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50 Most Inspirational Pages On Facebook

This Video Tells You What You Need And Why

After watching this video in which Caspar Lee and Jay Shetty talk about the negative effects of social media.

The healthy ways to use social media and some pros and cons.

I was inspired to like Jay Shetty has a feed which inspires me.

A feed which actually makes my time spent scrolling through social media a more productive one.

What Steps We Need To Take

What we need to do in order to have a more inspiring feed is ;

  • Following the right people, people who give you a picture of success which makes you aspire for a healthier and happier lifestyle.
  • Not people who just flash their success, making you feel like less than.
  • Following the right hashtags on Instagram and Twitter.
  • Liking the right pages on facebook, pages which motivate you to attain success and shows you how.
  • Joining the right facebook communities. Communities with like-minded people.

Inspirational Pages On Facebook

So Let’s begin.

Today let’s start by liking the Facebook pages which get us closer to our goals.

1. Cross Mountains

In order to extend our reach, we created a page on facebook

A page which is dedicated to sharing inspiring quotes and videos.

2. Red Table Talk

This one of my favorite pages on Facebook.

Red table talk is actually a show on Facebook watch.

This show is hosted by 3 generations of Smith women; Willow Smith, Jada Smith, and Adrienne Banfield-Jones.

They get really vulnerable on this show.

A show in which the guest feel comfortable to share their most vulnerable shortcomings and past mistakes.

3. Jay Shetty

If I was to describe Jay Shetty in one sentence, I will say, He is an awesome human.

His page is filled with so much value.

This page contains videos which reshape our minds and makes us reevaluate some of the choices we make.

His main goal is to entertain and educate and the content he provides does just that.

4. Passion To Profession

This a page ran by a monitory officer and CEO of Arrah Consultancy.

On his page, he shares quotes which share with the world some of the lessons he has learned on his many years as an entrepreneur.

5. Marie Forleo

Marie Forleo is the brain behind B- school.

B- School is a program which trains entrepreneurs on practical and efficient ways to achieve their dreams.

This program has helped over 50,000 entrepreneurs make their dreams a reality.

On this facebook page, you can find videos in which Marie Forleo interviews numerous successful people.

Updates on upcoming training and so much more.

6. Brave Enough To Fail

The goal of this page is to cultivate a new generation of leaders, creators, and achievers.

Brave enough to fail is non- profit organization which works to enlighten and motivate students.

On their facebook page, you will find quotes, links to blog posts and videos which inspires you to reach for better

7. Sending Positive Vibes

This page provides you with daily inspiration and motivation.

On this page, you get quotes, videos, and recommendations of other equally inspiring pages to like.

8. Beautiful Mind Network

The creators of this page rightly believe that a  beautiful life begins with a beautiful mind.

On this page, you will find quotes which provide you with a feeling of warmth.

The feeling you get when you are reminded of the fact that the power to change is in your hands.

The power to get a beautiful life is found in you.

You also get regular notifications of new posts to their website.


Have you heard of Oprah Supersoul conversations, this is where you can find them on facebook.

You can also find quotes from the numerous inspirational people interviewed Oprah

10. Kris Carr

On this page, Kris Carr shares tips on how we can integrate a healthy lifestyle with our busy lifestyles.

She talks about struggles she is having on her journey to developing better health habits.

This tips and truth give us a real picture of the ups and downs it takes to get to our desired lifestyle.

11. The Good Life

The page dedicated to providing you with quotes, articles, and videos which uplifts you

12. The Good Quotes

A page dedicated to giving the world good energy.

On this page, you will find quotes which make you feel good.

Quotes which also provide us with tips to help us feel good, physically and mentally.

You will also find videos which ask different people thought-provoking and inspiring questions.

13. Success Insider

This is a page created by a truly inspiring entrepreneur, Tim Han.

On this inspiring facebook page, we are provided with content which inspires you to become above average.

14. Positive Life Tips

A page which provides us with quotes which put us in a positive mindset.

Quotes which put us in the path to have a positive life.

15. Let’ Be Rich

This page shares quotes, some cause you to reflect, others inspire you to get up and get to work.

16. Great Big Minds

Quotes and posts which expands and enhances what we think about

17. Positive Life

A page dedicated to improving the quality of your life.

18. Billionaire’s Sayings

An inspirational facebook page which inspires us to believe in our extraordinary potentials

The quotes on this page give us a glimpse into the minds of billionaires.

19. Success Quotes

Believe in your ability to achieve success.

This page tells us how we can.

20. The Secret

A page which provides us with tips to help us attract the life we truly desire.

This page shares with us quotes and videos which tells us the secret of creating the mindset for success.

21. The power

Another page sharing with us links, quotes which teach us the power of our thoughts.

