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Have you ever had one of those days when you feel zero inspiration to write about the topic you initially planned to write about?

Then to top it all you can’t seem to think about any other thing to write about.

Or Are you starting up in the blogging world and you have no idea how to find the right content to attract traffic to your site?

You get frustrated but you are determined to keep your commitment to post today.

That was exactly how I felt today and I have felt the same some other days.

So I have decided to share with you what I do on such days.

Tips which worked for me and might just be perfect for you.

How To Find Content For A Blog.

So we are going to be going through several platforms we can use to get content idea suggestions.

Our goal is to go through these suggestions and hopefully we feel inspired to write about one.

Let’s get started

1. Jaaxy

jaaxy is how to find content for a blog

This is my first resource.

This is a platform I visit when I have ideas to write about.

I need to know if the topic I will be writing about has low competition and high demand.

You will want to create content which has a chance to rank high on Google and other search engines.

Just typing one word on the Jaaxy keyword search engine gives you suggestions for great topics related to that word.

You could also make use of the Alphabet Soup function on this platform.

A function which provides you with numerous content ideas in alphabetical other.

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Whatever method you choose to use to find inspiration, it is important you check the quality of your keyphrase in Jaaxy before proceeding to write content.

2. Google Search Bar

how to find content for a blog using google search engine

Just typing “How To ” on google, you will get suggestions on How To topics to write about.

Actually clicking on some of these How-To articles and reading through their content you might be inspired to write you on taking on the topic.

What do you think the writer left out in their article?

Make your platform one in which your readers find what they have been missing in the online world.

3. Pinterest

Pinterest is on o the most popular social media platform for bloggers.

This platform is filled with many blog lovers and blog creators.

Going through the blog posts which did the best on Pinterest, which blog post did Pinterest users interact with the most.

This was the method I used today.

I just went to Pinterest and kept scrolling through the homepage.

4. Reddit

Reddit is the platform to visit if you are in the business of solving problems.

What are people looking for?

How can you provide useful info?

What information are people saying is missing?

All these questions can be answered on Reddit.

What you need to do is visit a Reddit group about your niche.

You can find that by typing “(your niche) Reddit group”.

For example, if you are in the self-development niche, type self-development Reddit group

5. Your Old Content

Going through your old post is a great way to find inspiration.

You might find a point you mentioned in one of your articles which you have more to say about.

You could also look through your comments and might come across a question one of your readers asked.

6. BuzzSumo

This platform tells you what articles have the highest shares on different social media outlets.

You could find content by typing some broad topics on the buzzsumo search engine.

For example, if you run a review site, you could just type “review”.

You will see what articles with the word review in the title have the highest shares.

Scrolling through you might find a certain product you could also review.

Sometimes I use this platform to research about some topics I get from jaaxy.

It is good to get some inspiration from similar articles which have high social media engagements.

7a. Look Within

I finally got a topic to write about today by closing my eyes.

I took some time to dig deep.

I also realized that days or periods in which I practice daily meditation are filled with so much inspiration.

This method for me is the most efficient.

Topics I decide to write on using this method are always the easiest to write.

b. Shutdown Social media

This is part of looking within.

Turning off all the distractions.

Letting your brain focus on the task ahead.

Scrolling through social media also leads to brain fatigue.

Having maximum brain power is great for getting inspiration.

8. Watch Inspiring Content

Watching or listening to someone talking about topics in your niche is a good way to find inspiration.

Listening to Jay Shetty, one of the most inspiring social media personalities inspired content like;

Jay Shetty Quotes

Healthy ways to be alone after a breakup

9. What Will You Like To Talk About Now?

When choosing a niche it is always adviced that you choose a topic you love talking about.

This is because you create the most engaging content when you write as you talk.

Also, it will be easy to stay consistent and efficient with content creation.

So in moments when you can’t find something to write about a great solution is a reflection on what you feel like talking about now.

If you had a friend over and you could talk about any topic in your niche what will you enjoy talking about?

Have that conversation with your readers.

10. Stop Thinking About It

You have searched, you have reflected but still can’t come up with something to write about, no worries.

Just stop thinking, go do something else.

Something which takes your mind off content creation.

Go for a walk, do some chores, take a bath, get some rest and stay in the present.

It is in moments like this that the best ideas come to us.

Write Down All Your Ideas

When the ideas come make sure to take note of it.

Ideas come and go, you don’t want to lose a great idea.

Running these ideas by Jaaxy is the next best step to take

So on days when you can’t think of anything to write, you can go through all the ideas you have noted down.

Which one are you inspired to build up today?

Enjoy What You Do

how to find content for a blog in order to enjoy to blogging

Blogging could be draining if we don’t find a way to enjoy the most demanding part of it, that is content creation.

And sometimes the most demanding part of this task is coming up with a topic.

So answering the question of how to find content for a blog is one which will make your blogging tasks more doable.

These tips which I provided above are ones which helped me step up my blogging games.

They helped me create content consistently and I know they could do the same for you.

Let me know what is the biggest challenge you face as a blogger?

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