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How successful people overcome depression without medication

Let’s be honest

“We’re all on team human here, and let’s be honest—it’s not an easy team to be on. It’s stressful and taxing and worrisome, but it’s also fulfilling and beautiful and bright. In order for all of us to experience the full breadth of team human, we have to communicate. Talking about how you’re feeling is the first step to helping yourself. Depression is a problem that actually has so many solutions.”

Kristen Bellhow kristen bell overcame depression

So let’s talk about something less jovial today.

But still, rest assured we will tackle this from a positive angle.

I think it is very important we talk about this because sad emotions and feelings of depression are things we all go through at some point in time in our life.

But still, we will not let this stop us from reaching our greatest potential.

Today we will be looking at how many successful people have been able to achieve numerous goals even though they went through dark times of depression.

You are not weird

you are not the only one depressed

Before we proceed to talk about how successful people overcome depression, I will like us to feel comfortable being vulnerable about our mental health.

True mental illness has a lot of stigmas but letting the fear of what people will say guide the way we handle it will only serve to make matters worst.

One of the bravest person, I have ever known, is a friend of mine who has some mental health issues and this is widely known by those around him but no one around him looks at him and sees a poor boy with mental health issues.

Nope, he is very jovial, upbeat, going for his dreams, taking his meds and being as productive as he can.

He doesn’t let the limitations he has due to his mental health get him down, he is a true role model as far as I am concerned.

Famous people who went through depression

several celebrities who have overcome depression

Also, so many successful people, who we know and love have gone through stages in their lives when it was had to wake up, had to find joy, hard to see the bright side, some even thought about taking their own lives, unfortunately, some did.

People like,

  • Kristen Bell
  • Lady Gaga
  • J.K Rowling
  • Jon Hamm
  • Owen Wilson.

The names listed above are just a few of the brave souls who overcame this stage in their lives and still found a way to work towards their success despite them facing downtimes.

So today we will be talking about ways in which they succeeded to do this.

Ways we can all apply in our lives when we go through these tough times.

Why are you depressed?

why are you depressed

Listening to the stories of many people who have gone through depression, they always talk about how they found it hard to know what was actually causing them to feel depressed.

One successful youtuber talks about beginning to feel depressed when she was at the top of her game.

She just got married to the man of her dreams, they had just begun a really successful business and they had the financial freedom to travel around the world but yet she felt depressed.

Most of our celebrities who face depression find it hard to find sympathy for the mental struggles they are going through as many feel that their lives are so good to feel depressed.

So why then do we feel depressed?

According to,

Lots of things influence whether a person gets depressed. Some of it is biology — things like our genes, brain chemistry, and hormones. Some is environment, including daylight and seasons, or social and family situations we face. And some is personality, like how we react to life events or the support systems we create for ourselves. All these things can help shape whether or not a person becomes depressed.    

Also, Reasearch has also shown that a majority of people get depressed due to suppressed emotions.

And that getting depressed is our body’s way of telling us that there are so many things we need to deal with.

So on the bright side, depression is the signal that tells us, ” hold on, we have been moving too fast, we have let so many emotions unresolved

Yes, our body keeps score.

More on this is elaborated by Bessel Van Der Kolk in his book the body keeps score

Can you be active and depressed?

Now that we have looked through some of the reasons why we could be depressed let’s touch on another question which I know many of us have about depression.

So many people have been accused of lying about their depression due to the way they handle it.

You sometimes hear statements like,

  • how can you be depressed, you are always the life of the party
  • You can’t be depressed look how good you look.
  • or most silly of all, you can be depressed when your life looks so perfect on social media.

Yes, you can be active and depressed

how cara delevinge handles being depressed

Successful model and actress, Cara Delevinge has openly spoken about fighting with depression for several years, yet still being active enough to maintain her successful career.

Many have a fixed mind of how a depressed person should act and talk like and when they don’t see those signs, they are quick to dismiss your feelings.