The power we have to attract what we want and how we can.

22. How To Think Positive

A page which provides you with quotes which tell you how to think positive.

How to avoid the negative thoughts from consuming and ruining our days and eventually our life.

23. Trust The Journey

This is a page ran by two inspiring women, a cancer survivor and a young widowed mother, who has dealt with challenging turning points in their lives and discovered along the way that sharing inspiration and stories of hope are an incomparable way to give.

On this inspiring facebook page, we are provided with quotes which remind us to be grateful for what we do have now while working for what we can become.

24. Failure To Fearless

A page which provides us with quotes which inspire us to stop fear from being the reason why we never tried.

An inspirational facebook page which reminds us of the diamond we can get from being the first to take the step even failure was an option.

25. Wisdom Quotes And Stories

On June 2010, Tejas Patel was inspired to create this page to share the wisdom he acquired.

The quotes shared on this page were gotten from quotes of wisdom by Saints, philosophers, authors, scientists, and eminent personalities.

26. An Inspired Approach

This is a page which shares quotes and videos guided us to take the inspired path to success.

27. Bright Life

On this page who are remind about the bright side of life and how we can get there.

28. Absolutely Positive

An inspirational Facebook page which provides you with content which helps you create the life you love

29. Think Positive Words

In case you are in need of a positive start for your day, this is the perfect page to visit.

The quotes shared on this page remind us of the importance of thinking positive and some ingredients we could add to our life to attract more happiness and positivity.

30. Motivation For Life

This is a page with quotes and videos which remind us of the importance of putting in the work to get what we want.

31. Brainy Quote

In case you are quote lover like myself, you might have come across brainy quotes.

This is a site which provides quotes which inspire us through diverse stages.

Quotes from numerous inspirational sources.

Their facebook page does the same on a daily basis.

32. Positive People Making A Difference

This is an inspirational facebook page which gives us quotes and affirmation videos.

This page preaches to us the importance of being part of the solution.

It tells us to be the change.

33. Project Happiness

This page was created by a mother who saw her child suffering and felt helpless.

She couldn’t find resources to help, so she decided to create the resource.

On this page, quotes and posts are shared which tell us about some of the things which are keeping us sad and how we can eliminate them.

34. Power Quotes

This is a facebook page which gives us quotes which fill your mind with thoughts which empower you for success.

35. Million Hopes

Another inspirational facebook page with quotes which give us hope.

How that with hard work, persistent and wisdom we can definitely achieve our goals.

36. The Master Quotes

A page which shares quotes which help us carve the right path to a truly fulfilled life.

37. Daily Inspirational Quotes

This page provides us with daily quotes which put us in the right state of mind for success.

38. Be Like Your self

A page which reminds us of the benefits we can ripe when we become truly comfortable with who we are.

The quotes and videos on this page which help us see the light at the end of the tunnel of all the hate.

39. Get Inspired

On this page, you will find creative things which could inspire your creativity.

This is a page to scroll through when you hit a creative blog.

The uniqueness in the artistic work shared here is sure to wow and guide your next art.

40. Educate Inspire Change

A page which provides, quotes and posts which give us education which helps create a change.

Quotes on this inspirational facebook page ring a bell in our minds on how we can implement what we have learned to create a better world.

41. Power Of Positivity

This page shares quotes and videos which inspires and brightens our days.

The quotes and posts are meant to help us live our best lives.

42. Quotes Matrix

Quotes to help you meditate on your actions.

These quotes shared help us make decisions with the right intentions.

43. 6AMSuccess

Quotes and videos which tell us how to work to get the success we want.

44. Winners Never Quit

This is a page created to share quotes which stay on the winning road.

A road filled with ups and downs.

These quotes remind us to never quit despite the countless challenges we may face out of our comfort zone.

45. Kick Motivation

Words of motivations reminding all of us aspiring for greatest about what it takes.

46. Motivation Daily

An inspirational page on Facebook which tells us of the better options in life.

The options which lead to a happy and successful life.

47. Boss Feelings

A page which makes you reach for your highest potential.

48. Never Surrender

Quotes which help you fight back the urge to surrender when we face challenges.

49. Millionaire Lines

Lines which help you acquire the millionaire mindset.

50.Big Think 

This is a facebook page which does exactly like its title says, helps us think big.

51. Motivation For Smart People

Facebook could lead to success

As you noticed most of the inspirational pages on Facebook,  I have been sharing our pages which share quotes.

Quotes which help your journey to success.

A page which gives you the daily doses of motivation we all need.

So the ball is in our court, we have lots of resources for free.

All we need do is take action.

We are going to transform all of our social media platforms to inspiration gold.

So makes sure to sign up for our newsletter so you can get updates on our recent uploads.

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