How To Stay Positive When You Are Sick, Top 10 Ways

Life Sucks

How To Stay Positive When You Are Sick

Do you ever have one of those days when you feel so sick and powerless to get things done? Your mind keeps on running to your to-do list, which makes you hate your body for failing you when you need it the most.

Well, that was how I felt this morning when I couldn’t wake up to go to the gym. As I write this blog post now I feel so motivated and happier.

This made me want to share this effective and recently tested list on how to stay positive when you are sick.

1. Do What Your Love.

How To Stay Positive When You Are Sick

So the first thing on the list on how to stay positive when you are sick is doing what you love. You can’t handle challenges with a positive mindset when you are sick, scientifically proven.

What Science Says.

According to an article published by science mag, neuropathologist Marco Prinz of the University of Freiburg in Germany and colleagues carried out a research which lead them to conclude that the symptoms we suffer during a viral or bacterial infection are beneficial because it enables us to divert our energy to fighting the pathogens that have invaded our bodies.

I remember, when I had to go to school, sick because I had an exam which I couldn’t miss. I can still feel the intense sadness I felt like it was yesterday.

So if you are in a situation where you can avoid doing the task you hate, count your blessings and take advantage of that.

How To Do What You Love In Life

2. Eat What You Love.

How To Stay Positive When You Are Sick

So you might be on a diet and are trying to live healthily. It wouldn’t hurt if you have a few days of eating super delicious unhealthy food.

Your health is not the best, you probably are missing out on some fun activities. You don’t want to add bad tasting food to the list of thing which make you sad, your brain can’t handle that now.

My favorite thing about being sick when my mum is around is the delicious food she cooks for me. The appearance and flavor help increase my appetite.

3. Talk To Love Ones.

How To Stay Positive When You Are Sick

Whenever I am sick, I always feel so lonely and cut off from the rest of the world. I am an introvert and don’t mind being alone one most day but not when I am sick.

Also, being sick gives you a lot of time to reflect on the choices you have made so far. A principal thought that may go through your mind if you are alone is how nobody is there for in your low point.

I remember when I was sick as a child and my mum had to run some errands and there was no one to stay with me. My thoughts used to go as dark as so that thing she has to do is more important than me, which was definitely not the case.

So if you have the privilege of having loved ones who you can talk to you, when you are sick, be thankful for that blessing and use it to have a better and happier sick time.

4. Watch What You Love.

How To Stay Positive When You Are Sick

The next thing on the list of how to stay positive when you are sick is to watch what you love.

Luckily for me, I just finished my 21 days challenge, where I was not allowed to watch any movie, so I can spend some time catching up on some episodes of my favorite series.

There is something about the energy and creativity that you have after a period of relaxation. So why not turn this sick day when you can’t get work done into a relaxation day. By the time you feel much better, catching up will be an easier task to do.

Also, your present reality is not much fun, why not travel and stay in the movie world for a while.

5. Go On A Stroll.

How To Stay Positive When You Are Sick

So the next item on my list of how to stay positive when you are sick, of course, goes to those who have the energy to go for a stroll.

This will give you an opportunity to feel less lonely and give you more things for your mind to focus on.

If you can’t walk and you are in a developed country where you can call an uber, then do that and go in that no destination ride around town.

Also, getting out of the four walls of your apartment can really help clear your mind, taking it to a more relaxed place.

6. Read A Good Book.

How To Stay Positive When You Are Sick

Reading a book plays a similar role to a movie, it helps you travel to a different existence.

I will recommend you read some kind of fantasy or fiction novel, which would not cause you to reflect on your life.

Not a self-help book, unless it is a book telling you on how to stay positive when you are sick. Seriously reading a self-help book will not even be productive when you feel done as most self-help books inspire you to act and you will be reminded of the fact that you don’t just have the energy to.

Oh, strive by Arianna Huffington is a self-help book which I might recommend during this period. She talks about the importance of sleep and resting. How relaxation can make you more productive.



7. Turn The Lights On.

How To Stay Positive When You Are Sick

Yes, a little move like turning on the light can really help uplift your mode.

I  know sometimes, you are in a dark place and you will just like your outer environment to match your inner emotions, being there, done that. Honestly, it really helps keep me in my sadness bubble, I am sure it does same for you too.

So if we want to reverse our emotions, it will really help to reverse our environment. So just make the move, hit that switch and let the light gradually sip into your brain.

Science Approves

According to a research published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology, we learn that the more intense the lighting, the greater a person’s emotions. This could also be noticed by the difference in emotions we have on rainy and sunny days.

8. Motivational Quotes.

How To Stay Positive When You Are Sick

The next thing on my list on how to stay positive when you are sick is motivational quotes. One of my favorite quotes which I got from strive by Arianna Huffington is;

” Live life like everything is ricked in your favor”

This implies if everything is ricked in your favor and you are sick, this means, this is the best thing that could happen to you. With that foundation in mind, I start thinking of the positive side of being sick, which like I mentioned above, an opportunity to relax.

Also, personally, the fact that I can not teach online today because I don’t want to make my students uncomfortable with the sneezing and coughing. I can now take the time to focus on my online marketing training with wealthy affiliate.


9. Find A Reason To Laugh.

How To Stay Positive When You Are Sick

Okay, now this is one of my favorite things. Whenever I feel down and I want to forget, my remedy is sleep or laughter. On days when I am restless due to my health, laughter is still possible.

Try it out and stay positive in your downtime cause luckily your jaw bones still work.

10. Tidy Environment.

How To Stay Positive When You Are Sick

Okay, so this one actually works like magic. This is how you can stay positive when you are sick. If you have the energy start by tidying up your bed, yes to lie back on it, if you want.

If you are like me who couldn’t find the motivation to pick up the tissues I have thrown all over my room floor, then like me you could move to any tidy spot in your house. My Kitchen is perfect, tidy and I am beside food I love.

Take a bath and put on nice clothes, it is really refreshing and energizing.

Also, quick all negative people out of your environment, you are better of alone.

Make Your Choice.

So that is it for my list on how to stay positive when you are sick. Like I always say, some of these things might not work for you and that is totally fine, don’t beat yourself up. Just keeping trying various options and see what suits your unique self.

As usual, I will love to hear from you, have you tried out any of this, was it helpful? What else could be added to our list?

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