This was the case of a young college student spoken about in the book ” mindset, the new psychology for success.

This student was feeling depressed and decided to pay a visit to a school counselor for some help.

After he told the school counselor how he was feeling.

The school counselor then went on to ask him some questions like,

are you able to wake up from bed and go to class?

are you able to attend and follow up with your lecture?

When the student responded yes to all of the questions, the counselor went on to tell him he was not depressed.

But Dr. Carol S. Dweck, author, and renowned psychologist begs to differ.

She says in her book Mindset, the new psychology for success, that this young student was depressed.

He had the growth mindset, a mindset which most successful people have and which helps them stay on track even when they are in a very dark place.

How successful people overcome depression

how successful people overcome depression

Okay now, let’s dive into how many successful people have been able to handle and overcome depression.

As I hinted above this can be achieved by first of all adopting the growth mindset.

A mindset not only helpful for handling depression but for handling life in general.

I will recommend you get the book mindset, the new psychology for success but still, I will try my best to summarize characteristics of this mindset.

people with the growth mindset view every situation in life as a learning experience.

Yes, even situations like depression.

They tell themselves just because I am not okay today doesn’t mean it’s impossible to be okay tomorrow.

People with there growth mindset believe in progress and so are very motivated to work towards it.

Having the growth mindset sends you in search of a solution to your present problem.

Some Helpful Actions To Take To Overcome Depression

I strongly do believe if you are reading this article, the is a high probability that you have this mindset and are here for a solution, to your problems, great step.

Here it is.

1. Tell People about it

Talk to a family member, a friend, most preferably a doctor.

The more you try to keep it to yourself, the worst you might feel.

2. Woosah

Yes, you got that right meditation.

It has been scientifically proven that meditation has a healing effect on our bodies.

It takes us to a state similar to the one we are in when we sleep.

It helps us relax and reflect some of the emotions we have suppressed within.

An awesome app to help you begin your meditation process gradually is an app called headspace.

3. HeatMaths

You might also want to monitor your heartbeat rate during meditations or throughout the day.

HeartMath is a stress management system that helps you synchronize your brain and heart for optimal stress resistance and mental performance.  It trains you to optimize your heartbeat to levels that are normally only possible with specific meditation or yoga.

It is a well-researched product which has been very helpful for so many.


This is a device which you can connect to your phone to see your heartbeat rate throughout the day

This has been proven to help reduce your stress levels and anxiety by increasing your inner security

4. Yoga / Exercise

Again scientifically proven benefits of this.

The hormones realized during exercising or yoga takes our mind to a very positive place.

5. Diet

Did you know your brain is linked to your gut?

And that food and your environment affect your gut.

This effect on our gut, whether good or bad is transferred to our brain.

This is according to the research done by Mark Hyman, MD

Enlightening research he shared in his book The Ultramind Solution 

6. Read

Read about the ways in which you can better yourself and improve your mental state.

by working on your environment, diet and so much more.

All the books I have mentioned above are very helpful and well researched.

You will also want to get The five minutes journal to help you keep track of your life.

7. Consistency

Finally consistency.

You must not start with all I recommended above.

You could just start with one and be consistent with it.

Consistency is the only way to create long-lasting effects.

Listen to your body

Let’s round up this article on how successful people overcome depression by reminding ourselves to listen to our body.

Feeling depressed and having sad emotions are things we all go through, there is no vaccine for them.

What really makes the difference is how we handle these emotions, how we process them.

By listening to the way we feel and continuously making an effort to maintain attitudes which keep us in the right state of mind to overcome them, we are in a step in the right direction.

I hope you found this article helpful, I will love to hear from you, have you ever being through depression or experienced some sad emotions, what steps are you taking to overcome them.

As usual, my friends go be legendary.

