7 Healthy Ways To Escape Your Reality

Escaping reality sometimes is a necessity.

Sometimes I feel stocked and I become incapable of having any constructive thought.

In fact, in moments like this, the actions I usually take are later regretted.

So when I get this feeling of anger or frustration, I try not to act or make any decisions.
I know its time for me to escape my present reality.

Sometimes when I get this way I indulge in some acts which help me not think and I later on regret. This is usually because I didn’t program anything to do at such moments or lack of will power.

So today I will be offering you a list of things you can do when you feel angry, frustrated or depressed.

This things listed below are very beneficial.

How Will These Tips Help

Today my goal is to provide you with ways to escape your reality which will encourage and reenergize you to revisit reality as soon as possible.

  • You will not feel any regret doing them
  •  They might motivate you to take positive steps.
  • They will clarify your perspective in life.
  • It leads to a better you.
  •  You will feel better about yourself and present situation

Escape Reality Quotes

Before we dive into some healthy ways to escape reality, let’s first look at some quotes that tell us of the importance of escaping reality.

While also reminding us of the importance of returning to face your reality.

1. “Don’t judge me for escaping the stresses and cruelty of the world differently than you do.”

― Dan Pearce

2.  Reading was my only escape from reality. Through books I could be whoever I wanted. I could fall in love with the handsome prince , travel to exotic places, and take the leap that almost always had a happy ending.

– Teresa Mummert

3. Fantasy is hardly an escape from reality, it’s a way of understanding it.

– Lloyd Alexander

4. We don’t create a fantasy world to escape reality, we create it to be able to stay

– Lynda Barry

5. Everyone should read at least 10 books in their lifetime. It helps your mind , develop your imagination and can help you escape reality.

– Megan Wilson

6. People have learned to escape reality very well but too often lose their way back.

7. Art is an escape from reality.

– Henri Matisse

7 Healthy Ways To Escape Your Reality

The tips I will be giving today are the methods I use to escape reality.

Methods which don’t leave me like my time was wasted afterward.

Things which get me in the right state of mind to take up the right actions towards achieving my goals.

1. Exercising

healthy ways to escape your reality by exercising

Exercising is really fun for me.

It not only gets my mind off things but also takes me steps closer to my dream physique.
I love fast pace workout when I have lots of things I am trying to avoid thinking about
Combining this workout either with music or a podcast is the way to go.

2. Watching documentary

healthy way to escape your reality by watching  a documentary

When you feel like your life sucks, try watching a documentary about children from extremely poor country.

These documentaries always increase my gratitude and motivate my zeal to create an impact.

Sometimes also watching educative or historical documentaries can also do lots of good for your present state of mind and simultaneously providing you with an escape route from your reality.

3. Listening to music

healthy way to escape your reality by listening to music

This for me is the best way to either escape my reality or dive into my emotions.

So when what I need is escape, my music choice mostly depends on the beat or lyrics which gives me some hype.

Like what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, stand a little taller…

You might fight but I fight harder, you on top but I am fire might not be on top of the world but hey, I’m on my way…

Music has also been proven as highly beneficial by science.

  • Music increases happiness
  • It improves performance in running.
  • Music has been proven to decrease stress while increasing overall health.
  • Music improves sleep.
  • It also reduces depression.

You can read more about the scientifically proven benefits of music from this awesome article.

4. Fantasize

healthy way to escape reality by fantasizing

In the book the power of the subconscious mind and the secret, we are encouraged to use our imagination to manifest what you want.

So what I do during hard times is traveling to my dream world and having a blast in my mind and literally having a conversation with my imaginary friends.

It mostly seems real and gets me out of the sad mode.

This not only helps you escape out of your reality but it also helps you manifest that dream world.

5. Reading a book

healthy ways to escape reality by reading

Yes travel out of your reality and live the life of the novel characters while simultaneously improving your vocabulary and imagination.
Some of the best books I will recommend for downtimes is either fiction or if you will like to go in the self-help direction, a biography.

6. Watching Videos or reading blogs that prove your dream life possible

primrose panglea family

So I was feeling some lack of motivation this evening because a lot of things going on in my mind which didn’t really help me maintain a healthy positive mindset ( and you all know how that is really important to build your dream life ).

So I decided to watch some vlogs from one of favorite youtube channel, called Primrose Planglea.

This is a family with two young children who travel araound the world and have awesome adventures.

The parents run an online business and so they have the freedom to travel with no job restrictions.

This is the dream and watching their vlogs remind me of what is possible with some hardwork and persistence .

And as an added bonus I get to escape my present reality.

7. Travel

healthy ways to escape your reality by traveling

Literally getting away.

Visiting new places.

Matteting new peoples.

And having an improved outlook on life.

My favorite trips are trips in which , I can turn off my phone and just get to enjoy the present.

This is a really sweet way to escape from the day to day hustle and embrace a more relax reality which will really help reduce any stress.

