how to create a mindset for success

Tips For Guaranteed Success, How To Create The Mindset For Success

First Hold on To This

tightened fist, how to create the mindset for success

So before we go further to talk about how to create the mindset for success, let’s start by gluing this to our mind.

A single point in line cannot determine the slope of the line.

So you can’t determine where your life will go by a single moment in time.

creating the mindset for success


The Main Inspiration Behind This Mindset

my goal with this article is to start by strengthening your belief that where you come from does not define where you will end up.

As I listen to the book mindset the new psychology of success, a book, I cannot reccomend enough, there are so so many changes going on in my mind.

changes and thoughts which make me see why I made certain decisions both good and bad.

This book helps me see how our minds are being programed by our environment to believe in the impossibility of what is out of the box.

This book inspired me to want to share some of these points with you.

Points which will hopefully reshape our mentality and help us create the mindset which will lead to the attainment of our wildest dreams.

Creating The Mindset For success

how to create a mindset for success

Failure takes you higher

If you are a self-development enthusiast like myself, I am sure by now you have heard the saying

” failure is a stepping stone to success”

how to create a mindset for success.failure is a stepping stone for success

Maybe you just heard about this and never really believed this.

Before I share my story, I will like to introduce you to some famous failures.

1. J.K Rowlings

After a broken marriage.

She was a lone parent, a jobless, extremely broke as you can be in modern Britain without being homeless, she was inspired and motivated to work on an idea, which is now read and loved by billions of people worldwide today ( Harry Porter).

2. Steve Jobs

Steve jobs in how to create a success mindset

After being fired from the company he created, Steve became inspired to work on other projects such as NEXT, Pixar.

Successful ventures which led him back to the CEO position of the now $2billion dollar company with over 4000 employees.

“I didn’t see it then, but it turned out that getting fired from Apple was the best thing that could have ever happened to me.”

3. Bill Gate

bill gates quote in how to create a mindset for success

Let’s conclude this list for now, with a harvard dropout.

Who also co-owned a company called Traf-o-Data, which was an epic failure.

“It’s fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure.”

The lessons he learned from this failure, led him to become the then-youngest self-made billionaire at 31 with his success from his software company Microsoft.

How failure led to my success

After getting my high school diploma and spending a year studying environmental science at the university.

I decided to dropout and prepare for an engineering concour.

I had always wanted to study engineering, I dreamed of working for a big engineering company.

If I passed this concour, it meant I will get the opportunity to study in a school which will guarantee, I get a visa to further my enineering studies in France after my second year.

Before even writing the exams, I already started fantasizing of the awesome experiences I will have in France and the plenty Job oppotunities I will have after earning an engineering degree in a Europeen university.

So you would understand how heartbroken I was when I failed this concour.

After the mourning period, I had to decide, what now.

My father’s friend informed him of the possiblity of me studying chemical engineering in the catholic university.

A university which was known to have a 99% acceptance rate.

So I applied for this and I was taken.

I wasn’t very enthusiastic about this university.

This was the university in which I was introduced to entreprenuership by our monthly guest speakers and lecturers.

Perfect is not happening, so you might as well just start now.

There is no time more perfect to start than now.

how to create a mindset for success

Just do it, stop procrastinating.

Start that diet.

Begin exercising

Start that youtube channel

Begin your blog

Start writing that book

Just do it

The only way you can get better is if you do it.

Learn from your mistakes, modify and improve.

Don’t have a mindset of, if I am not good now, I will never be good.

Be ready to put in your 10,000 hours to reach that Michael Jordan level of excellence.

Cause that’s how Michael Jordan got to that level of excellence.

Overnight Success is a lie

All the people you see and believe, they achieved overnight success, that’s a lie

They have been working for years underground.

They have been working without getting any recognistion

They have been working while we were too busy to notice or they were not good enough to be noticed.

I recently saw a video of Tiffany Haddish which many believe to be an overnight success in that’s so Raven back in 2005.

This was before her breakout role in 2017 comedy Girls’ Trip.

Being your best is the way to go

The is a huge difference between working to be the best and working to be your best.

Working to be the best entails you comparing yourself to others, working to make sure you are better.