HOW successful people overcome depression


  • Gomer

    I appreciate the info with regard to overcoming stress and thank you for the suggestions. Honestly, I’m also stressed and I suspect this is causing my hair to thin. I am losing a lot of hair and on the road to getting bald! In fact, my father who is already 71 years old has a thicker hair than me and I am only 39 years old. Do you think if I follow the suggestions in this article, I will regain the hair that I have lost?

    • Etah

      Hello Gomer,

      If the falling out of your hair is tired to your stress levels, I definitely think working on reducing that stress level will lead to a fully head.

      There tips shared in this article are very helpful and I strongly believe if you put them to practice, they will be really helpful

  • Paul

    Thanks for this great article. I once suffered from depression but found a way out by doing some of the things you mentioned…reading meditating, exercising and a healthy diet. They are all useful tools I was prescribed drugs and they worked for a while and then I decided to ditch them. It’s always a matter of what works for you. Thanks for putting this out there, depression is a silent killer that breaks so many hearts.. you’re doing a great job


    • Etah

      Hello Paul, I am glad you found your way out of depression.

      and I am glad you had the courage to take the steps you needed as an individual to make a positive change. You are so right everyone’s on journey is different and having the mindset to find what works for you is definitely the way to go.

      Best regards to you

  • Dave Sweney

    Depression is such an insidious malady and it can strike anyone, rich or less rich in monetary terms, and in all kinds of cultures across the globe. I have visited many countries over the decades, and have seen people be affected everywhere to one degree or another. 

    As you so rightly point out in this useful and interesting post, there are ways to overcome depression without using a lot of drugs or medication, and in my opinion, these should be tried first. I am not a fan of pumping myself full of pills, creams, or elixirs that so many are practicing these days. 

    It can be difficult to get to the root cause of depression, and medications often address the symptoms, not the root cause. This can even be worse, as the depression remains, and can lead to more drastic outcomes if the medication is not available, or becomes ineffective.

    Most certainly seeing a Doctor to rule out any biological reasons (i.e. chemical imbalances, other nutritional issues, etc.) should be undertaken first, but the points you mention are as important. Mindset is method number one for me. I have met people in perilous situations who would have every right to be depressed, but they are not.

    They have found the inner strength to refuse to buckle to the circumstance they find themselves in, and instead make the best of the situation as it is, hoping and working for a better tomorrow. In the middle of complete chaos, they stand out as beacons of calm and hope.

    You also have provided a number of useful tips and techniques that people can tap into that will most definitely help. I would recommend that one or more be tried, to find the one or two that work for the person. Different things will work for different people. Most important for all of them is that changing the mindset is the goal. Useful post, thanks!    

    • Etah

      Hello Dave,

      Really useful addition you shared.

      I like the point you raised, there are so many people who are going through stuff situations, situations you will think will make anyone depressed but they stay strong and happy, we can all definitely learn a thing or two from such people.

      I also agree with you see a doctor, then take any of the useful steps mentioned above.

      Thanks for sharing,

      Best regards

  • Cathy

    Lady Gaga has depression?!?! It wouldn’t have crossed my mind. She looks so confident with all her diva boldness. 

    This article brought me back to a time in my early 20’s when I was just fresh out of college. Everything seemed like a challenge that were way bigger than me. It was overwhelming and also depressing when I saw what others had and what I didn’t. Going on Facebook made it even worst. 

    It was a very bumpy experience, but was glad that I pulled through with lots of experimentation of the mind and finding new goals to focus on. I am in a better place today and although still not as successful, I am getting there. Lots of optimism ahead 🙂

    • Etah

      Yeah surprising right, she seems like she has a lot figured out.

      I really love your mindset, Cathy, yes you can do anything you set your mind to.

      I am glad you came out from your challenging early 20s. much better and much more committed.

      Best wishes to you.

