kevin hart car crash
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Kevin Hart Shares Emotional Video About Car Crash

On September 1st 2019, Kevin Hart was involves in a car accident with two other people Jared Black and his fiancee, Rebecca Broxterman.

This accident was during a period like many In Hart’s life, filled with so much on his To- do list.

He and the two other people were rushed to the hospital and thankfully no life was lost.

Fast forward to a month later, Kevin Hart is well recovered and sharing a video on instagram and his journey to recovery.

In the video he talks about some of the lessons he learned from his accident.

  • He learned to slow down.
  • This thought him we are not really in control.
  • It could all be over in a second.
  • He learned not to take for granted the people he has in his life.
  • One of the biggest take aways from Harts experience is a reminder that some of the unfortunate, and worst times in our lives could actually turn out to be a blessing.

Watch heartwarming video below

Kevin Hart car accident


  • Scott Hinkle

    Thank you for sharing this.

    That’s one of life’s biggest lessons, especially today.  We’re so busy in our separate little worlds that we tend to lose track of what’s truly important.  It’s not the bills.  It not getting to a certain place in time.  It’s health, relationships and the like.

    Sadly, for many, it takes a near-death experience to reach that realization.  I still lose that clarity from time to time and stress over things that ultimately don’t really matter.

    Thanks again,


  • fernglow

    Oh, i’ve seen this before! I can’t believe Kevin can be a victim of this as I always thought he was more of the play safe kind, but I guess it can happen to just about anyone.

    But what’s more important in my opinion, is whether you can get back stronger than before and learn a valuable life experience. Thanks for sharing!

  • Anastazja

    This is an intense article.  I was interested to watch the video about the accident.  I was also struck by the things Kevin Hart learned through this terrible accident.  It is true that we learn things about life when we almost loose life.  I checked out the link to creating a relationship and found it user friendly.  When I looked at other articles I found on the site, I found that they were equally inspirational in terms of near tragic events changing lives.  The message on your site about valuing life and living to the fullest is quite clear.  Thanks for the site.

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