5 Incredible Ways To Find A Good Book To Read

When I hated Reading.

For a long time, as a result of listening to all the noise about what type of book I should be reading which will be most impactful to me, trying to read this book and suffering through the pages, not having the courage to follow my heart, consumed with my doubts and lack on knowledge on how to find a good book to read I gave up on reading altogether. Something which had one’s being my passion, something which I could stay up the whole night doing was now something I thought I hated.

How I regained My Love For Reading.

Fast forward to the period of my life when I decided to go on a 21 days challenge which included staying away from social media and watching only things which enriches my journey towards my goal. I was able to find my love for books and the main secret was reading only what I was passionate about.It all began with listening to my inner voice which guided me towards a Mel Robbins marathon two days after beginning my challenge.I watch one of her videos, in which she is talking about the five-second rule and she promised more in her book, I trusted her and this lead to a train of events which provides content for my list on how to find a good book to read.

How To Find A Good Book To Read.

So Let’s get to it;

  1. Following The Steps Of Your Role Models:

Topping my list on how to find a good book to read is listening to people you would like to model your life after, most motivational speakers or experts in certain field have written books, begin with reading their book. High chances are if you enjoy watching and listening to them, you will enjoy reading their words.

2.Recommendations From Books You Like:

I was led to read the next books from the first book I read. Mel Robbins highlighted several books she used to build her state of mind and which guided her with the practical steps she shared. So I figured what else can I learn from this book. Chances are your role models will have a similar list to share. That is how I got to know of The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, awesome read.
3.Online Research:

A research online for best books to read with reference to your interest will come up with numerous list of books to read and websites which are modeled to do the research and come up with numerous recommendations.

List of websites

4. Listen To Your Inner Voice:

One faithful morning I woke up with the strong desire to know more about Victoria Beckham, so I followed my instincts and did a YouTube search and was recommended a video in which she is having a conversation with Simon Collins, former Parson’s dean of fashion. He asked her about the book Lean in by Sheryl Sandberg and her review of the book inspired me to immediately search for this book. Awesome decision, loved it.

So listen to that voice that is how your subconscious mind guides you to take steps towards achieving your goals.

5. Others : more methods on how to find a good book to read shared by other people include;

  • Going to bookstores.
  • Talking to the staff at the bookstores or libraries.
  • Asking friends or family: Though some of us might be from families or have friends who do not read and we are trying to try some new and go a path unknown to our present surrounding this method might not be applicable. If you have friends and families who are ready, super good for you take advantage of that and ask.
  • Study literature.
  • Going to book fairs.

Enforce The World Inspiring Mission.

I hope this list on how to find a good book to read is very helpful. Please help the cause to better the world through education and share the ways in which you find good books to read in the comments below.








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