  • Seyi

    This article had been very helpful as I have gained few other ways how we can overcome depression. I have a friend who once went through depression but he was able to overcome it when he opened up to family and friends as we all stood by him and helped him through it. Glad I have found new ways I can also help other overcome depression. Thanks

    • Etah

      Hello Seyi,

      I am glad your friend decided to make a step in the right direction and open up to his loved ones.

      opening up to people have really helped me deal with a lot of painful emotions.

      I am happy you found this article. 

      All the best to you.

  • Tolu

    Never knew how depression could be deadly until I experienced it. Depression is real and millions of people are depressed. I like your post and the angle you’ve adopted to tackle depression, more especially the growth mindset you encouraged. However, it looks more theoretical.  Depression is a feeling of worthlessness, emptiness, uselessness within. There is a void within, and you feel you deserve something better from life. 

    The best solution is to keep fighting for your dreams and never give up. That is how God has been helping me 

    • Etah

      Hello Tolu,

      you are right keep fighting for your dreams and never giving up is great.

      Thanks for being brave enough to share your experience with depression. 

      Also very effective and practical is the growth mindset which many successful people have adopted and found very effective.

      Keep up the good fight and all the best to you

  • Tunde

    Wow… This is an incredible post and enlightening one and it’s nice to meet you ETAH.

    I cannot help but agree with everything you had written here.  Depression can be overcome if well managed. Yeah, telling people about what you are undergoing sometimes lightens the burdens, they say ‘problem shared is problem half solved’. Thanks for sharing this piece. 

  • Marita

    Depression is so rampant nowadays, even young people in high school or the elementary develop depression.

    Using social media a lot, I believe leads to more of the young people to experience depression. This is because they don’t have time or refuse to communicate with people around them regularly, even their families. 

    Thus talking to others, especially your family or very close friends about how you feel is really important. Just pouring out your emotions to someone is very therapeutic.

    Try to go out and have fun with family and friends even if you feel so low. Laughing is very therapeutic as well. Just hanging out with people that you love and rely on brings a lot of happiness and peace of mind.

    Thinking positive as well and refusing  to entertain  negative thoughts bring you out of depression in no time.

    Lastly, praying is  most important. Lift up to God all your struggles and worries and He will always be there for you.

    He loves you more than anybody else, always remember that.

    Thanks for this very informative post.


    • Etah

      Thanks for the useful addition, Marita.

      You are right, social media is definitely a key cause of depression for so many.

      Very useful tips you shared.

  • Wealthfather

    Great Content and Information!

    What a concise and thorough article. I found the post very detailed and Informative. So so many useful tips and tricks all on one page! Wonderful! I bookmarked to look further. This willl be very useful for me because I have been battling with depression for long. I almost hang myself last month because of depression.  I love the tips you shared and I will make sure I implement 

    Thanks for the eye opener 

    • Etah

      I am so glad you made the incredible decision to stay strong with your life.

      Yes, these tips shared above are very effective for depression, even one tip practiced consistently will be very efficient.

      Meditation, however, is my favorite.

      No time for meditation or yoga, heartmath is an awesome subsitute.

  • Samm

    Hello Etah

    Thanks a lot for sharing this post on how successful people overcome depression without medication. I’ve been looking into this for my wife since she got depressed a lot after quit her job 2 years ago. She made the decision to become a full time housewife so she can take care of our son.

    I never know that by listening to our body can also help to overcome depression. There are many useful tips to help with depression on this post.

    Thanks for taking your time and put all these together Etah. I will come again to visit your site 🙂


    • Etah

      Hello Samm,

      I hope your wife is able to implement some of these tips to improve her mental health, trust me it really works.

      I know if anyone takes up even one of these tips and stays consistent with it, it will be highly effective.

      All the best to you and your wife,


  • Henry

    Hi Etah! This is an interesting approach to overcome depression. And as you have stated at the beginning, in the human family, this is a quite natural behavior that any person may go through during their life span. The important thing is to identify its symptoms and take action for its solutions. 

    I’ll take a look at the book you recommend: “The five minutes journal”.

    • Etah