How To Take Control In Life, 10 Effective Tips.

This Is For You

How To Take Control In Life

  • If you have ever been in a situation where you have been scared to speak your mind because you fear you will be deprived of your basic needs.
  • If you have ever felt there is nothing you can do about the present situation you are in.
  • or like you are too weak to overcome the challenges life throws at you.

This article is for you.

How To Take Control In Life

1. Change Your Mindset

How To Take Control In Life

  • Only the rich can get richer.
  • Why border trying when you are only going to fail.
  • I am not as lucky as does who have found success.
  • It is not my destiny to be successful.
  • Life is unfair.
  • They are not letting us shine.
  • My parents didn’t give me enough opportunities to make it.

This is a mindset which blames life, destiny and other people for our present situation. Staying in that state of mind means, keeping a belief that these things have control of your life and who we become.

If you want to go on this journey to take control in life, you will need to begin by regretting this mindset and replacing it with ” Who I become tomorrow depends on the choices and actions, I take today”.

2. Your Why

How To Take Control In Life

There next thing on my list of how to take control in life is reflecting on and coming up with our why. once you have a strong purpose you are striving to achieve, It becomes more easy to take control of our lives.

As we remind ourselves of this purpose which we believe to be very important, we become more and more aware of the importance for us to take control and put in place various goals which will lead to its accomplishment.

3. Listen To Your Inner Voice

How To Take Control In Life

Let the inner voice take control. It knows what you want and it is guiding you toward achieving it.

As we are told in the power of the subconscious mind. Your inner voice is your employee. It is like your assistant, who tells you what you have to do to attain your daily goals.

So if you think about it, when your inner voice is in control you are really the one in control.

4. Strive To Be Financially Independent.

How To Take Control In Life

From past experience, I have realized when people give you money, they always want to have a say in how you spend your day.

In some extreme but very common cases, some might even want to have a say in what you believe in or how you think.

My experiences with being financially dependent are one of my driving factors in life. Getting to that point where you can say I won’t and will not fear not having food to eat or a place to stay in the days ahead is a goal worth working for.

5. Replace I can’t with I won’t.

The next point on how to take control in life is replacing I can’t, which implies your inability to take action towards a certain direction with I won’t which means, I am capable of doing it and I just don’t want to.

Let’s think back on all the things which we have said I can’t to and we will realize the right phrase for most was I won’t. You have more abilities or capabilities than you give yourself credit for.

The truth is that thing which you said you can’t because it was too hard or there was no way to achieve it, is actually possible. True it might be very hard, not feasible and time-consuming but it still is possible.

It is okay to evaluate the fruits a certain road will yield and say it is not worth my time, energy or the risk, so I won’t be doing it not I can’t.

Honestly, every time I say, I won’t instead of I can’t, I get this feeling of power. I hope it doesn’t get into my head, lol. Try it, it is an awesome feeling. Just say I won’t and tell me how it makes you feel.

6. Stop Playing The Blame Game

How To Take Control In Life

The next point on how to take control in life is to stop blaming others for the outcomes we experienced.

It’s easier and sometimes comforting to thing the bads things that happened to us wasn’t our fault, I know it really takes the pressure off

  • The teachers don’t explain well.
  • guys have no emotions and are very inconsiderate.
  • My boss is so demanding.

These are some of the situations in which I was tempted to believe I had no control over.

True there is something which each of the people involved could do to make life easier for me but when I began working on taking control of my life, I was reminded that I had two choices;

Let the results I had in those domains depend on other people, who might not really care about my happiness or

Take control and see what role I can play to have better outcomes.

  • Is it approaching the teacher for more explanations or getting in touch with a classmate who seemed to have a better mastery of the subject.
  • choosing my happiness over relationships which don’t yield any fruits.
  • Working hard to be an effective employee while simultaneously working on starting my own company. That way I was consoled by the reminder that this is not permanent or in some cases quitting immediately was the best option.

I must say, looking at my choices and realizing they were linked to the outcomes I was experiencing, has made me realize how much control I already had over my life and so do you.

7. Stop Complaining.

How To Take Control In Life

Hands up if you have ever spent hours complaining to a friend, she then joins in with her own complaining and when you guys are done, you feel an increase in your powerlessness to change the situation you are mad about.

Honestly, if your friend is not a trained therapist or someone who can ask you a set of questions which guides you toward steps you can take to improve your situations, don’t do it.

Complaining is defined as expressing dissatisfaction or annoyance towards something. So before you beginning complaining ask yourself these questions;

  • What do I hope to gain when I am done complaining.
  • Can this person I am talking to help me change things.
  • How can they help?

Complaining in most cases is not only a waste of time but also intensifies negative feelings and we all know nothing positive can come out of negative feeling.

8. Staying Committed And Not Giving Up.

How To Take Control In Life

I just finished my 21-day challenge. During this period I decided to stop watching movies or listening to music. Before that, I had given up on a lot of journeys when It got hard.

I was determined not to give up on this for I knew that was the reason for a lot of the challenges I was facing, this was a game-changing journey for me.

After I succeeded to complete this challenge, I have become less reluctant to take up other challenges and I am more assured of my ability to see everything I take up through, even when it gets hard.

Start with a small commitment, give yourself a period to stick to that and stick to it no matter what. I repeat no matter what. There tests and temptations to quit will be numerous but once you get to the end you will feel much better about yourself and more in control.

9.Acquire Knowledge

How To Take Control In Life

Take time to read books and watch documentaries about people who took their destinies in their hand and excelled despite the environment or opportunities they were born with.

This will encourage you to take control in life and inspire you to keep on going, on that sometimes lonely and challenging road.


10. Be Courageous,FYI courage is not the absence of fear

How To Take Control In Life

The next thing on my list of how to take control in life is having courage cause you will need it. You will need courage to ;

  • Say I won’t, instead of I can’t because that tells the person you can do it but you don’t just want to.
  • To take steps which are different and will be frown at in your environment.
  • To take the blame for terrible outcomes and so much more.

I hope this article is helpful and as a bonus for reading to the end, it will be very impactful if you reflect on your daily actions, take note of what you did out of feelings of powerlessness and what you did out of control. Use this information to improve your actions on the next day.

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