Liz Arch | How She Overcame Trauma And Now Helps You Do Same

liz arch's story

Her Fall Built Her Resilience.

Today let’s talk about a lady who rose from trauma caused by numerous bad experiences.

She rose up with a resilence which gave her the motivation and ability not just to change her life for the better but also impact the lives of so many others.

She has inspired many to acquire the skills needed to keep rising no matter how many times they fall.

Today I will be sharing the inspiring success story of Liz Arch.


Her Childhood

Liz Arch was born on March 10, 1982, in Kailua Oahu.

She comes from a really large Hawaiian family.

At the age of 5, her parents woke her up because they had to flee their home, due to a flood.

She grew up around abuse in relationships (not her parents ).

How she developed trauma

Liz Arch developed trauma from several experiences.

Beginning from childhood when she experienced the devastating natural disaster.

She was also bullied as a teenager.

Then when she was an adult she was a victim of domestic violence.

She recounts having frequent nightmares about floods.

The consequences of her trauma

Liz Arch recounts one of the many bad experiences she had at the peak of her panic disorder.

Once she went to see a top Cognitive disorder therapist.

She greatly needed a solution in order to be able to get on an airplane without having a panic attack.

She needed to be able to get on an airplane without having a panic attack.

During this face of her life, she had no money.

She was barely managing to afford her monthly needs.

Though it was hard, she managed to get the $200 requested by the therapist for a consultation.

A consultation she came out of feeling less hopeful than before.

He told her it will take at least 10 sessions for her to be able to handle that trip.

She felt so disappointed by the therapist’s diagnosis, so much so that she could not stop herself from crying when she returned to her car.

How she overcame Trauma

After getting opinions from numerous sources.

Therapist and lots of other research

She realized yoga was the way to go.

Liz Arch finally found encouragement when she found that the answers were already within herself.

She knew she had to find support but it had to feel supportive.

The Outstanding Benefits Of Yoga

Throughout Liz Arch journey she has noticed several benefits of yoga and at the top of her list are these 3;

  • Yoga gives us the ability to start to feel again in a really safe way.
  • Yoga gives you the ability to sit with uncomfortable situations and know that you can breathe through it, knowing that all sensations go a little higher, then lessens but nothing horrible happens as a result.
  • Yoga connects our brain and body.
  • Yoga helps to facilitate relieve.

What she does to help others

Going through the numerous challenges has inspired her to take up the purpose to help as many people as she can, have the courage to rise no matter how many times they fall.

To accomplish this goal she has

Started a Youtube Channel in which she shares Yoga videos and so much more

She created Primal Yoga® which mixes Vinyasa with Kung Fu but has the grace of Tai Chi.

She has an Instagram account in which she shares her yoga videos and meals.

She wrote a book called The Courage To Rise 

What To Expect In Her Book

In her book, Liz Arch gives us the benefits of focusing on 3 important aspects

1. Body- Connect to your breath. Where is my breath now, is it in my throat, chest or belly? Take your breath to the belly.

2. Mindfulness – Wholefully engage in whatever you are doing.

3. Gut – Start to notice how you feel when you eat anything. Track how certain meals make you feel for up to 2 days after eating it.

She provides us with a guide which makes it easier to practice preventive medicine.

Challenges she faced while writing the book

I felt it was very important to add this portion of Liz Arch’s story.

To remind us that we are all working progress and all experience challenges, no matter how successful we get.

While Liz was writing her book;

  • She was pregnant.
  • Her partner and she had decided to split but raise their child together.
  • Then her partner went into a serious depression.
  • She used to have intense fears about her ability to finish the book on time, pay her mortgage and raise a baby on her own.

Then she will look in a mirror and say to herself ” I can face anything, I have faced worst before and none of it has killed me, so I will get through it.

An affirmation which I plan to use when I am going through challenges.

Liz Arch Quotes

Liz Arch quotes

Best Quotes On Fear

Liz Arch has two acronyms for fear

a) F.E.A.R – Fuck Everything And Run

b) F.E.A.R – Face Everything And Rise

She prefers to always put option two into practice and advises us to do the same.

So all of her best quotes on fear stem from this

1. Feal fear but do it anyway.

2. Fear is wetting your pants and courage is showing up to the party with wet pants.

3. Courage is looking fear in the face and saying I am going to step into you.

4. Fear can be an ally, it is all about knowing the difference when fear is holding us back or is actually there to save us.

More Liz Arch Quotes

5. Healing is not linear.

6. The food we eat could be our greatest medicine.

7. If we can sit in the discomfort, we can start to heal.

8. It is really important to go to so many different areas and find what works for you, find where the information overlaps, what makes sense from each and then trusting in your own wisdom.

9. The tools are already there, we have them but it is just learning how to access them.

10. To live is really to feel and to feel is really to heal.

11. Most times what we are dealing with is really repressed emotions and when we repress things, our body wants to find a way to let us know that something is not right here. That might be through chronic fatigue, muscle tension, insomnia, anxiety or skin issues.

