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We have heard many people talk about the negative effects of social media but I strongly believe it is how you use it.

There is so much value that could be gotten from scrolling through motivational content from Jay Shetty and so many others.

You can get so much value from Jay Shetty quotes shared on Instagram, videos on Youtube and Facebook.

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What Is Special About Jay Shetty Quotes?

What makes Jay Shetty quotes standout is that they are very relatable with a blend of compassion.

They don’t come from a place of judgment but from one of I have been there, I know how it feels and this is what I did to get through it.

Jay Shetty quotes are a kind reminder we are all working progress and we should never beat ourselves up for making mistakes.

They encourage us to look at the bright side of whatever situations we find ourselves in.

These and so much more is what makes Jay Shetty’s goal of making wisdom viral very attainable.

50 Jay Shetty Quotes

1. When you’re arguing with someone, it’s not you against each other, it’s both of you against the problem.

jay shetty quotes about relationship

2. Don’t make a long term decision based on a short term emotion.

jay shetty quotes about relationships

3. You are never in the wrong place. Sometimes you’re in the right place looking at things the wrong way.

Jay Shetty quotes about life

4. We’d learn so much more about ourselves if we took time to observe and reflect on our own actions instead of another’s.

Jay Shetty quotes about life

5. Get closer to people who make you feel less far away.

Jay Shetty quotes about life

6. Maybe your idea will be a huge success. Maybe it’ll be a small flame. Don’t you owe it to yourself to find out?

jay shetty quotes about life

7. Happiness is how you feel about yourself when you’re by yourself.

jay shetty quotes about happiness

8. If we’re not going deeper, we’re becoming weaker.

Jay Shetty Quotes about life

9. Confidence is not “they will like me”. Confidence is ” I’ll be fine if they don’t”.

Jay Shetty quotes about confidence

10. Grow through what you go through.

Jay Shetty quotes about life

11. If you don’t heal the pain of your past, you’ll bleed all over your future.

12. Changing from the outside looks better. Changing from the inside feels better.

13. I hope your life is full of “I Can’t believe I did this” than “I should’ve done it ”

14. Check On Yourself as much as you check Instagram.

15. If we don’t repair it, we’ll repeat it.

Jay Shetty quotes about life

16. This changed my life: Rejection is just redirection.

17. Don’t let the circumstances of your life dictate how you feel. A good mood doesn’t have to depend on external conditions. Peace of mind comes the moment you choose to be peaceful in any situation.

18. Sometimes you just have to accept what you’re holding on to just doesn’t exist anymore. Don’t let your life be controlled by what was.

19. Just a reminder in case your mind is playing tricks on you today: You matter. You’re important. You’re loved and your presence on this earth makes a difference whether you see it or not.

20. What is for you, will not pass you.

21. Do you know what is really #goals? Being truly happy with yourself, your decisions, your body, your relationships, your life.

22. If you don’t get excited for people when they get what they want, how do you expect people to get excited for you when you get what you want.

23. Some people pass through our lives in a shorter time frame than we had hoped to teach us things they never could have taught if they stayed.

24. The hardest part about getting ‘unstuck’ is admitting you’re stuck + deciding you’ll do what it takes to get unstuck. The rest flows.

25. If you had it all figured out today, what would be the point of tomorrow? Let yourself enjoy being a work in progress.

26. You gotta over value yourself sometime. Know your worth and add taxes to it.

27. Let your hands be so busy catching blessings that you don’t have the capacity to hold onto grudges.

28. Here’s what’s cool:

  • Writing ‘thank you’ notes
  • Learning and using people’s names.
  • Showing up on time.
  • Learning a new skill.
  • Learning the art of listening.
  • Admitting you were wrong.
  • Random acts of kindness
  • Being a mentor.
  • Investing in your future.
  • Holding doors open.

29. Any relationship that could be “ruined” by having a conversation about feelings, standards, or expectations wasn’t really firm enough anyway, so there isn’t much to ruin.

30. What’s meant to be yours is already making its way to you. What was never yours is starting to flee from you. With time , it will all make sense. For now, bear the confusion and focus on living fully in the present. Don’t let your whole life be “i’ll be happy when “. Be happy now.

31. Don’t become who hurt you.

Jay shetty quotes about life32. Never beat up on yourself for what may seem like a mistake. It was necessary for you to walk that path to learn those lessons.

33. Repeat after me: I was allowed to be BOTH a work in progress AND help others grow at the same time. I refuse to wait until I believe I’m perfect or someone else has deemed me worthy of impacting others. I am unapologetically accepting a life of massive growth and improvement.

34. Don’t look for someone that will fix everything for you, look for someone that will stay with you while you fix yourself and motivate you.

35. No relationship is ever a waste of time. If it didn’t bring you what you want, it taught you what you didn’t want.

36. My goal is to be filthy rich. Rich in adventure, in health, in knowledge, in laughter, in family and in love.

37. Your taste in people will change when you learn to love yourself.

jay shetty quotes about life

38. Three things you should never feel guilty for:

  • Changing for the better
  • Knowing your worth.
  • Staying true to your vision.

