How Internet Changed My Life. A Cameroonian Experience.

The Moment I Needed Change

How Internet Changed My Life.

When I turned 21, I decided to listen to my inner voice which was telling me to make a lot of changes to my life. This didn’t seem very rational or doable to me or the people around me.

I remember confiding in a close friend of mine, that I don’t feel like I fit in with my family. I could see from her facial expression that she didn’t take me very seriously.

Trying to be a good friend, she asked: “Why don’t you feel like you fit in with your family?”I tried to find a tangible excuse but I couldn’t think of any but I felt I needed to say something to prove my point.

So I tried my best to express my feelings but as I spoke, I saw from her facial expression she didn’t understand me. I didn’t even understand me. When I was done talking, she simply smiled and said It wasn’t serious.

I felt so bad but I couldn’t blame her. There made up excuses I mentioned didn’t sound serious but the feeling of isolation I was having felt but couldn’t express was as serious as a heart attack.

Talking to my friend made one thing very clear. I now knew for sure, I was going to ride this one alone. It really hurt but I felt I had no choice but to accept it.

How Internet Changed My Life.

how internet changed my life

A blessing which I forever remain thankful for was my access to the internet at that time. I know someone out there might read this and wonder, what do you mean the internet is everywhere, no it is not. Not too numerous people in developing countries.

In fact, I spent my early teens in a boarding school where I had no access to the internet, except during my vacation. Before that, I only had access to the internet occasionally when I was lucky to have an elder sibling take me to a cyber.

Some might even point out the negative impacts of the internet, which unfortunately I have experienced. But I am here today to talk about the positive side of the internet, how it feeds my mind and changed my life forever.

1. I am Not Alone.

How Internet Changed My Life.

Hands up if you have ever watched a video or read a blog post which makes you feel less alone.

Someone is sharing their struggles and you feel so happy and relieved not because you have any ill feelings towards them. This is because someone has finally put into words what you have been trying to say or too afraid to share for fear of stigma.

This tops my list of how internet changed my life as it encouraged me to go for the unpopular road. For my journey was only unpopular in my environment. For through the Internet I got to meet people who had taken similar roads and had a happy ending.

My Present Top Online Motivators.

One of my favorite books is Girl wash your face by Rachel Hollis. She fearlessly shares her truth about her experiences and mistakes which I can relate to. She talks about a lot of things which many of us might be ashamed to admit.

My favorite Instagram posts are from Justin Baldoni. When I manage to stop being captivated by the beauty of his family and read the caption of his posts. I am reminded of how unreal pictures can be and of the fact that we all have hard times.

My top two favorite podcasts are Oprah Supersoul conversations and Baha’I Blogcast by Rain Wilson. They bought interview people who have achieved some degree of success in various fields. They talk about their journeys and the hardships they faced along the road and still face.

2. I Can Achieve More Than I Thought Possible.

How Internet Changed My Life.

The next think on my list of How Internet Changed My Life is how I realized I could do more than I thought or was told possible.

On the 5th of may 2015, I created a YouTube channel, a week before that I had never heard of the word YouTuber, in fact before that I had only watched a few music videos on YouTube.

Few months after that I started a blog. I first heard of blogging a few months after starting my YouTube, when I was doing research on how to promote my YouTube channel.

Summary Of My Youtube Journey.

At one point in time, I called my YouTube channel Arrah Etah therapy and I even uploaded a video talking about how YouTube was my therapy. This was so true.

When I began YouTube, I never searched for trending topics or ideas. I just turned on the webcam on my mum’s laptop and started talking about whatever I was thinking. Kind of like what I do now on this blog.

Merging My Passions.

Before finding YouTube and blogging, I always felt I needed to choose one of my passions and Let’s go of the others. Honestly, sometimes, I felt overwhelmed.

A frequent advice I got was ” if you want to be a Jack of all trades, you will be a master of none”. So I believed it would be impossible to make use of all the interests I had.

On some days when I was feeling dramatic, I felt tortured by the thought that I had to make a decision to let something go.

How they are bonded?

In order to promote my YouTube content, I had to master my various interests. I needed writing skills to write a good blog post, in order to build an audience which might be inspired to visit my YouTube channel.

On my YouTube channel, I create content which makes use of my interest in singing, acting, and dancing.

When did I know?

I just think it is important to say, I didn’t figure all this out on the first day of starting YouTube.I honestly just started YouTube because I loved being in front of the camera and sharing my feelings was a bonus.

3. Guide To Knowledge.

How Internet Changed My Life.

Next on my list of How Internet Changed My Life is something I am sure I have mentioned so many times above but I think it is important I share examples of how up till date I am guided to knowledge online.

The present book I am reading is Thrive by Arianna Huffington. I heard about Arianna’s book from a video I watched on YouTube in which she was interviewed by Sheryl Sandberg.

I first got introduced to the experience inspired words of Sheryl Sandberg from her Ted talk. I, later on, read her book due to the positive remarks from Victoria Beckham during an interview.


4. My Source Of Income.

How Internet Changed My Life.

Lastly but not the least on my list of how internet changed my life is earning money online. One of the first ever income I made was from my YouTube videos.

I remember how happy I felt when I saw that first $0.19 revenue on my YouTube income report page. It felt so good.

Well after that I have gone on to find several sources of income online and I am happy to say I have moved out of my parent’s home and starting up my life with the majority of my income coming from online jobs.

Internet Is A Blessing

How Internet Changed My Life.

That is it for my list of how internet changed my life. I hope it helps you see the bright side of the internet and the positive impact it can have in the lives of many.

So you can go on now and add access to the internet on your gratitude list. Also, remember to make the most of this golden opportunity.

As Usual, I will love to hear from you, How has the internet changed your life?

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