7 Remarkable, SEO Content Writing Tools

I Am A Beginner With 8 Articles Indexed In Google.

Seo Content Writing Tools

Today is actually an exciting and motivational day for me. It has been more than two weeks now since I went on my daily blogging journey. Yesterday my website was not indexed on google and today, it has been indexed with eight of my most recent articles.

Seo Content Writing Tools

This is due to a combination of seven awesome SEO content writing tools, which I will be sharing with you guy today.

1.Google Search Engine.

Seo Content Writing Tools

The first thing on my list of seo content writing tools is the google search engine for the following reasons;

  • To ensure the content I am writing is in demand.
  • To model the title format of similar articles.
  • Get inspiration from similar content.
  • Get facts to back up by points.

2. Jaaxy.

Seo Content Writing Tools

The next thing on my list of SEO content writing tools is jaaxy. You could use the premium version which definitely has more advanced functions but I use the free version and it is a great keyphrase resource.

With the jaaxy free version you are able to know the keyphrases with;

  • High average daily searches.
  • The keyphrase traffics.
  • The keyphrase competition.

As a beginner, the most favorable keywords are ones with low competition, high traffic, and high average daily searches. This tells google you are writing unique and demanded content.

3. Yoast Seo Plugins.

Seo Content Writing Tools

This is one of my favorite seo content writing tools. Yoast Seo plugin helps you optimize your chances of being indexed in google with certain keywords by providing a detailed guide through.

Before I started using Yoast SEO, I used to write content hoping to be indexed with one keyword, but finding out I was indexed with another. Thereby Lowering my google rank and my chances of being found.

With the yoast SEO guide this issue is rectified;

Seo Content Writing Tools

  • I am being told as I write if my content is easily readily and what to do to rectify this.
  • By typing your focus keyword in the keyword focus section, yoast seo checks to see if your article meets the requirements to be indexed under that keyword.

-The green face tells you, you are on the right track, while the red tells you the opposite.

-They also provide a detailed guide on how to improve your chances of being ranked higher.

4. Grammarly.

Seo Content Writing Tools

The next tool which I will be recommending is grammarly. Grammarly is a tool which I began using before writing content on my website as it is also helpful when trying to avoid grammatical errors when writing emails.

I have installed Grammarly on google chrome in my laptop, as a result, all spellings, punctuation and vocabulary errors are immediately underlined as I write.

You could do this by visiting this website ==>CLICK HERE and clicking add to chrome.

5. Pixabay and other free image sources

Seo Content Writing Tools

The next on my list is pixabay or any website where you could find free images. This is an awesome content enriching tool, especially for someone like me, who is just starting up and blogging daily with at least 8 pictures in each article.

If I had to buy all my images, this will add to my startup cost.

So if you are just starting up, free images are definitely the way to go and Pixabay is my favorite option. You could search for numerous images with image related words. Both free and paid options are provided and you could download the most suitable one with a few clicks.

6. Wealthy Affiliate Writing Tool.

Seo Content Writing Tools

Seo Content Writing Tools


Now, let’s talk about the wealthy affiliate writing platform. On wealthy affiliate, you don’t just receive affiliate marketing training but you are provided with so many tools to excel in your online businesses.

One of these tools is the content writing platform in which you are provided with guidance on how to meet up with the quality of content which is been indexed by Google.

For keyword rich content the minimum targets are 6 paragraphs, 5 headings, and 1000 words. And as you write you can check how far you have come towards meeting your target.

This platform also carries out grammatical checks. Honestly, the checks are not as thorough as Grammarly, so I always use Grammarly for that purpose.

You could also create your own writing template. In my case, I created a reviews writing template in which I titled the various sections of my reviews. This provides me with a good guideline for research and encourages me to write since about 20% of the work is already done.

There above functions are for free but the more than one million images on this platform is reserved only for premium members.

==>Complete Review Of Wealthy Affiliate.

7. Voice Recorder.

Seo Content Writing Tools


The final thing on my list of SEO content writing tools is a voice recorder. This doesn’t have much to do with Google rankings but more to do with improving the readers’ experience by working on the tone of your article.

I started using this tool in an attempt to put into practice, tips from a free 7-day copy cure training by Marie Forleo.

In this training, she encourages us to write as we talk. So in my case recording what I plan to write under various headings, makes this much easier to do.

Before that I used to talk and write immediately. So feel free to try it out and see what works best for you.

So that’s it for my list of SEO content writing tools which are sure to improve your google search engine rankings. Wish you all the best.

As usual, I will love to hear from you guys, did I leave anything of the list?


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