18 lessons learned from movies

18 Eye-opening Lessons Learned From Movies

Entertainment Blended With Education Is The Best Mixture

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Lessons being learned from movies is a true blessing.

Being entertained while getting some life changing lessons is definitely a way to stay consistent with your motivtion and learning dosage.

This is because the entertainment keepings you wanting for more.

18 Lessons Learned From Movies

lessons from movies

The lessons being listed here are sure to make your movie time both relaxing and enlightening.

Lessons which adds more value to your leisure time

Lessons learned from 3 idiots

1. Chase excellence and success will follow you

It is only right I begin with a lesson learned from one of my favorite movies, 3 Idiots.

This movie about 3 friends, coming from different circumstances.

Friends with different characters and passions.

Being brought together to a world in which only one of them is truly equipped for.

One friend who maintains a top position in their class to the surprise of everyone around him.

One of the secrets to is excellence was chasing excellence and letting success chase after him.

Spoilers, Success literally chased after him at the end.

2. Acting from fear doesn’t lead to the best results

Another lesson learned 3 idiots.

Ranchor, the friend who excels took risks.

He lived his life going for what he loved and trusting all will be well.

His friends finally found success when they took his advice and faced their fears.

3. Do What You Love

One of Rancho’s greatest weapon in the 3 idiots was that he did what he loved.

So he didn’t mind spending hours improving his skills.

He didn’t need anyone to tell him what to study or how fast to study.

He went beyond his prescribed level

4. We can always trick our hearts

One of Rancho’s favorite saying from the 3 idiots is All Is Well.

he tells a story of how they were tricked into believing they were secure when they actually weren’t.

They felt secure just because they were told all is well when it actually wasn’t.

His learning from this experience was that our hearts could actually believe what we tell it to.

So when we feel scared, all we need to do is put our hands on our chest and say all is well.

Our heart is getting the message and relax.

5. Don’t Be scared to be different

Another lesson from 3 idiots was the beauty in our difference.

How far we can actually go when we embrace our difference.

Ranchor was very different and took pride in it.

He didn’t believe in just one correct answer or way to success.

So he walked his own path and helped guide others find their own

6.  Let your happiness come from within

Ranchor takes on paths which the world might mock him for.

He keeps to this path and finds his happiness.

He finds his happiness by doing what makes him fufilled.

Not by doing what other things will be fulfilling.

7. Be humble enough to admit you are not always right

One of my favorite scenes is when Ranchor is confronted by the school’s principal .

The principal finally gets a chance to prove Ranchor is not always right.

And Rancho just stands there admitting his defeat.

When he commits a crime, he humbly accepts his punishment

Other Lessons Learned From Movies

lessons learned from movies

8. Things change with time.

You might have watched a high school movie in which their cool kids end up less successful.

While the awkward, shy, unpopular kid becomes the more successful one.

Or a movie in which a struggling young adult finds success.

9. All things are possible with hard work and persistence.

From the movie pursuit if happiness starring Will Smith and Jaden Smith we are thought several lessons on the importance of hard work and persistence.

In this movie based on a true life story, we see a father struggling to give his some the best while going after his dream.

He has s many setbacks but keeps it going.

The movie The greatest showman, we see a father doing the same.

He decides to take the risk in a domain which was very unpopular.

The dedication of his cast, hard work, and undeniable talents win them so many fans and success.

10. What you want might not be what you need

In so many movies we get to know about the story of a girl or boy we give his all to meet a certain goal.

They lose their way, let go or ignore what they presently have, they don’t find happiness in it.

So they work hard to get what they think will bring them the happiness they want.

Only for them to have it and realize, that was not what they needed.

In fact, they had all they needed to be happy all along.

A recent movie which I watched which reminds me of this 13 going on thirty.

11. There is no such thing as overnight success

This lesson is learned whenever I watch movies based on real-life success stories.

We get to see the hard work, the ups, and downs.

There moments they almost gave up

And the long time it took for them to find success.

Movies which come to mind are ;

The pursuit of happiness.

The greatest showman.

12. Don’t stop few steps from gold

This was a lesson I got from LA la land.

That moment when Mia (Emma Stone) was tired of getting no results.

That moment when she moved back home.

That same moment when she finally got a callback.

A call back she didn’t want to respond to.

The call back which changes her life forever

13. Surround Yourself With The Right Friends

Like most movies show us, friends can lift you up or bring you down.

Friends can make you strive for more or less.

Friends can make you face your fears or run away from them.

To find friends who make you want to be your best.

This lesson is seen in movies like;

La la land.

Most romantic movies

14. Pain and failure could lead you to your greatest success

In the Marvel movie doctor strange, we see a man being told he can no longer do what he had always loved and was good at.

This takes him to a dark place.

In his quest to become better, he seeks for help from everywhere possible.

He was looking for someone to help him get back to his old life.

What he found some help to achieve higher, unexpected heights of greatness

15. Create Your own reality

When the world tells you no, it is not possible, prove them wrong.

Don’t let them tell you who you will become.

Only you can determine who you become.

So work on you, create the reality you want to live in.

Create your own possibilities.

One movie which brought this lesson to mind is accepted

16. Take the risk, tell people how you feel

Girl meets boys.

Girl develops feelings for him.

Girl keeps it inside and realizes her mistake when it was almost too late.

It turns out she would have missed out on something great if she didn’t make the move to confess how she truly felt.

This was a lesson gotten from many romantic movies and most recently from To all the boys I have loved

17. You can help you by helping others

A movie based on the real-life story of football star Michael Oher

A movie whose ending always brings tears to my eyes is blindside.

It is just so moving how Leigh Anne Tuohy ( Sandra Bullock) went out of her comfort zone to help a kid she just met.

She feared the outcome but still made the move to help.

This decision led to the positive transformation of her family.

This young man changed their lives for the better.

He opened their eyes to a new world.

it made then connect with people they would never have.

It made them open their minds to the diverse options out there.

18. There are no bad people, just people who do bad things

My best type of movies is one which makes an effort to humanize the bad guy.

Movies which show that underneath that villain, there is a person who hurts, regrets and loves.

A movie which did that recently is Avengers, Infinity wars

I like that Thanos’s compassionate and loving side is shown.

The story is also told from his point of view.

This makes me rethink labeling people bad.

Also inspires me to make a greater effort to understand people.

Movies for the fun of it is important too

girl watching movie on her bed

True I prefer movies which have a lesson to teach but I am in no way discouraging you from watching movies just for the fun of it.

Sometimes we just need an escape, something which gives us an escape from our daily worries.

Healthy ways To escape reality

If we add to our list of impactful lessons on our escape even better.

I will like to hear from you what are some of the lessons you learned from movies?

As usual, my friends go be legendary

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