Some Unhealthy Ways To Escape reality

These unhealthy ways of escaping reality and the reason why can be summarised in this quote by Kilroy J. Oldster, author of Dead Toad Scroll ( a book containing a series of meditative essays written by a trial attorney going through a midlife crisis).

“Every unpleasant worldly experience in life exposes our sensitive nervous systems to painful phenomena. Despite all the beer commercial advertisement slogans urging us to live with gusto, life is unavoidably painful. Life is a battering ram that inflicts trauma upon human beings. People blunt the traumatic force of enduring a lifetime of pain, fearfulness, and unremitted anguish and boredom with religion, sex, booze, drugs, fantasy, and other indulgent acts and forms acts of escapism.”

“I went to the club to escape my life and pretend I’m somebody else. Now I don’t know who I am anymore.”
― E. Leo Foster

Remember to have fun on your journey

So let’s end this pot on a postive note.

True in order to achive our goals, we need, hard work, persistent, consistency.

But let’s remember to take care of our mental health on the road.

And taking a break from our day to day to refresh and recharge is a very important step to take.

Remember to do whats right for you.

I will like to hear from you, what do you do to escape from reality.

As usual, my friends, go be legendary.


  • Ayodeji

    This is a wonderful post and writing up. These days, escape from reality to healing is becoming common. My favorite is the clearing of mind: you probably want to clear your mind of all the daily clutter when considering this type of escape. Hear the music. Yoga practice. Chant. Followed by Daydreaming: Give yourself the perfect mental escape to daydreaming. Visit a new location. Take a virtual flight.

    • Etah

      awesome addition, clearing your mind of the daily clutter is a useful step to take and like you said meditation and yoga can be a very useful tool for that.
      Thanks for the addition,
      Best regards

  • Scole

    Your post was enlightening. I practice affirmations and meditate, both good escapes as well. I also read books, workout and write. The layout of your site is clean and easy to navigate. Your ads are very well placed and good job at the bottom of your posts with related material. Overall I think you did a nice job.   

    • Etah

      Thanks, Scole.
      affirmations and meditations are very priceless tools which when practiced with consistency can really have a very remarkable impact on our lives.

  • Cris

    So true! While I totally agree 100% that travel is a GREAT way to relax, relieve stress, and re-energize, I definitely don’t get to do it as much as I would like to. However, I do use music, books, and exercise as ways of escape. Exercise is one of the best ways to clear your mind and feel good both physically and mentally when you’re finished. 

    I really like the quote you included: “We don’t create a fantasy world to escape reality. We create it to be able to stay.” Yes! It’s a coping mechanism. Do what you gotta do to feel good! Love your positive outlook! 

    • Etah

      Hello Cris,
      music, books, and exercise are awesome and productive escapes.
      I am glad you found some value here,
      best regards to you

  • Koda

    Very interesting post! I find these to be great (and useful) alternatives ways to get your mind off things. Unlike some OTHER ways of escaping reality, these are things methods that are can actually be beneficial to us. Personally, my favorite choices are well, ALL OF THEM! Haha. If I had to choose one, I think I would choose reading a book or traveling, although all of those options really do sound good ;p 

    This really is a useful article, especially to give us solid alternatives to coping with problems using unhealthy ways to escape reality. I’m glad that there are people out there like you suggesting healthy alternative options of coping! Good for you. Again, thanks for the post, and I look forward to reading more quality content by you in the near future! Have a nice day, 


    • Etah

      hello Koda,
      I am glad you found some value here.
      Yeah, you are right it is really difficult to choose 🙂 but if I must traveling will definitely top the list.
      Lots of great days to you.

  • Adamu2

    Thanks for writing out this lovely article and I must say its a must for everyone to read and digest.this article and quote has really motivate me know to how to escape my reality. I love exercise, music, traveling and reading a book, with these few steps, I hope to escape my reality. Thanks for been a light to guide our steps. Your blog has been so positive and interesting. Regards 

    • Etah

      Thanks for being a constant reminder to keep pushing and sharing.
      I am glad you found some value here.
      Great and really helpful picks.
      Best regards to you.

  • Louis

    Everyone has been there, at that point were you just want to express as your frustration and sometimes anger. When I’m angry, I exercise a lot, until I’m very tired and can’t afford to hurt others people with my emotions. However, when I feel frustrated or sad, I love to listen to music, it helps me lighten my mood, and gives me hope for tomorrow.

    Irrespective of what I feel, as long as it’s negative, I first isolate myself to ensure I don’t do things I’ll regret later. Thanks for the write-up, great read!


    • Etah

      Great strategies you have , Louis.
      exercising until you don’t have the energy to hurt anyone 🙂 good and selfless strategy.
      I am glad you found some value here,
      Best regards

  • Wealthfather

    Great Content!

    There are lovely tips here in this article and I can attest to the fact that all the seven points are perfect and on point. I have always known that Exercise reduces stress  and improves emotional inteligence. The best point I love here is listening to music, it actually works like a magic for depression abd good sleep.Your article is an eye opener and its a must for everyone to read.

