jump rope challenge results

I tried Jump rope Workout for One week

The Jump Rope Challenge

jump rope challenge results

More than a month ago, I decided to work towards achieving my body goals.

It was a journey I knew won’t just get me to my desired shape and weight loss but also help me build and strengthen my core and mental health.

I knew this will be a challenge but how much of a challenge, this was something I got to realize with each passing day of the week.

It was seven (7) days of intense jump rope challenge with no dieting and these were the results.

Jump Rope Challenge Results

1. How day One Went Down

Day one told me the truth about my present reality and how much I could really take.

As is the case with new ventures, I went in with lots of zeal and enthusiasm to do much but shortly after I started even my excitement couldn’t keep me going.

4 minutes into jumping rope my heart started beating unusually fast and fear about what might happen if I kept going forced me to stop.

These made me feel like a failure but a quick change in perspective (at least getting up to do it, however short, was a win) motivated me to pick up my jump rope on the following day and every day after.

2. Weight loss

Weight loss was not my principal goal but it did happen.

I began at 63.3 kg and by day 7, I was at 62.7 kg, which was a 1.32 lb loss.

This was expected, intense exercise is always accompanied by burning calories.

Research told me, jumping rope can burns crazy calories, talking 200 to 300 in 15 minutes, that’s more than running and bike riding.

This is because most of your muscle groups are working when you jump rope.

Except for day one, I did 30 plus minutes of jump rope for the 7 days which led to the amount of fat burnt.

3.Will power

The new venture excitement weared out after the first 2 days.

My will power muscle was what kept me going with the jump rope challenge.

On majority of the mornings when my preference was sleep in, it took a lot of will power to make the difficult and long term more satisfactory choice.

The more I used this muscle, the stronger it became.

7 day jump rope challenge results

4. Body shaping

Starting up the jump rope challenge, the hour glass shape was the goal I was working towards.

I low key expected a miracle transformation.

My expectation was influenced by testimonies from others who had done the challenge previously.

So daily, I will thoroughly inspect my stomach, looking for signs of some definition, signs of the development of the six pack.

Honestly this was not a healthy way to proceed as lack of immediate results was far from motivating.

By day 5 I started seeing some definition, day 7 I wasn’t at my desired body but the transformation, though small was a sign of better results to come.

5. Going On

I kept it exciting by blending the intense jump rope exercise with music, dancing, listening to podcast.

I knew I had to fall in love with the process more than the results.

Loving the process was one of the factors that kept me going even on days when the results were invisible.

In addition to loving the process, results were noticed towards the end, results which proved it was working, so I will keep going.

From the throne of a Conqueror

conquering the jump rope challenge

In the present, the days I didn’t feel like waking up were the worst but looking back from the throne of a conqueror, these days yielded the best results.

Going forward I know I need variety in exercise and variety I will look for but jumping rope, I won’t be leaving behind.


  • Lawrence Dora

    Hey There Etah,

    Thats a great challenge and I really admire the fact that you stuck withit for seven days. I know how hard jumping rope can be leave alone doing it for 30 minutes. I tke my hat of to you, you are an inspiration to others and I would really love to see what the next  days has in store for you. I wish you all the best and thanks for sharing.



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