poems by etah

Accepting Me

Bold, beautiful,

Everybody loves me,

they scream my name,

and beg for my love,

they go insane,

god, I love the fame.

Wait that’s not true,

that’s not me,

let me try again.


Breathtaking, irresistible,

a friend to all,

always knows the right thing to say,

has the right combination of the most attractive qualities,

the praise and admirations keep coming.

Nope, that’s not me,

I will try again.


Unique captivating features,

they crave my presence,

they hunger for my gaze,

they say I am out of this world and give me multiple crowns.

What that’s not me,

nowhere even close,

one more try.


Many lined up to die for me. 

Let me stop you right there.

I admire your ability to find joy out of your fantasy.

But it is about time we get in touch with reality.

 I know the last time you check in didn’t go so well.

 But I dare you to look from the right angle.




Beautiful but doesn’t trust her opinion,

she wonders if they see her so,

and when they say they do,

she wonders if they are just being polite.

Hates the times she felt bold enough to shoutout her past believes

and vows never to repeat the same mistakes.

So she plays it safe and you will hear her say what they all say while

admiring the outcasts.

She is so invested in their lives and keeps fingers crossed for their success.

What she needs is a real-life happily ever after to push her down that risky road.

What she gets is real life with reminders of the price they pay for standing out,

she keeps looking while taking reluctant steps towards her dreams.

Nailed it.

That’s me and so much more.

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