12. It is those falls that create our resilience.

13. Our pain creates our purpose.

The Bright Side Of Her Trauma

the bright side of Liz Arch's trauma

“Before I went through panic disorder and all the things that I went through, I didn’t have a lot of empathy for people that were going through something like depression but when you have gone through it yourself, you really understand and you can just say you are not alone, and I think that can be one of the most healing things that you can say to someone. You are not alone, I am here with you, I can’t do more work than you but I will work just as hard with you.”

Liz Arch

I hope Liz Arch’s story inspires you to keep pushing in a healthier way by including very beneficial habits into your daily routine

I hope she inspred us to dig deep and work on all the surpressed emotions.

I will like to hear from you, what was your biggest take away from Liz Arch’s story?

As usual, my friends go be legendary.


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  • AV2001

    Hey Etah,

    I’ve really enjoyed reading this article as you’ve provided us with interesting content. You just keep posting amazing stuff on your website every time I check it out. 

    To be honest, this article on Liz Arch has really provided me with some strong motivation which I could use in order to boost my day without procrastination. Thanks a lot for sharing this with us. Keep up the good work Etah!

  • AV2001

    Hey Etah,

    I’ve really enjoyed reading this article as you’ve provided us with interesting content. You just keep posting amazing stuff on your website every time I check it out. 

    To be honest, this article on Liz Arch has really provided me with some strong motivation which I could use in order to boost my day without procrastination. Thanks a lot for sharing this with us. Keep up the good work Etah!

  • Louis

    I love reading about how people overcame challenges to become successful. It always gives me renewed hope and vigour to Keep at my passion and I will become successful just like they have.

    I’m particularly inspired my Liz Arch’s work,i like the quote where she says, “our pain creates our purpose”. This is mostly true, because most times after enduring a difficulty, we want to help others avoid such situations or get through them just as we did.

    I believe her book will make a good read, and I will look it up soon.

  • Gracen

    Hi Etah, what an interesting read. That story about Liz Arch is awesome and inspiring. Her growing up wasn’t an easy one and every child that went through what she had gone through will come out being traumatized. The good thing is that she found her calling in Yoga when all hope seems lost.

    I simply love her two different acronyms for fear, particularly ‘Face Everything and Rise’.

    Yoga truly does wonders to our minds and souls. Liz’s quotes are full of inspirational words, thanks for writing on Liz Arch.

  • ajibola40

    Thanks for writing this article and also the story that is been share in it. I must say I find each and every part of this educative and above all there are many lesson to learn from Liz Arch.before now I have been hearing about yoga but never for once did I sit down and look at the benefits of it and how it can help me out and how it can help other. I will like to know more about yoga and possibly practice it 

  • Linus Udochukwu Marvellous

    I am so inspired by this success story. I could not stop reading, I just wanted to get to the end and when I did, I had to read it again just to know more of how she made it. I really don’t know much about trauma or have anyone that has passed through it but I was really touched by this

  • Peace

    Liz Arch’s story was very inspiring. Bullying, relationship abuse and other painful experiences can cause trauma that brings a crippling effect into one’s life. 

    I am happy that she overcame her trauma and turned it into her fuel and drive for success and survival. 

    We should take a lesson from her and learn not to dwell on our pain but look for ways to rise above them and use the lessons we’ve learnt to be the best we can be. 

  • Seyi

    Firstly I would like to commend you for this inspiring article. Going through trauma is definitely not a good thing had it has led some to a place they do not like which is why I strongly agree with the points here. I once had a traumatic experience but I had the help of a therapist. It won’t have been necessary to hire a therapist if I had come across this post during those times. One of her quotes that I like is “Courage is looking fear in the face and saying I am going to step into you.” 

  • Ola

    I have once read about liz arch story and this is another extensive article which i learnt from, What an informative article! It is true that there are various myths or misconceptions that need to be corrected around us in order not to allow challenges knock us down irregardless of the weight. I hope to write my success story somehow someday

  • Ola

    I have once read about liz arch story and this is another extensive article which i learnt from, What an informative article! It is true that there are various myths or misconceptions that need to be corrected around us in order not to allow challenges knock us down irregardless of the weight. I hope to write my success story somehow someday

  • Adamu2

    I absolutely love what I read in this insightful article because it is full of great information. This is fascinating and interesting to me. I was inspired by Liz arch story, our health is our major asset. Living a healthy life is a hope for the futures to come. Some of her quotes brought filling of fulfilment to me. Thanks for the research and the review. All the best

  • Seun Afotanju

    This was very emotional and inspirational,  sometimes it’s difficult to come out of tough times like that and Liz’s story here has made me believe in myself to tackle problems I use to run away from, and that use to be depression. But I’m definitely going to overcome with this success story of Liz. Good job! 

