about the rhythmic sounds blending with a beat which makes the message sink in deeper.

Deep enough to cause watery eyes.

16. Nego True

Nego True is a spoken word artist.

Like many spoken word artist, he bears his soul in most of his work.

He talks about emotions and experiences from romantic to professional.

His lyrics make me feel and cry about circumstances I have had no experience with.

His work reminds us we are not alone on the grind.

We all have challenges.

We can all rise above.

17. Suli Breaks

Suli Breaks is a British Spoken word artist.

He rose to fame with his piece about the shortcomings of our school system.

He went on to also talk about the best lifestyles to acquire.

He says some of the things I found it hard to express to my parents.

He reminds us of the true meaning of beauty.

18. Prince EA

Prince Ea is an American Spoken word artist.

We touch on ways to better our school system.

He talks about the poor way we are treating our environment and how we can make a change.

He also touches on lifestyle topics.

19. Sophia Thakur

Sophia Thakur is a spoken word artist with a difference.

She is not afraid to stand out in a world which stands out.

She doesn’t shy away from talking about her vulnerabilities and some mistakes she made along the way.

She melodically challenges us to try stepping out of our comfort zone.

20. Clickfortaz

Taz talks about some challenges young girls face and inspires us to step out of the box society has created for us.

Step out and be who you want to be.

On her channel, you will also find videos which show you how possible it is to overcome several challenges.

Consume Entertainment Which Educates

Sure there are more motivational youtube channels out there.

Some I forgot to mention, so expect a part two of this article

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Let’s work toward using social media for growth.

As usual, my friends go be legendary


  • Josh

    This is an excellent list of motivational youtube channels! 

    I am in the same boat as you are, I tend to retain more of the information that I watch than that of which I read. This is not to say that I don’t read because I do, but when I come across something I really want to remember when reading I had to jot it down as a note or take a pic of it…

    I actually plan to start listening to TED talks because I’ve heard they have a lot of good information available on youtube, and another one that I watch while it’s not necessarily motivational is Dave Ramsey because it motivates me to control my finances better!

  • Todd Matthews

    Nice list! I like listening to YouTube during my two gym sessions per day and I’m not always into listening to music, so I have some variety here. I have listened to motivational channels in the past, but spiritual ones which was surprisingly effective in a positive manner during my workouts and since I have an interest in the make money online niche (or simply make money on my own time), I’ll give a few of these a try; I know I’ll learn something. 

  • Ray

    Well, you certainly have cut some corners for your visitors to this post. What a great idea to find the best and put them all together in one spot. I have problems focusing when visiting youtube, for the same reason you stated. There are just too many mindless videos out there. Eventually, I give up and leave. I wish more people would do what you did with a variety of topics.

    I’m glad you put Ted Talks in there. I have spent many hours watching some of the presenters as I have an interest in doing some public speaking. If you already haven’t, you should listen to the talk by Ken. I don’t remember his last name but you won’t need it. I think he is number one or two in all-time views. I’ve listened to it many times. It’s about how the education system is stifling the progress of school kids.

    Thanks for this post. It gets a five-star rating from me!

  • Michel

    You are right, although YouTube is great, going through a lot of video’s just to find the good ones is really frustrating and time-consuming, so thank you for this valuable post, as you are going to save us all a lot of precious time.

    Loved the Garyvee one, as he is the kind of guy that everyone can connect with and you are right he has that honest approach about him.

    I am more a book sort of person, but love watching great content too. Some of the others you have recommended are new to me, but I am definitely going to take a look at How to be more confident and Money Mindset.

  • Adyns68

    Hi dear

    I really like to listen to Gary Vee, and I agree, he is very intense. But sometimes there is no other way to say the truth. 

    The great thing about your selection is that all of these people are self-taught, they learn as the grow their business and that gives another weight to their message. It is like,  why would you not listen to someone who made a car, when you do not even know how to make a bicycle.

    These people help me grow in my business and in life in general too.

    Thanks for sharing and will be checking for the second part.

  • Queen

    I am definitely like you Etah, I do prefer to watch my contents to reading a handfull of books, as it gives me the chance to do a thing or two in the process

    But with reading, I definitely need to just stay focused on the pages of what I read, pretty demanding I did say.

    I always love to watch contents that can inspire and motivate me as I journey through this life because learning what others have been through and how they are able to overcome or live through those difficult times really helps me build my confidence to face any challenges in life.

    I am really thrilled at your compilation as I haven’t watched most of their videos, and this will be a great beginning.

    I have only read about Tim Ham, and watched a few of Jay Shetty and Tai Lopez’s videos, which are really very inspiring..

    I look forward to seeing what these other people have to offer.  

    Thanks for saving my brain from


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