How to make new year's resolutions last

How To Make Your New Year‘s Resolution last

Don’t Give Up On New Year’s

new year resolutions

After many years of  New Year’s resolutions being a tradition, many are beginning to advise us not you.

Their advice usually stems from the fact that statistics have shown that many people give up on their resolutions by the third month of the year.

I personally believe the problem is not that you made the resolution; the main challenge which needs to be solved is finding a way to keep this resolution for the whole year and beyond.

How To Make Your New Year‘s Resolution last

how to make new year's resolution last

1. No Extreme Resolutions.

It is great to be ambitious.

It is a good thing to want to be able to move huge mountains but it important to start small.

Achieve small, and the process of attaining small will give you the skill and experience to be able to attain greater.

The same applies with New Year’s resolution, it is important to begin with small goals, small changes, changes which aren’t so far from what we are accustomed to, that we keeping it wouldn’t require a huge shift from our regular routine.

2. One Change at A time

In one of Jay Shetty videos he mentioned that one of the major challenges many of us are facing is we want to change so many things at the same time.

We want to lose weight, start a new project, work on our mindset, start a new relationship and begin eating healthy all at the same time.

Then what happens some weeks later is we become overwhelmed and give up on everything.

He cautions us to FOCUS

F- Face

O- One

C- Challenge

U- Until

S- Success

If we apply this when we make New Year’s resolutions we will find it more possible to them (preferably “It”) last.

3. Be Inspired By Daily Successes

Don’t consider any success small.

Rejoice over each milestone, taking time to acknowledge and celebrate our successes will inspire us to keep going.

These small successes will give us the confidence to take on more; it will give us the belief and motivation to make bigger resolutions.

4. Constantly Consume Motivation

Zig Ziglar, who was a renowned motivational speaker, tells us of the importance to consume motivation daily.

“Motivation is like taking a bath, you must…”

Some days we don’t feel like waking up, we can’t find the will power to meet up with what needs to be done.

Sometimes the only thing that might keep you going is a voice telling you “Keep going, that is the only way to meet success, you have come too far to give up now”

5. Choose Your Cycle Wisely

Stay away from things and people who hold you back.

You don’t expect to create a new you in this New Year when you still keep the same things and people who encouraged your old ways.

It is very important to loss that cycle in order to be able to make your new year’s resolution last.

What success will you have giving up drinking when you still hang out with the friends who have a nightly ritual of getting drunk and partying hard?

6. Regularly Remember Your Why

Having a life- changing why is a strong motivation to keep going.

If you are deciding to start eating healthier this year because in the past year your poor eating habits led to many health issues which prevented you from having many productive days.

It is important you always remember how you felt when you were unable to wake up or the pain you felt from the health issues.

If you want to start working out for a certain type of beach body, keep a poster of that body close by.

7. Bring Yourself to Account Daily

We all have days when we fall.

Days when instead of getting work done, we yield to the temptation of bench watching numerous Netflix shows.

When we bring ourselves to account on such days we get to reflect on why we chose and unproductive day and the actions we could take to prevent it happening again.

Also bringing ourselves to account on productive days tells us what we need right and what we should do more often.

8.  Make Your How Flexible

Sometimes doing the same thing in the same way could get boring, causing us to quit our resolutions.

In order to prevent this from happening we could always find ways to keep things interesting.

Like blending it with things we love doing.

In my case, I always change up my workout routines and blend them with songs I love.

Workout routines always include spontaneous dancing to the song playing, this help keep things fun.

Sometime ago I used to catch up on some series I was watching while I workout or a documentary.

Whatever your resolution is , I believe there is something you could blend it with, something which makes it fun.

If you are having trouble finding how to blend your resolution with something fun, let us know what it is in the comment below, we might be able to provide helpful suggestions.

9. Find a support System

We previously spoke about choosing the right cycle.

Your cycle of friends might be your support system which is great but in case you don’t have this you can always find groups of people who want to meet similar goals to yours.

Find a group of people or someone you can be accountable to.

For example, joining a gym with group workout sessions, finding a workout partner in that class.

That way you can both be accountable to each other.

You can also employ a trainer.

You could find groups with likeminded people on Face book privately message someone and begin an accountability relationship.

10. Take Regular Breaks

One reason why we give up our new year resolutions is due to exhaustion or burn out.

We work so hard with no breaks, despite our body and mind telling us we need rest.

Ignoring this request usually leads to health issues both physically and mentally.

When we experience this breakdown we are very likely to give up on our New Year’s resolutions.

To avoid this a simple but very effective solution is finding productive ways to Relax and Recharge.


  • Luiz

    Funny enough, I just made a comment in another post of you saying what is my plan for 2020, and now I find how to make resolutions last! 

    It is really a sign of destiny! As I just stated – In 2020 I need to workout more, lose some pounds, drink less, procrastinate less and watch less Netflix. Sounds like a plan!

    Now let`s try to make this plan work to the max!

    Cheers, Xoxo, and keep up this beautiful work you are doing!

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