  • Barrywesley

    This is a wonderfully incredible article about how Liz Arch,On How She Overcame Trauma, this is an inspirational story, and I never knew how important yoga was not until now that I read this article. But are case is quite unhealthy to the mind; it’s a psychological injury some times, some  people in her will always mess things up because that will bring about low self esteem and in some cases, it might result to suicide. So, she is an inspiration.

  • Murray

    Hi Etah

    This is a wonderful story of the come back kid. By that I mean this is a huge inspiration for all of us. When we read a true story of someone else’s struggles it can help put our own life in perspective. 

    I have never practiced yoga but the humming sound she makes was intriguing so I gave it a try. It sure does make you aware of your breathing as you let your breath out in order to create the sound. Five times is really a very short time and it really did relax me with each breath.

    I find this story fascinating enough to pursue her other books. this was a great inspirational story and you have done a great justice to this lady.

    Thank you


  • Chidiking88

    For me, I have had a lot of falls in life to the extent of getting used to falls, hence, built resilience against it. Liz Arch’s story is so inspiring. I got to learn about how Yoga can change the game for a troubled mind as it did for Liz Arch, bringing her back to normalcy completely. I feel refreshed from this article upon the knowledge of how yoga healed traumatized mind of Liz Arch. Her story is very inspiring and reading books from her authorship, will turn my darkness to absolute light.

  • Tolu

    Quite inspiring and touching, Etah. Hearing of the name Liz Arch for the first time. We face so many expected challenges in life, that some would call it a quit. However, there is always a way out of every challenge. In her own case, she found the solution to her trauma from yoga. I have heard of yoga and how as alternative medicine is effective in healing. I like her acronyms of the word ‘fear’. We just have to be strong always and keep moving. Nice one Etah

  • Riaz Shah

    Omg timely article Etah,

    I’m going through some really tough challenge right now and I have no mood to go to work for 2 weeks now but reading about what Liz Arch is going through, all those while pregnant is inspiring. Sometimes it’s great to have something to remind you that you’re not the only one going through tough times. Time to hit the yoga mat!


    What a beautiful write up! I was also going through a trauma some years ago which was caused by my uncle. I grew up with my aunt and her husband ,at age 14 I can’t count how many times I see my aunt husband beating her blue black ,the scene of the fight always flash back to me whenever a guy come close to me,this affected me for a very long time that made me had a terrible relationships in the past. So glad I picked up an eBook that clearly explain how yoga help in eliminating trauma by giving a calm and cool feeling.

    i practiced yoga for sometime and guess what! The trauma left,right now am happy with my family and I can’t ever stop embracing yoga!!!! Amazing post,have bookmark your website address to get more.

  • Vapz

    What an inspiring story. Lemme digress a hit, So I have Been wondering why it is that human beings like a sob story turned to success story. It seems like if the person didn’t go through challenges or difficulties, then we downgrade of wave off the success,. Therefore,everyone will always want to throw a pity party before they sell their success story…..OK,back to the topic I am quite laughable impressed with Liz Arch’s success. I lover her quotes and will borrow some of them once in a while. I looking forward to checking out her Instagram page.

  • Mustapha Ibrahim

    Suffered some other kind of trauma. The good news is that you can identify and heal from childhood trauma. 

    When you do, you can move past the trauma and create the life you want most.

    Once you experience childhood trauma, your life is forever changed. Children who are abused or neglected or suffer a major loss may continue to have serious psychological problems even after they are adults.

  • Daniel

    Hi Etah, I must say that this article is very interesting and informative. We really live in hard and stressful times and Liz does a great job by motivating others to not give up. I heard how yoga can be great in these situations but honestly never give it a try. I will surely try her techniques and see will it work.

  • Daniella

    Hi there,

    WOW, I didn’t know about Liza Arch. First, she is so beautiful! She is so right when she said that fear is our biggest enemy.

    I had trauma, I think like everyone, and it expressed itself by a skin problem. When we repressed emotions, it just makes things worse.

    How to know when fear is holding you back to save you or not? This can be overwhelming.

    Thank you for this excellent post!

  • Rgpratap

    Hello Etah,

    The tragic story of Liz Arch is really painful; simultaneously encourages. Very few people can overcome her traumatic condition. I myself also suffered trauma after a horrible bus accident. Think of those days, trembling even today. Being a dancer was my yoga practice. It helps me a lot in getting relief from trauma. I love the saying, Face Everything And Rise. The video sounding of bees off the ears is great as well.
    Thank you sincerely for the inspirational article.


  • Tamara

    Having been through trauma myself I’ve been searching for ideas and methods on how to maintain or even overcome my own anxiety. The way Liz Arch wouldn’t give up and how she kept pushing through it all was just so inspiring. I’ll be sure to check out her YouTube channel for more yoga videos.

  • Cynthia Alichukwu

    Yoga is good and i feel for liz but am also greatful that she was able to overcome her trauma, the yoga lesson helped and i encourage ladies to go into yoga, liz child was bad but she believed in herself even after the therapist disappointed her but she never gave up and that is why i say there is greatness in all of us.

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