Working to be your best means, working to be better than you were yesterday.

While many will argue that working to top the charts is the way to go.

I strongly do believe and stand by working to top your chart.

This doesn’t in no way tell us not to look at what other successful people in our field are doing.

It encourages us to look at them not with the principal goal to top them but with the goal to use their tips and tricks to better our skills.

This mindset puts us in a frame of mind where we don’t mind sharing our knowledge with the world.

We don’t fear anyone surpasing us.

We leave the rat race.

Like one of my favorite spoken word artist Suli break says, “even if you win the rat race, you are still just a rat.”

We don’t put pressure on ourselves to do certain things which don’t go with our principles, just be ahead of the game.

We follow our rhythm, unique from the rest.

The real treasure is in the climb

climbing, how to create a mindset for success

Success comes from the journey, not the destination.

The journey molds you into a success.

So take the time to enjoy and learn all you can on your journey.

The habits you develop on this journey which take you to the destination is the real treasure.

Many successful people would tell you that, if you take all their wealth away and leave them with the habit and mindset they have developed along the way, they will still be able to make lots of money.

Only quitters fail.

As long as you haven’t yet quit, you are not yet a failure.

It doesn’t matter how much time it takes.

It takes time to develop outstanding skills.

Times filled with challenges, mistakes, and failures.

Let the failure just describe a moment in time, let it not describe who you are or who you will become.

Morgan freeman

Simon Cowell

Oprah Wilfred

These are all names of people who went through numerous challenges, challenges which some might see as a reason to quit.

They are known are successes today because they didn’t quit.

Go for the challenge

Challenges build.

Go for the road which will bring you the challenges which build.

Success is out of your comfort zone.

Success comes from the hard road.

So when the road gets hard, it doesn’t mean you should back down.

It means you are on the right track and going through this hard road will build a character equipped for success.

You have all you need to succeed

The gold you are looking for is right where you are.

One of my favorite books is the Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

Tells a story of a shepherd boy who travels far away from home to find a treasure he dreamed of.

only to reach his destination to be told, the treasure was back home, buried where he had spent numerous nights.

Your will will create a way.

Once there is a will, there is a way

This is where the law of attraction comes into action.

Write down your goals.

Regularly remind yourself of them.

Put the ideas that come to mind in action.

You might not know how you will achieve your goals, as you start but rest assured it will come to you.

And be ready to take action when it does.

Many successful people talk about ideas coming to them in dreams, in the shower, at times when their minds were so relaxed to even think about their goals.

At times when they were just focused on the present.

Everything is rigged in your favor

One of my favorite quotes is from Arianna Huffington’s book strive.

rumi in how to create the mindset for success

” live life like everything is rigged in your favor.”

This helps you stay in a positive state of mind even when you are going through hard times.

As you are reminded that even the bad is for your good.

And we all know how important a positive mindset is.

Success begins from within

let’s conclude with a remindal of the importance of creating a mindset for success.

Many successful people will tell you, how you feel as you work towards your goals, is a glimpse of how achieving your goals will make you feel.

You don’t wait to achieve your dreams, then become happy.

No, you become happy and let that feeling guide you to genuine success.

Create a mindset which inspires discipline, hard work and consistency for those are the key ingredients for success.

I hope you found these points helpful.

I will love to hear from you, what has been the mindset which led to your success, what mindset do you need to develop?

As usual, my friends, go be legendary.

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  • JJ

    Hi Etah, this is a very motivating reminder that failure can be a beginning to a better life, maybe something you never would have thought of before. I like to read about these big names and hear the story of their journey. Failure ? I have had a lot so I am not bothered by it at all. I just see it as success trying to rear its head. I just move right along and work on whatever comes my way…….and life for me is getting better. Thanks for this article

    • Etah

      Wow, awesome, I love your mindset.

      failure is success trying to rear its head, I will take note of that.

      I am glad you found the post helpful, all the best.

  • Maria Lapointe

    It really helped me to read this to be honest because I felt kinda bummer this week, I felt it was 100% full of failures only…and I am so willing to step up my game to start over this coming week!. By the way, I didn’t even know Steve Jobs was fired from apple, wow, that’s totes new for me! motivates me even more haha, some people say that when you feel the most failure in life is when you’re about to succeed the most, so hopefully… I’ll stick to it. Just liked the FB as well 🙂

    • Etah

      hello Maria,

      I am glad you found the post helpful.

