how to be consistent and persistent

How To Be Consistent And Persistent, 14 Practical Tips

This Has Been My Greatest Challenge

the challenge on how to be consistent and persistent

How to be consistent and persistent is a worry I have had for so long.

I am highly certain which kept me attaining certain goals was inconsistency.

Periods in which I intensely focus on accomplishing daily tasks drawing me closer to my goals.

Then I get exhausted, uninspired and inactive.

Some weeks pass, I decide to give it another try, but the same things happen.

But the good thing about all the times I fell was the learning experience.

I learned with each fall, why.

What led me to the exhaustion and unwillingness to act.

This helped me come up with a practical strategy which helps me stay consistent.

Give it a try, it might just be what you need to take you closer to meeting your goals.

What Are You Willing To Sacrifice For Your Dreams?

how to be consistent and persistent

The tips I will be sharing today on how to be consistent and persistent are tips which will also help us live a balanced life.

True you can be consistent and be willing to sacrifice your health, relationships, etc.

The tips I will be sharing is a way in which we can get to our dreams but still live a healthy and fulfilled life.

We know of many successful people who have stood the test of time, stayed consistent, persistent, achieved their dreams and ended up feeling empty.

We don’t want that, so we are going to try a different approach.

One which has been tested and proven to be effective.

How To Be consistent And Persistent, 14 Practical Tips

1. Stay In Touch With Your Why

This should always be your starting point.

Why are you doing what you are doing?

Staring with your why not only keeps you consistent but it also keeps you from quitting when it gets hard.

Having a strong why gives us the strength we need to overcome the challenges.

Constantly reminding ourselves of why we are doing what we are doing helps us stay on consistently on the path which helps us get to our goals.

2. Set Goals

The next tip on how to be consistent and persistent is setting goals.

Setting targets to reach within certain time limits.

This keeps us in check and guides our daily and monthly to-do list.

Feel free to revisit your goals, and revise them.

Set goals which you are willing to do what it takes to meet them.

3. Start Small ( Pick Your Battle )

This is a very important step for me and truly the secret to my recently found ability to stay consistent.

When you take up many battles at the same time you could overwhelm yourself and find it hard to stay consistent.

Whereas taking up something small, accomplishing that and gradually adding more tasks not only motivates but increases your belief in your potentials.

And we all know the undeniable benefits of believing in ourselves.

4. Modify Your To- do list

That good feeling you get at the end of the day when you can meet up with everything on your to-do list is very important in order to keep you going.

So when you overestimate what you can achieve in a day, it is bad for staying consistent and persistent.

What we need do is remove items from the list, add, and replace.

5. Be Flexible With Your How

We have our permanent why but we need a flexible how.

This not only reduces our stress level but it also helps keeps us consistent and persistent.

We need to have a flexible to-do list.

Thinks come up daily we don’t know what the future holds all we are certain of is the present moment.

So we need to be comfortable changing when need be.

6. Blend What You Hate With Something You Love

Sometime you might not feel like performing certain tasks.

Blending that task with listening to music or some other enjoyable thing could make it feels less demanding.

This encourages us to get tasks done, hence staying consistent.

7. Take Your Brain’s Potentials Into Account

Scientific research has shown that the brain can not be creative and logical at the same time.

Research has also shown that we need breaks in between certain tasks to help the brain recharge.

Taking into account what our brain needs and can handle helps us set doable to-do lists.

This definitely keeps you consistent and persistent

8. Be Health Conscious

In order to stay consistent and persistent, we must take care of our physical and mental health.

We need to set out time in our day for working out, meditation, eating and rest.

If we don’t take care of our health, we might find it difficult to even wake up from our bed on some days.

We might find it impossible to take care of our daily tasks when we have to go to the hospital for medical emergencies.

9. Limit Time Wasted

We know those time wasters.

  • Scrolling mindlessly and aimlessly through social media.
  • Giving our time and energy to people who don’t merit it.
  • Spending time watching from one TV show to the next.
  • Clubbing all night.
  • And so much more

When we don’t spend our time efficiently, we might find it hard staying consistent and persistent as we won’t have enough time to meet up with our daily activities.

10. Do What You Love, When You Love

When you love it, you will do it.

Sometimes you might not even love the tasks but if you are passionate about your why it makes it easier to stay on track.

When your tasks don’t feel work it makes staying consistent and persistent less challenging.

11. Forgive Yourself

We fall sometimes.

One of the reasons why it gets harder to rise each time is that with each fall we lose faith in our abilities.

We beat ourselves up

We fill our minds with thoughts which make it hard to even find the zeal to rise.

We might even think what’s the point when we will just fall again.

A very important tip on how to stay consistent and persistent is forgiving ourselves when we are not able to meet up with certain tasks.

Forgiving ourselves and reflecting on why we couldn’t meet up with the tasks in the first place.

Then coming up with a solution to ensure it never happens again.

12. Evaluate Your Progress

This encourages you to keep going.

No progress should be regarded as too small.

Let your progress not be compared to anyone but your past self.

Cause comparing might just bring us down

When we see the progress we are attaining due to the work we are doing, this encourages us to stay consistent and persistent.

13. Find Assistance

If you can afford it, getting someone who could take up some tasks for us.

We would get assistance for our laundry, meal prep, shopping, etc.

We could save some time and spend on meeting up with our to-do list.

It is easier staying consistent when we have a team.

14. Take Time, Don’t Rush

I know we are all familiar with some stories of the so-called overnight success.

Stories of people talking about making millions in a month.

Building an empire in a year or less.

This type of stories could make us set goals to attain similar in the same time periods.

When we don’t achieve the same in the same period of time, we then give up on working towards it.

In order to avoid this, we need to eliminate the concept of overnight success from our minds.

We should work for the long run, for the things which last longest, take the longest of time to build.

So giving yourself time to meet certain goals, makes yous set less overwhelming to-do lists.

Daily tasks are easy to accomplish and do consistently.

All You Need To Do

These tips on how to be consistent and persistent are very effective.

We have taken the first step to do research on how.

Now, all we need do to make the difference is to take action.

I am curious what is the greatest thing hindering you from staying consistent?

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