Top 10 Most Motivational Jay Shetty Videos

What Is Special About Jay Shetty’s Videos?

Coming across Jay Shetty‘s content about two years ago was a life and thought transforming moment.

We all know that we need daily motivation to keep us going cause it gets tough and we all need that push.

Jay Shetty’s videos do just that.

  • They remind us that things get better
  • They tell us about some of the benefits of challenges
  • They help us stay strong during tough times.
  • They remind us of the right priorities for a productive life.

One of my most recent posts was Jay Shetty Quotes, all these quotes and so much more can be found in his videos.

Top 10 Jay Shetty Videos

Out of the hundreds of videos produced by Jay Shetty, these are 10 which I found really impactful.

Videos which like so many of his other videos speak about challenges which we go through daily and the thought process useful for overcoming them.

These are some of his videos which stand out from the rest.

1. You Have Heard Of FOMO But Have You Heard Of JOMO

This Jay Shetty video touches on a subject which many of us never really thought about that is the Joy Of Missing Out (JOMO ).

You are so focused on trying to fit in and paying less attention to what we truly believe in.

We are scared of being who we really want to be instead we take the easy road and adopt the qualities that suit what the majority cherish.

One Jay Shetty quote which sticks out in this video is, “When the world is attracted to that latest temptation, you focus on inner peace and self-realization”

One line which really spoke to me was the words from Drake ” People always say nobody is working as hard you, even though I laugh it off it is probably true, because while all my closest friends are out partying, I am busy here making all the music that they party to

2. Before You Take Someone For Granted

This Jay Shetty video made me reflect on what really matters and how sometimes we turn to give priority to things which don’t really bring us happiness.

This is a video which reminds us that our earthly life could end at any time and we don’t want to take our final breathe wishing we would have done somethings differently.

This video encourages us to put things in perspective and work towards strengthening the relationships that really matter.

A Jay Shetty Quote from this video is  “ We don’t see our lives as they are, we see our lives worse than they are

3. If You Feel Pressure Watch This

This Jay Shetty video reminds us that we cannot let people determine our future.

You can’t let people tell you who you are because the only thing which defines you is your choices.

Nobody is certain about the future we can always change and modify our future.

A Jay Shetty Quote from this video is ” Don’t let one exam or one grade define your whole future, there is so much more potential inside of you

4. If They Stop Messaging Watch This

So you meet this person you find incredible, he gives you all the attention you crave.

You begin texting and then all of a sudden he goes M.I.A.

He stops texting, no calls, no text and no responses to your messages.

This Jay Shetty Video will help you heal.

This video helps us build a better mindset to overcome the hurt and cautions us against doing the same.

A Jay Shetty Quote from this video is ” Someone disappearing doesn’t reflect your worth it reflects their priorities.”

5. You Can’t Love Someone You Don’t Know

This video reminds us that what we really need is found within.

You need to dig within to find the happiness and pleasure we long for.

In order to find happiness, we need to love ourselves but then we can’t love ourselves if we don’t know ourselves.

So in order to find this true love we need to spend time with ourselves and work on building that bond.

A Jay Shetty quote from this video is ” In the process of seeking happiness externally, we make a mess of our minds and our life and sometimes even the lives of others not realizing that what we were truly looking for has always been with us

6. 6 Healthy Ways To Be Alone After A Breakup

This is one of my favorite Jay Shetty videos.

It really helped me get through a really tough time.

It helped me get to a healthy state of mind and develop some habits which made going through a heartbreak beneficial.

A Jay Shetty quote from this video is “Don’t let the fear of being alone make you settle for something less

7. If You Procrastinate Watch This

This was the first video of a four-part series

In this video, Jay Shetty reminds us of the importance of the now.

It is important for us to make every moment count cause that might just be the last opportunity we get.

We don’t need to wait for the ideal job, the ideal time, do it now.

We need to always ask ourselves “is this how we are willing to spend this moment if it was our last”.

A Jay Shetty quote from this video is “We can’t control time, we can’t control the future but we can choose what we do today

8. If You Are Confused Who Your Real Friends Are – Watch This

This video was episode 2 of a four-part series.

We have probably heard or experienced this before when we are going through times who stick around us is who truly cares for us.

This is a very painful truth but when we think about it, it is a good thing.

In fact, this is one positive thing about going through challenges, it is during these times that we can tell who our real friends are.

This Jay Shetty video reminds us of this and makes us feel better about all the ups and downs we will definitely experience.

A Jay Shetty quote from this video is “ Not everyone you lose is a loss

Real friends can’t make our problems disappear but they will definitely not disappear when we are going through our problems

Remember to cherish the friends who are there for you through thick and thin, this type of friends are very hard to find.

9. If They Left You Watch This

This is a video which helps us heal from the feeling of being abandoned.

It is very painful, we feel so betrayed and want to shut down.

This video from Jay Shetty reminds us that we are actually being saved from a lifetime of pain.

A lifetime of being with someone who doesn’t give you the value you deserve.

A Jay Shetty quote from this video is “ even at your best you will never be right for the wrong person  but even at your worst the right person will remind you of your worth ”

10. Ferrari Vs Lamborghini – Untold Story

I am in love with success stories.

This video from Jay tells us the story which led to the invention of the Lamborghini.

This is a video I have watched over and over again.

I like that it reminds us that our best ideas come from moments when we are trying to find solutions to the problems we face.

This story reminds of what we can achieve when we stop complaining and decide to actually do something.

A Jay Shetty quote from this video is “The best ideas come when we are thinking of how to revolutionalize one person’s experience

Keep Getting Entertained With Value

As mentioned before Jay Shetty’s goal is to entertain and educate and he does just that.

That is the reason why he has over a billion views on his content.

Whenever you come across a Jay Shetty content rest assured you will be entertained and you will add more value to your life.

That is what we all need, we need that inspiration and motivational source which makes it easy to be consistent with our acquisition of value.

Jay Shetty’s Videos does a good Job at keeping us coming back for more.

I will like to hear from you, what is your favorite source of inspiration?


  • Daniel

    Hello Etah, I must say that this article actually helped me a lot. I am such a person where I need that dose of motivation every single day as in another way I can’t accomplish my goals. I see Jay for the first time and I am glad you shared his videos. From now on, I am his follower.

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