      I can totally relate to the feeling of everything going wrong.

      Like you said, when you feel the most failure, success is just close by.

      So get ready to receive.

      I hope you are ready to get overwhelmed with success 🙂

      Stay strong and as I said, the important thing is not quitting.

  • Ola

    Tons of value to be learnt from this insightful blog post. There is a quote that say our mindset determines our success. This is the best article I have ever read in my life ; It tells me I can achieve great dream in as much I am determined. I appreciate the fact that you shared different success stories in your article. Its an eye opener for me.  I have got to understand overnight success is a lie, Being your best is the way to go

    • Etah

      Well said, Ola.

      our mindset definitely determines our success, thanks for awesome addition.

      I am glad you found the post helpful.

      Best regards.

  • Remy

    Hello there Etah,

    Nice to meet you.  I want also add in another topic that I think is just as relevant and just as useful for people trying to climb their own personal mountain of success/life.

    That is the idea of learning from other peoples failures and not just your own.  I am referring to personal connections and personal stories from grandparents of long term family friends.  There is a lot of lessons older generations can teach if you are willing to see past the differences in technologies of the times.  

    I see dozens of people repeating the same mistakes I made and if they could open up their minds to listen to my stories, or someone close to them I am sure they could be saved a lot of suffering.

    • Etah

      Thanks for the incredible addition, Remy.

      This is very important, being open to learn from the older generation.

      So much wisdom could be learned from experiences lived.

      And when I get the opportunity to hear some of the experiences of those around me, I think to myself how much time and energy I would have saved if only I heard about this earlier.


      all the best

  • Lee

    Thank you for sharing. It seems overcoming obstacles is what causes most people to quit. As you mention, there is no perfect situation or scenario, one has to learn to persevere and be determined to try and keep going in order to succeed. As a math teacher, I teach slope and I really appreciate that you tied it to mindset. I will use that analogy with my students in the future. What are some other authors you recommend for inspiration?  

  • Paul

    Hi there, I’m really grateful to come across this post right now and it has given me some much-needed inspiration. The article is well put together and you’ve pulled together some great quotes which have given me a boost. Keep it up we all need some encouragement at times and it’s great to see you putting some really good stuff out there.

    Thanks again


    • Etah

      I am glad you found it helpful, Paul.

      You are so right, with all the negative being capitalized on out there.

      I really think we need to step up the positive to at least create a balance or better still outweigh the negative.

      Best regards to you.

  • Anita

    What a positive post to help you get into a mindset for success!! I love the quote at the end “Go Be Legendary.” Great examples of people who have failed only to succeed further along in life. So many people have had failures only to succeed later, you just don’t hear about all their successes because they are not famous. Thanks for the positive vibes!

    • Etah

      I am glad you found it helpful, Anita.

      I really wish we can get to know more about the failures of people we see striving today, it has really been an eye-opener for me.

      It’s my pleasure passing some positivity around.


  • Samm

    Hi Etah

    Very good post on how to create a mindset for success. I really enjoy reading your article since I’m looking for something to motivate my self. As a blogger, I always get stuck when trying to find ideas to write and that will makes me depressed.

    The mindset for success that you shared above really open my mind on how I can achieve my goal if I put my mind into it.

    All the best to you Etah!



    • Etah

      hello Samm,

      I am glad you found this post helpful.

      I can totally relate to the blogging struggle.

      You got that right put your mind to it.

      Oh also, in my experience, I have realized that reading and watching content related to my blogging niche has really helped me come up with content for my blog.

      Best wishes to you,

      Stay legendary.

  • Dave Sweney

    This was a very inspirational post that I really enjoyed. I have provided lectures on success and mindset to a wide variety of audiences and in different forums over the years, and it is amazing how there are some themes that have permeated throughout the decades and are pertinent to this day.

    It is always a subject for discussion, as knowing how to create the mindset for success is something that most people are interested in and have an opinion about. It can be hard to package your ideas into a presentation or paper that people will want to read and absorb into their own mindset.