    Thanks for sharing 

    • Etah

      I am glad you found some value here.
      Yeah, exercising and music are awesome escapes for me, it really helps get my mind off my worries while healing me mentally and physically.
      Best regards to you.

  • ajibola40

    Thanks for this article on ways to escape reality,I really like each of the quote in the article.From my own point of view on how to escape reality varies on individual.some will like to go far way in other not to face the reality as you right in the article. But I discover that when an individual want to escape from reality he/her  is possibly going to participate in the activities he/her likes doing.some it can be playing football in which in my own case is video games

    • Etah

      Thanks for the useful addition, true basically doing what you love is a good way to go but just remember to make every second count.
      Hope you found some healthy tips you could add to your list.
      Best regards.

  • Seyi

    Firstly I would like to commend you for this post , it’s well written and so on point. The best ways I escape my reality for me is, one, by excercising regularly, reading books has really been helpful especially when I’m reading fiction or books by motivational speakers. The last one that I’m use to is by listen to music, sometimes the lyrics helps me create fantasies. I just got other ways with this article, thanks

    • Etah

      Hello Seyi,
      I am glad you found some value here.
      Me too, song lyrics are a great foundation for my fantasies.
      Best regards to you.

  • Vapz

    Oh, how I loved reading this. It is exactly what I needed at this time and all your 7 healthy ways to escape one’s reality were all fantastic. Sometimes we get in over our head so much that we either do something we regret or just turn off everything and have a little moment of escape. My go to escape route is usually reading and music. I haven’t tried traveling which I don’t mind but it is difficult to up and leave even though I have wanted to just do that severally. Great post!

    • Etah

      I am glad you found some timely value over here.
      Yeah, awesome ways to escape.
      Traveling is my favorite outlet too but not able to do that as much as I would like, working on making that change.
      But for now, we have our books and music to help us let go of the stress.

  • Barrywesley

    Your tittle is quite ambiguous. It kind of tried to make me wonder what you were saying, not until I read down and discovered that you  began to narrow it down, and now I have a full grabs of what is about. My own way of escaping reality, is going to the studio to do some recordings. I love music and when I get busy at the studio, it takes my mind of every hurt, anger or pain 

  • Tushar

    Ohh great! What I’ve just read! The best article I’ve read so far. From my opinion I think sometimes we have to escape reality and it becomes necessary that time. Those quotes that you mentioned is awesome and true in sense. I will definitely follow your healthy tips. Among them I often do listening music, travel to escape the reality or when I feel stress or tensed. Fantasize the best tip I think for me. I have a dream world and I enjoy myself being on there in my dream. You have mentioned such some great tips that will help me to make me free from stress or any burden. I will definitely follow the healthy tips that you have written. If I think a lot of Fantasize will it harm me?
    Overall, Thank you so much for writing this amazing article.

    • Etah

      I am glad you found some value here, Tushar.
      fantasizing is an awesome way to escape your reality but just remember to get back to reality in order to work hard and consistent to make your fantasies a reality.
      In other words, staying for long in the fantasy world might keep us from working towards making the real world better

      Best regards to you.

  • Kenechi

    Escaping reality is very necessary and aids to avoid any form of depression and fear. My take is music. Music is powerful and a great therapy to me. Good music good lyrics is the food for my soul and the food for my soul affects my general health positively. I love music generally. I play music steady and whatever music lyrics I listen to at anytime depends on my present mood at that particular point in time. Music gives me happiness and alleviates my stressful day. I may not be able to list all the benefits of music to me right now because of time constraints coz they are quite numerous. 

  • Mikay2019

    Thanks for writing about this. Some months ago, I was feeling angry over my results in school and In order to get over my situation, I started reading my books, listening to motivational talk. Nonetheless even till now I still feel angry when I think about though but I still employ these methods to get over it.

    • Etah

      Yeah, awesome strategy.

      About the not very pleasing exam results, I understand how much it can hurt, being there but please try to remember, who we are and how successful we become cannot be defined by an exam result.

  • Chris Isaac

    Thanks for the article, it really helped. Escaping Reality is very easy but many people find it very difficult to escape from it. One of the things I do to escape from reality Is through LISTENING to music it help me a lot, I have over three hundred music in my smart phone of which I create playlist in each category of music. I listen to worship music in the morning which help me a lot and also motivational songs later in the day, those are the songs I listen often. One of the ways of the unhealthy ways of escaping reality is associating yourself with negative people, smoking, drinking, clubbing etc of which this can affect us negatively.

    • Etah

      You are so right Chris unhealthy escapes are very detrimental to us and most times addictive. 

      Listening to music is one of my favorite escapes too,worship songs are amazing.

      Best reagrds to you

  • Seun Afotanju

    It’s so true that most if not all the ways to escape reality are true,  sometimes when I just feel like not thinking about stuff happening around me I tend to listen to music or engage myself doing something to take my mind off a particular experience and I’m happy to come across more more ways from your post. Thanks for this, much appreciated. 

    • Etah

      It was my pleasure sharing, Seun.

      Listening to music is a top pick for me too, God knows sometimes an escape is what is best.

      Best regards to you.

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