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How Not To Quit,9 Awesome Tips.

I Have Quite A Lot

I have given up on a lot of things, more than I can count with two hands. Some of these things I still love and hope to take them up again someday.

But as some of you know, I just finished my 21-day challenge, in which I didn’t watch any movie, music or news. I saw that through till the end despite the challenges I faced along the way.

I took up daily blogging and I have remained consistent with that for the past 24 days. During this period, I have been sick, I have been heartbroken and sometimes I felt like I was dying but I still put up a blog post on those days.

So today I will be sharing with you what has changed in my life between the period when challenges used to make me quite and now.

How Not To Quit.

1. Make It Easier On Yourself

how not to quite

Our goal throughout this article on how not to quite is talking about ways in which we can make it easier on ourselves to keep on going.

Honestly taking any journey towards success is really hard and filled with a lot of challenges. Many of these challenges can’t be avoided and are essential in our growth process.

There are some difficulties which we face on this road which can actually be avoided and are unnecessary. We will be listing some of them below.

2. Start With Your Why

how not to quite

There first thing on my list of how not to quite is something I have said so many times. This is due to the impact I have seen in my determination to stay committed since I read start with your why by Simon Sinek.

I was motivated to reflect and write down my why when I read about the relationship between having a strong reason for your business and the amount of success you attain.

Knowing you’re why is also that constant reminder which keeps you going everytime you think of giving up.

Be very honest, at least to yourself. why do you want to achieve success? Then put in place strategies which all serve to accomplish your why.

3. Prioritize Your Health

how not to quite

My story:  I went so hard, no exercising, not eating right and not having enough sleep which led to a health break down and me panicking because I thought I was dying.

StoryTime: The Day I Almost Died

Sometimes I have had days in which I couldn’t work because I had withdrawn so much from my health bank without depositing any good rest, healthy food or exercising.

I know the feeling of getting so excited by your ongoing journey that it is hard to think of spending time doing anything else. Finding it hard to fall at sleep because several ideas keep flooding in.

Presently, I always try to remind myself of the side effects of not prioritizing my health on days I get carried away;

  • My health might get so bad and quitting might be a wise choice.
  • Ignoring my health and getting sick and unable to work for days.
  • I might achieve my goals but be hindered from enjoying the fruits of my labor due to bad health.
  • I might die before I get to achieve my goals.

So it is very important that like hard work, we see our health as a key recommendation in achieving success.

4. Avoid Talking About Your Goals To Unbelievers

how not to quite

I  was always told by many successful people about the importance of working underground and letting your results talk for you. Sarah Blakely, founder of Spanx talks about keeping her idea a secret until she had worked on its development for a while.

I always tried to remember this on my journey but on this day, I met this older guy, who seemed wise and I thought he might have some tips to give me and him loving my idea will really motivate me.

So I told him my idea and when he was done listening, he literally said that was the most stupid idea he had ever heard before, in fact, he strongly advised me to quit.

I felt so discouraged and tried my best to hold back my tears. Honestly, the main reason why I  kept on, was a reminder of the negative and disapproving words many successful people talk about hearing on their way up.

I can also remember spending my time, which I wish I had back now, arguing with someone. Trying to prove my ideas were awesome.

What I realized from this was that no matter how much I defend my idea, there are some things which the listener might say to challenge my belief in its success. Especially when you haven’t yet taken enough time to work on the feasibility of this idea.

This things have sometimes gotten to me and have been the principal reason why I quit on many ideas.

5. Find An Alternative Source Of Income

how not to quite

  • Before becoming a successful life coach, tv host, and writer, Marie Forleo worked as a bartender to pay the bills.
  • Elizabeth Gilbert worked as a bartender before the success of her novels.
  • Sarah Blakely sold fax machines while working on her Spanx idea during the weekend and nights.
  • So many celebrities we look up to have also spent some time bartending.

You don’t want to be distracted from focusing on your creativity by lack of food, a home or money to pay the bills.

If you listen to the journey to success of most of the people you look up to. They made little or in most cases nothing from their ideas in the beginning.

They could keep on because they had income coming from somewhere else and they could keep on the journey for the love of it and their hope for its future success.

Interesting facts

  • Sarah Blakely had to pay friends to buy her own products in the beginning.
  • only about 10% of startups succeed and a common characteristic of these startups’ founders is having an alternative source of income.
  • Many successful people advise us to put back most of our profits made back into the business in the beginning. If you depend on your business for basic needs from the start then that will be hard to do.

6. Don’t Go For Overnight Success.

how not to quite

The next thing on my list of how not to quite is avoiding any platform or anyone promising you overnight success.

One celebrity who has been called an overnight success recently is Tifanny Hardish. To be sincere I had never heard about Tiffany Hardish until after girls trip. So you can understand my surprise when I recently saw a clip of her few lines scene in a  tv series I watched growing up, Raven.

Basically what I am trying to say is, anybody you consider to be an overnight success had spent years working on their craft before you heard about their big break.

If you have this in mind and you know that it takes years to get to the degree of success you want. Then you won’t put pressure on yourself or think of quitting if you don’t get to your goals in a certain time period.

Its okay to set time frames for the achievement of certain goals but it is not for the best to put quitting as an option if you don’t achieve them then.

The state of mind is “ I want to achieve this and I don’t care how long it takes

7. Listen To People Who Have Traveled Similar Roads.

how not to quite

Listening to motivational speakers and watching and reading biographies of successful people is a top recommendation for me on how not to quite.

Some Inspiring Stories

1. Elizabeth Gilbert Talks about being willing to eat sheet sandwich. In her book big magic, she takes about a friend, who she considers a more talented writer. One day he got fed up and decided to quit and when he told her, her first thought was” she will be happy to finish his sheet sandwich for him”.

That was how much she wanted it, she was willing to finish her sheet sandwich and add some more for her writing.

2. One of my favorite books David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell recounts stories of numerous people who like the shepherd boy David in the bible were in positions where giving up might have seemed like the right option and they became exceptional because they didn’t give up.

8. Take Note Of All Milestones.

how not to quite

So we are going towards something grande, which might take several years to achieve. In order to achieve this big thing, several minor achievements must be made along the road.

It is important for us to take note of these, which will inspire us and tell us we are in the right direction as long as we keep on going.

What comes to mind in my case, was when I looked at my website statistics and realized 8 of my articles had been indexed on google. The last time I checked, my website was not even indexed. So I took a break, played some music, danced out my joy, then started working on a new article.


9. Expect Challenges

how not to quite

The next point we need to note on how not to quite is that signing up for success means signing up for challenges.

In fact, the more success you want the more challenges you will get.

Having this in mind as the deal you stroke from the beginning will ensure challenges don’t come as a surprise to you. For challenges is one of the main reasons why we give up.

So getting our mind challenge ready makes us more equipped to deal with them when they happen.

Find The Beauty In Challenges.

Oprah always talks about the importance of taking time to reflect on what we were supposed to learn from a certain challenge.

Once we start seeing the beauty in the challenges we faced, we not only learn something new but we also won’t totally hate having them.

Some successful people even talk about how much they love challenges.

I hope my list was helpful. As a bonus point for reading to the end. A very important tip on how not to quite is signing an unbreakable contract with your journey to success. Write down the repercussions you will face if you ever give up. This will help keep you on track

Some Punishments for giving up might be;

  • The regret you will have.
  • Living a life you hate.
  • Lossing confidence in yourself, etc.

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