    You have done that extremely well with this post, The self-disclosure, the honest approach to the subject, and the examples all lead to a logical and compelling conclusion that we all can succeed if we do not give up and look at others who have faced obstacles in their life, yet persevered and overcame their demons or failures to succeed.

    Thanks for sharing your story, it was a read that I enjoyed with my morning coffee here in Dubai, and it provided me a means to do some self-reflection and mindset checking within myself. As with all people, my journey has had ups and downs, yet I still maintain a mindset that is positive and I will never give up working towards creating the next life-changing event for myself and for others. That is what it is all about! 

    • Etah

      Hello Dave,

      I am glad this resonated with you and it inspired you to some incredible reflection to start up your day.

      Hope you had a great day and wishing happier days ahead from Cameroon.

  • Ilaisaane Tuakalau

    Your article is an absolute gem! I hope many people get to read what you have written, because it could change their lives in a few moments, if they allow your words to sink in. 

    Thank you for the motivation, inspiration and enlightenment for me. I enjoyed reading the snippets of well-know people’s life stories to success.

    Your tips and books give me hope for my own future, having gone through so many failures in my own life to survive another day. I learned something new, that I have to create a mindset of not determining my life line by what had happened in a point of time.

    Thank you again 🙂

    • Etah

      Wow, I love that you really let the words sink in.

      I love your spirit and will to not let the past stop you from becoming all that you can be.

      I am glad you found this post helpful.

      All the best to you.

  • Gracen

    Hi Etah, reading your article on mindsets for success got me thinking alot. In your own situation, you were being prepared for something greater than what you would have become had it been you succeeded with your engineering concour exams. But being in the catholic university, gave you the opportunity of meeting with lecturers and guest speakers that introduced you to entrepreneurship.

    Each time I read about the success story behind Harry Porter, I always have this belief that we will all get there, it doesn’t matter where we are at the moment, what matters is having a positive mindset.

    The most important thing in life is not allowing failure to stop us, but rather like you rightly said, failure should be a stepping stone to success.

    • Etah

      You are so right Gracen.

      that was what I have come to realize over time, so much better was ahead of that what I could see at that moment in time.

      So true, the positive mindset is the key, the secret we need to achieve the goals.

      Thanks for visiting my site, best regards to you.

  • Tolu

    This is quite informative and inspiring. Success starts from within. One has to believe and dream of success before seeing it. it is great to know that people like Steve job, Bill gates have had their own share of life challenges, however, they could overcome with their positive mindset. Perfect is not everything, a lot of us would want to achieve perfection before doing any meaningful thing with our lives. perfection is on a journey, but never a destination. Practice, consistency build perfection.

    • Etah

      Well said, Tolu, well said.

      we can’t have perfection for staying at a standstill, we must do the work.

      I am glad you found this article inspiring, it’s my pleasure sharing.

  • Adamu2

    Thanks for writing out this lovely article and I must say its a must for everyone to read and digest.I gained Alot in reading this wonderful article, it strengthen my mind. Our mind is a dark room that produces beautiful pictures about the future. In your last post,I understand how failure could be part of success .our mindset is designed to be reset and program for success. Once our mind is programmed for success, nothing can make us small. 

    Thanks for the insight, it’s highly resourceful. Regards

    • Etah

      You have that right, Adamu.

      Our mind creates pictures of what our future will become.

      it is left to us to make sure we develop the right pictures.

      I love your belief that we can always reset our mind, that is a change or growth mindset which is highly beneficial for success.

      Best regards on your the road ahead

  • Jon

    I really liked this article, it really speaks to me to keep on trying no matter what situation I find myself in and that there is always the future and I do not have to get stuck on one moment of my life. This gave me the inspiration I need to keep going towards my dreams and to just enjoy the ride.

    • Etah

      awesome take, Jon.

      that’s the spirit, keeping on pushing and make sure to enjoy the push.

      I am glad you found the article helpful.

      Best regards.

  • Triumphant Life TV

    The article portrays an explicit way to create a mindset for success. It’s no doubt that if one is to rise to greatness that some level of failure will be present. However, success is just a stepping stone to success. In the article are people who were considered failures such as J. k. Rowling, Bill Gates and the likes and how they’ve developed themselves to become really successful people in their individual fields

    • Etah

      Thanks for reading through this post.

