how to generate traffic on your blog

How To Generate Traffic On Your Blog : Long Tail Pro Review

Product Name: Long Tail Pro


Price : $1 for a 7 day trial and $297/ year

 Rating : 10 / 10

how to generate traffic on your blog

How To Generate Traffic On Your Blog

Generating traffic on your blog can be achieved in two major ways;

Social Media

how to generate traffic on your blog

By sharing your blog posts on several social media platforms like; Pinterest, facebook, twitter, and google plus, you can generate traffic to your blog.

Though this method can generate lots of traffic on your blog, most time you are limited to your followers. Also, lots of content is being uploaded on these platforms on a daily basis, most of which require short attention span and hence more favorable than a 1000+ words blog post.

Search Engine

how to generate traffic on your blog

According to Internet live stats, in 2018 google processed and an average of 40,000 search queries per second. This implies an average of 3.5 billion a day.

The search results provided by google are usually websites which make the effort to provide content with high search engine optimization properties.

This usually entails putting a choosen keyword the appropriate number of times. Experts say the right percentage of keyword density should be 1 to 3, more than that could be considered as search spam.

In order to choose the right keywords which will guarantee traffic the generation of traffic on your blog, you will need a keyword research platform.

These platforms usually tell you;

  • The most demanded keywords.
  • Keywords with low competition and so much more.

In case you will love to know more about SEO optimization techniques, these articles will be useful. How to make your website Seo Friendly in 2019 and 7 remarkable SEO content writing tools.

Why Long Tail Pro When There Are So Many Other Options Out There?

how to generate traffic on your blog

Okay, yeah there are so many other keyword research tools, Like Jaaxy and when I came across Long Tail Pro, I wondered what made it stand out. why don’t I continue using there free keyword research tools, I was already using, This is because;

1. One of the main unique and truly incredible benefits of using long tail pro was that unlike other keyword research tools, this platform analysis your website and recommends keywords based on your website level, that is;

  • your website’s age.
  • and the number of backlinks.

In simple terms, backlinks are your blog post links on other websites. Having links to your blog posts on older, more credible websites is a major search engine optimization technique.

2. Another major function of long tail pro which makes it stand out from the rest is the combining of what jaaxy and buzzsumo individually offer.


The main function of the jaaxy platform is to provide information about researched Keywords;

  • Average monthly searches.
  • The number of competition.
  • Approximate traffic that could be generated by that keyword.


Detailed research of the competition. You can actually click on a specific keyword recommendation to see the various articles published using that keyword.

3. Unlike many others, long tail pro provides keywords with reference to a specified country. This goes a long way to help you generate targetted traffic on your blog.

This could be very useful when writing articles sponsored by local offline businesses.

4. Long tail pro also stands out because it gives us the option to be able to research multiple keywords at once. ( a maximum of 5 )

5. In addition to the above unique functions, long tail pro also provides you with as of now 14 tutorial lessons. These tutorial lessons tell you how to find the right keywords, how to outsource content, how to get backlinks for your website and so much more.

Outstanding Benefits Of Long Tail pro

So as we pointed out in the beginning, our main goal is finding how to generate traffic on your blog. As we mentioned, finding he right keyword for your blog posts is a good way to start.

Long tail pro has three main sections, which all function to help you find the most suitable keywords for your website.

how to generate traffic on your blog

Keyword Research.

Begin by inserting your domain name and you will be told the type of keywords most favorable for your site. Less competitive keywords are usually recommeded to newer sites.

The results provided from the keyword research will tell you;

  • The average keyword competition (AVG KC).
  • The volume of people visiting per month (Volume)
  • The amount spent by advertisers for that keyword (Bid).
  • An approximate of the amount you could make for ranking with that keyword (Rank Value).

Clicking on each keyword will also give you  deeper look into;

  • A breakdown of the googGoogleults.
  • The type of websites ranking for that keyword.

how to generate traffic on your blog

Rank Tracker

The next section helps you generate traffic on your blog by letting you know how effective your SEO techniques are;

You will be told if and where you rank with specific keywords.

how to generate traffic on your blog

Video tutorials

These tutorials tell you;

  • How to find the best keywords for high ranking.
  • How to include these keywords in your content.
  • How to create content
  • How to generate traffic on your blog using other effective methods like backlinks.

All these three sections really help you save time and rank higher, leading to higher earnings.

Some Shortcomings

1. Like many other keyword research tools, long tail pro doesn’t provide information about the keywords most favorable for certain age groups.

This could really go a long way to help bloggers generate a more targetted traffic on their blogs.

2. Unlike jaaxy, there are no free longtail pro options.

3. Even after paying, you still have limited keyword research with Long tail pro (10,000 or 25,000 keywords). Once you go premium with jaaxy, you can perform unlimited keywords research.

how to generate traffic on your blog

Which Long Tail Pro Payment Plan Is Most Suitable For You?

There are three main payment plans and your choice should depend on;

  • Your frequency of posting on your blog.
  • The number of blogs you have.
  • The amount of money you have to spend

This is because the main differences between the various plans are the ;

  • The limit of monthly keyword research.
  • The price.
how to generate traffic on your blog

how to generate traffic on your blog

how to generate traffic on your blog

What I Really Think?

As I get to know more about long tail pro, I get to see the various ways in which this website could help you generate traffic to your blog.

Sure this platform has some limitations but in my opinion and that of many successful bloggers using this platform, this long tail pro really gives you an upper hand in the online business world.

Sign Up For Long Tail Pro.

how to generate traffic on your blog

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