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Changing My Life In 5 Seconds |5 Seconds Rule Book Review


Inspired by the videos I watched from her YouTube channel, Mel Robbins, I decided to listen to her book 5 second Rule. I admit I had heard about this book a long time ago but was never inspired to read it. I was not inspired to read any book for a long while if I am being honest. The 5-second rule was not only inspiring to me but it also leads me to many books which are equally inspirational.

Why I love Mel Robbins


5 second rule book review

Mel Robbins has a very no bullshit, relatable personality which kept me on a Mel Robbins videos Marathon for two straight days. She talks with so much passion and does not try to be politically correct, she tells you the honest truth which majority of people might be scared to say. My love for her is also due to her courage to share her flaws which goes a long way to reduce feelings of insecurity and encourages us on despite our imperfections. Mel Robbins personality kept me watching and made me long for more practical principles to get on the move to success.

Impact Of The 5-Second Rule

5 second rue book review


Today, I will be sharing with you some life changing realizations inspired by the 5-second rule. Principles which have;

  • kept me going on my 21 days challenge
  • Made me listen to audio books daily.
  • Changed my mindset on the road or requirements to success.
  • Made me happier as I am able to attain most of my daily goals .
  • Increased my confidence in myself and my capabilities.

Motivation Is Bullshit.

5 second rue book review


I know, I felt the same way, when I saw the video title and honestly when I clicked to watch that video, I was expecting something which will annoy me. LOL, isn’t it funny how we get captivated by a promise of hateful feelings. Anyway, after a few minutes of watching, I remained captivated by the genius and realness of this phrase, she states how we never feel motivated to wake up, to keep on even when things are hard and we can use the 5-second rule for this. I f we wait to be motivated, we might never get things done or see things through.

Building Relationships


5 second rue book review

You know that moment when you see some you like and the thought of approaching them to make you so nervous and the longer time you waste the more scared you become. The 5 seconds rule can help with this too.

Getting Out Of Bad Situations.


5 second rue book review

We stay in bad situations because we are scared of change especially one which leads to the unknown. And just like the fear of approaching someone you like, the longer you stay in that situation, the harder it will before you to leave. The 5-second rule can help you with these too.


5 second rue book review

The above and so much more can be gotten from reading this book. Mel encourages and repeats that need to act and this book tells us how to act despite the many complex feelings we may have and in case you might have any doubts about the efficiency of the 5-second rule, this book is overflowing with testimonies from many listeners of her TED talk who had put the 5-second rule into practice.

Here Are The Recipes

In case you are like me and sometimes doubt the testimonies included in books, no worries I did some digging for us.

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