How To Work With Inspiration, 10 Incredible Tips

I am on my 26th day of daily blogging and I seem to have a lot of inspiration, inspiration to quit.

  • Lots of distractions.
  • Difficulty finding a topic to write about.
  • Not feeling very confident about my abilities.
  • Coming up with excuses why today could be an exception and so much more.

Yet here I am, still working on providing content for my blog today and now feeling inspired. So today, I will be sharing with you guys how to work with inspiration when you lose your initial  motivation.

How To Work With Inspiration.

How To Work With Inspiration

The tips I will be giving on how to work with inspiration is basically ways in which

  • We could add some joy to what we are doing.
  • Find the right state of mind and energy for the job.

1. Start With Your Why

How To Work With Inspiration

This is so far my favorite tip because I feel it is a strong foundation for any type of success.

On days when you don’t have the inspiration to do the work necessary to achieve your goals, your why keeps you going.

For a whole week, I couldn’t find the inspiration to teach online. I just wanted to focus on writing my blog because that is what I really love doing.

Then I got my paycheck and I saw it couldn’t cover my bills for the month. I was quickly reminded of my why, the why I wake up every morning to do a job I am not so enthusiastic about. I want to be financially independent on my journey to live a life in which I only do what I love in life.

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2. Does Procrastination Make You Efficient?

How To Work With Inspiration

This tip on how to work with inspiration is for those who work best under pressure.

I perform best under pressure, so sometimes I deliberately leave some tasks for the die minutes. I find that I work with so much inspiration and get the task done quicker than when I had no pressure.

Procrastination also gives me more time to think about whatever project I am working on.

Watch This Awesome Video On Procrastination.

3. Music

How To Work With Inspiration

I love music and I am sure you do too. So combining any job with music is how to work with inspiration.

Get inspired by the beats and if the words also help, perfect.

Numerous scientific research has shown that music improves our brain abilities.

In my own experience, setting my alarm sound to my favorite sound really inspires me to get out of bed.

4. Story Of Role Models

How To Work With Inspiration

If you watch Garyvee, you will be reminded in all of his vlogs the importance of work. His favorite advice is following his example by closing your eyes and doing the work necessary to be done.

Many other successful people talk about the need to work even when you don’t feel like it. Listening to these stories when you feel less motivated is how to work with inspiration.

Seeing the lifestyle that they achieved from working even when they didn’t feel like it, always inspires me to work.

5. Find Your Environment.

How To Work With Inspiration

Jayshetty, the formal monk, now a motivational speaker, talks about the importance of knowing your three Es; element, environment, energy.

Talking about the environment, he uses the illustration of a fish, not being able to survive in an environment which is not water.

I have noticed and I am sure you have too, we have various degrees of inspiration while doing different types of jobs in an environment.

I get more creative inspiration in quiet environments and don’t mind doing work which involves calculations in noisy environments.

In one of Jayshetty’s most recent video, he shows us a way in which we can know when is most suitable for us to do certain tasks, depending on your sleeping schedule.

6. Get Some Rest.

How To Work With Inspiration

The next tip on how to work with inspiration is listening to your body.

If you can when your body says, it needs rest, let it rest. You will be amazed at the degree of inspiration you will have after your sleep.

Sheryl Sandberg, the author of lean in, talked about the need to sleep in, in order to lean in, after she read sleep revolution by Arianna Huffington.

Arianna Huffington has even gone on to create a siesta room at the Huffington post to help her employees recharge.

Several times I have hit a certain roadblock but still remained determined to meet a certain deadline. I then reluctantly decide to sleep and when I wake up I feel more inspired and get the job done in a shorter period of time.


7. Have Distraction Breaks.

How To Work With Inspiration

Scientists have not been able to come up a definite time of continuous work effectiveness. They have approximated a  maximum of 90 minutes of work with a 17 minutes break.

This might not be the case for you, you may be able to focus for less time and need more break time. Welcome and practice your uniqueness.

In between my 26 minutes online lessons, I love watching movies. The movie breaks in between refreshes my brain and inspires me for the next class.

8. Take Care Of Your Body

How To Work With Inspiration

The next tip on how to work with inspiration is taking time to give your body the care it needs.

I have sometimes noticed a peak in inspiration after eating.

My morning exercises get me inspired and confident to take up my daily tasks.

Resting my body relaxes and refreshes my mind for the work ahead.

9. Get Started.

How To Work With Inspiration

Let’s round up this list with a very obvious but highly important tip on how to work with inspiration…

Getting inspiration to work from work.

We could use Mel Robbins 5 second rule to push us to start. As we proceed with the work we get inspired by the already accomplished tasks.

On some days I get so lazy to begin working and when I finally start working, my next challenge is stopping for the day.


10. Love What You Do.

How To Work With Inspiration

The next tip on how to work with inspiration is loving what you do, not doing what you love.

Yes, it is very important to do what you love but there are times when we have to do what we don’t love in order to achieve success at what we love.

Many artists have talked about ignoring the business side of their career and realizing how much this affected their degree of success. They hate business and love music or acting but in order for them to achieve success in their music, they had to pay attentive to the business side.

One efficient way to love what you do is complimenting it with something you love. I used to  compliment;

  •   studying for exams with music.
  • Doing chores at home with listening to an audiobook.

Reflect and improvise, what works best for your situation, how can you make what you don’t enjoy more fun? 

I hope this was useful to you, as a bonus for reading till the end, you are reminded of the need to add to ” I always finish what I start ” to your obligatory principles in life.

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