39. Self-care is not about creating an escape from our lives, self-care is about creating a life we don’t want to escape from.

40. You’re only overlooked, rejected and ignored by the people not meant to be in your life. Let go in peace, look ahead in gratitude.

41. Stop fighting battles with people who are at war with themselves.

42. When you notice your mental health declining, do one small thing that brings you peace. Take a shower, text a loved one, step outside. One little step is all you need to remind yourself that this is not permanent.

43. Being healthy is more than diet and exercise. It also involves what you let into your mind and heart.

44. Don’t compare yourself to others. There’s no comparison between the sun and moon, they shine when it’s their time.

45. Shout out to all the plants growing through concrete.

Jay Shetty quotes about life

46. A person becomes 10 times attractive not by their looks but by their acts of kindness, love, respect, honesty, and loyalty they show.

47. Trust me, nobody is as successful as Instagram makes them look and nobody is as pretty as filters make them seem. The only healthy and worthwhile comparison is you yesterday vs you today.

48. Beyonce rehearsed for 8 months for a 2-hour performance. Think about that next time you want something in your business to work right away.

49. The challenge is we expect our lovers to love us the way we love should love ourselves.

50. Your perception of yourself affects your vibe. Love yourself, be confident in your looks, express your talents, let your good vibes flow.

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  • Feochadan

    What an awesome topic!  I read through every one of those quotes.  Frankly, I wish I could make little posters out of each one of them and put them up on the walls around my house where I could see them regularly.  This is a post that I bookmarked so that I could come back to regularly and read when I am feeling low.

    You know what they say about karma – what you put out into the universe will come back to you three fold.  By putting out positive affirmations like this and offering EVEN MORE just spreads that around.

    You are most certainly doing more than your part to make this world a better place!  Keep up the excellent blogs!

  • Tohin

    I am not a big fan of Instagram nor am I familiar with Jay Shetty, But, I must say all these are some awesome quotes to live by, more like I would love to implement them in my life.

    My most favorites of all are; 

    #46. people’s acts of love respect, kindness, etc. are what makes them 10X attractive not by their looks.

    #48. About how it doesn’t take a few miles to achieve success but rather with lots of hard work, effort, perseverance, and being patient enough to let that time come. (Beyonce’s 8 months Practice was used in the quote, but decided to write it out as I understood it).

    #16. Rejection is redirection.

    #31. To not become like those who have hurt us.

    And, this one, I tried so hard to understand it, but could not understand what the meaning behind it is. Would appreciate your insight about it:

    #45. “Shout out to all the plants growing through concrete.” 

    I love them all indeed, thanks for bringing these quotes to us all!

  • Henderson

    I have been making use of Instagram for a long time now but I have not heard of Jay Shetty. She seems to be a very beautiful person and I enjoyed reading her quotes. I like that you could add some fact about her too. I will go and follow her instantly. Of the quotes, the one I like most is the one on people being able to influence from afar. Nice post.

  • Rodarrick

    In every information dished out, there i always an undertone of truth that is meant to address a particular crowd. To be honest,I cannot say any less about all these quotes you have said here. I am not familiar with Jay shetty but then, I will go foloow him up this instance on instagram because this quotes are all great and I will love to take my life lessons from him.

  • John

    I am a heavy user of Instagram but I do not know how on this earth I have not heard about Jay. From your post here, I see that she is a very awesome person that is worth meeting. I fell in love with her from the quotes that you have given about her. I love people who are intelligent and so I will follow her now to get more quotes. Always good stuff to follow successful people. Thank you.

    • Etah

      Yeah, HE is a very inspiring individual, who helps fill your social media feed with content which could actually have a positive impact on our lives.

  • Benson

    Reading quotes is an vital means to get motivation in si many aspect and its workerd for me for so many years now and I wouldn’t stop the act any time soon. From the various quotes you have given here, I’m really touched by lots of them, but one really cut across so many aspect of life which makes me think far “Don’t become what hurts you”. Wow, with that oost alone, if we look deep into it, it can make the world a better place. If we all choose not to be what hurts us, then there would be so many pain that will go away in the world. Hope to see more of such post.

    • Etah

      Yeah, that quote really spoke to me too. They are words to live by, words which could be a guiding force of all the actions we take or decisions we make. I am glad you found value here.

  • WSwartz

    I absolutely love the topic of your website. Everyone is looking for inspiration today. It seems the world has turned into a much more violent, tense place. We are all looking for that special something to make us feel at ease. Reading quotes from an inspiring person can inspire us to feel differently. Your poems are also very nice. You seem to write from your heart which in turn touches the heart of the person reading your work.

    Great topic, Great writing and very inspirational. I look forward to seeing more of your work.



  • shelley

    Jay Shetty  is a name relatively unknown to me before reading this post but it surly won’t be henceforth. He has such nice quotes that can communicate with one both on the connotative and the denotative levels of meaning. They have such insights and I already saved most of the quotes I read here on my device. He has surely added another follower right now from me. Thumbs up to this brilliance

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