jaaxy keyword research tool

Jaaxy, High Ranking Keyword Research Tool.

Name of product: Jaaxy

Price: $49/month for pro and $99/month for enterprise

Website : www.jaaxy.com

Overall Rank: 98%

jaaxy keyword research tool

So before we dive into the awesomeness of jaaxy, firsts let’s talk about keyword importance and how to find the best keywords for high ranking of your posts on google, bing, and Yahoo.

What Are Keywords

A keyword is a word or a phrase we type into online search engines. These phrases are usually linked to the content we are looking for.

Why Are Keywords Important.

So when we type a phrase or word in google, Google provides us with several search results of articles containing approximately 1% of that phrase.

How To Top The Search Results For Free

You can pay Google to rank your website posts to the top of the page. Today we are going to be talking about how to get your posts ranking on google, bing, and Yahoo without spending a dine.

Beginners Take Note

As you begin creating content online, your main goal is to get google, yahoo and bing to rank your website, the faster the better.

So In order for this to happen, you will first want to target low hanging fruits.

Low hanging fruits are keywords with a high average search, high traffic, and low competition. Google smiles at and rewards creativity and uniqueness. So targeting keywords which have little or no competition is a very quick way to be recognized and ranked.

An awesome platform to use for this research is Jaaxy.

What Is Jaaxy?

jaaxy keyword research tool

Jaaxy is a keyword, niche and site research software. You can do 30 keyword searches using the Jaaxy platform for free.

To create your free Jaaxy account, visit the Jaaxy website and fill out the sign-up form.

Try Out the Jaaxy Search Engine below.


Use Jaaxy To Find Awesome Keywords.

jaaxy keyword research tool

On the Jaaxy platform, the average keyword search, traffic, and competition of the keyword researched are shown.

1. AVG

jaaxy keyword research tool

This is an abbreviation for average. Under this column, you will find the value for the average monthly searches for a specific keyword.


jaaxy keyword research tool

The next column gives you an idea of the expected amount of traffic you will get if your post ranks on the first page.


jaaxy keyword research tool

The QSR column tells us about the amount of competition you already have for that keyword.

4. KQI

jaaxy keyword research tool

This means keyword quality index. This gives you a quick overview of whether or not this is a good keyword to try to target.

5. SEO

jaaxy keyword research tool

The next column tells you about your SEO ( search engine optimization) ranking score.

6. Domain

This column gives you a list of domains names suitable for that keyword.

7. Related Keywords

jaaxy keyword research tool

In the right-hand side of the keyword search page, we can also find a list of related keywords to the one researched.

Other Highly Useful Functions Of Jaaxy

In addition to keyword research, Jaaxy also has numerous highly useful functions for online content creators.jaaxy keyword research tool

Alphabet Soup.

Gives you a list of possible keywords with a certain beginning according to alphabetical order.

Saved Lists

You can save your chosen keywords on this page, pending the creation of content for them

Search History

A list of your previous searches

Affiliate Progam

You can join the Jaaxy affiliate program and earn some money for driving traffic to the Jaaxy platform.

Site Rank

You can track your site rank on google, bing, and Yahoo.

Becoming  A Wealthy affiliate With Jaaxy

In my previous reviews of wealthy affiliate, I have spoken about some of the incredible benefits you get as a premium member;

Wealthy Affiliate 2018 Review.

My 1 Month Wealthy Affiliate Review.

  • Hosting for 50 websites with 24-hour daily support.
  • Numerous training sessions ( Both live and recorded)
  • Networking with other affiliates.
  • Earning money from promoting the site and so much more.

Added to this list is the jaaxy research tool. As a premium wealthy affiliate member, using the jaaxy search tool linked to the wealthy affiliate platform, you can search for limitless keywords.

How To Unlock All Jaaxy Functions

In order to be able to access more functions with jaaxy like;

  • Limitless keyword research.
  • Searching the rank of your posts, farther than the first page (20 pages ).
  • Earning more affiliate commisions.

You will need to upgrade to the paid version.

Jaaxy Pro: $49/month

Jaaxy Enterprise : $99/month

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