      I am glad you found it helpful, I hope it inspires you to maintain the mindset for that attainment of all your goals.

  • Peace

    I’ve been hearing how failure is a stepping stone to success, from motivational speakers, motivational books, blogs, the news, and even in the church. But for some reason, I’ve packed all that information to the recesses of my mind. Not letting myself properly process them. 

    I think morning is beginning to come and dawn is beginning to breakout and I’m finally beginning to see failure as success in the making. 

    I’ve always detested failure with passion, because I thought it is a full stop, but actually it is a comma.

    Although, I’m still in the process, I’m beginning to learn to embrace my failures as well as my successes. 

    • Etah

      Wow, I love your full stop and comma analogy.

      that is perfect.

      Our success in life depends on our willingness to change.

      And I see you have the will, so you are definitely on the right track.

      We are all working progress and we can do it, just don’t quit.

  • Wealthfather

    Great Content and Information!
    What a concise and thorough article

    This is a great and simple to follow guide on how to create the mindset for success. You laid it all out clearly and showed a series of examples that helped emphasize your various points. This guide will be very useful for me because I have always been capitalizing on achieving great things in life with my mindset.

    Thanks for sharing

    • Etah

      I am glad you found the article helpful.

      I love that your goal is centered around achieving greatness with your mindset.

      That’s a good place to start.

      Best regards on all your goals and ambitions.

  • Janice Gustafson

    Thanks so much for your inspirational post! It came at a time when I badly needed it. I have been depressed and thinking about quitting WA due to lack of traffic and lack of sales on my site. BUT, as you said, and as I believe, “ONLY QUITTERS FAIL”. Your post has given me new hope and it has given me the encouragement to hang in there.

    This sentence also jumped out to me:”How you feel as you work towards your goal is a glimpse of how achieving your goals will make you feel.” I want that glimpse !!!

    Thanks so much for your well written, timely post. I WILL TRY TO BE LEGENDARY !!!

    • Etah

      I am glad you found the post helpful, Janice.
      I am glad it inspired you to hang in there.
      I can relate to what you are going through.
      I myself, I am new to WA and the blogging world, so the traffic is inconsistent, sometimes even non-existent.
      But I try to stay grateful for all the milestones achieved on this journey, even the small ones.
      that reminds me, my effort so far has not been a complete waste of time.
      Yes, most times you get the feeling when you are doing what you truly love.
      you know the most important thing is choosing a path which you enjoy the working process, that’s how we know the right path for us.
      all the best to you.

  • Seun Afotanju

    Thanks for this inspirational post, People with growth mindsets don’t believe that failure is a reflection of their abilities. Instead, they view it as a valuable source of experience from which they can learn and improve upon. This post made me realize that when things seem impossible and tough, managing my emotions and seeing failure as my teacher is the first basic understanding to moving forward. Thanks for this awesome post.

    • Etah

      Thanks for visiting my site, its a pleasure sharing.

      I love your belief about failure, that’s definitely the way to go.

      I am glad you found the post helpful.

  • Ricardo

    All your quotes were really amazing and this whole article is very inspiring to read! I can kind of relate to your story where I’m currently in college and that I dreamed of working in a big company with software development and work as a programmer there. Of course that hasn’t happened and it won’t happen anytime soon but now I want to try my best to work full-time as an affiliate marketer. I would say I have a lot of problems with my mindset which one of them that I want to help myself with is to stop procrastinating but recently I have been slowly procrastinating less. I just need to keep having a positive mindset so I can be more motivated on to being successful and doing what I want and this article is very inspiring and helps a lot. Thanks for sharing these amazing tips and quotes I really liked it!

    • Etah

      I really believe you can Ricardo.

      And your mindset of being open to accepting your present shortcomings and working towards improvements is a step in the right direction.

      I am glad this article was helpful to you.

      I myself have the habit of procrastinating, I always try to remind myself of these quotes and not beat myself up for past shortcomings.

      That helps me stay positive as I move on.

      I guess we are all working progress.

      Best regards on your present and future goals

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