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I believe I Can Fly | Motivational Poems

You set the plane in motion despite all the ceaselss caution,

For you knew you met the single condition,

And as you pushed forward with hearing switched off

And eyes lazer focused, you saved guarded your heart with the words

It’s only a matter of time

Then the time came and what you sought for brought you misery and pain.

You stumbled , trying to halt your fall,

You struggled, striving to find the brakes,

You thought you did and pressed on strong thinking you will now be saved

But the speed that came reminded you, you still didn’t know the difference between left and right.

And now you have to stay strong and fight, still blinded by the night and tortured by their light.

You bow down begging for Grace that can take you to the place,

Any place you could coil up and break down.

Just a home faraway from their blame filled eyes and thoughtful sighs.

To a place where your screams will stay concealed, for your shame can never be seen,

And for that you are willing to bleed.

You kept the road for years and just when you found a stable routine,the pavement starts to tear,

So you let go of the fear and made the dive for the river flowing near, knowing this might just be the end,

A thought you couldn’t dare to bear.

So as you landed, the severe pain was overcome by your deep desire to live,

So you fought hard to repel the flow which led to ‘the stranded’.

You kept fighting in silence and was rewarded by the dry land in which the gold was handed,

You couldn’t hold back the tears for you knew their lives will be changed, when they see from your story

You truly can fly if you let nothing keep you grounded “

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