5 ways to better your life in 2020

5 Sure Ways To Better Your Life In 2020

2020 Will Be A Great Year


” 2020, I like the way it sounds” My sister said to me a few days I go ” It will be a great year,” She continued and I was curious about why she was so certain about this, so I asked ” Why” and she responded ” I don’t know, I just like even years” of course her logic made me smile but then I thought about it some more.

I realised if she truly believes 2020 will be an amazing year and she was ready to work for it, then it will be.

She had the power to drastically transform her life for the better if she put in place some of the tips we will be talking about today.

Ways To Better Your Life In 2020

how to make 2020 your best year

1. Read Amazing Articles

The beginning of success is getting the knowledge you need in order to take the best steps towards success.

I get how in this age when one of our major challenge is an overwhelming amount of information we turn to get confused about what to pay attention to and what not to, what to put into practice and what not to, what reallly works and what doesn’t.

Sometimes finding the right information is what prevents us from taking action towards bettering ourselves in  2020.

So in order to help you with that out of the 110 self developement articles I have written on this website so far, I will give you a pick of my 10 Top selections which are sure to get you started down the right road to a better you.

i)  10 Motivational Questions To Ask Yourself For Success

In this article we will dive into some of the questions which we believ it will be essential to reflect on as you step into 2020.

We will talk about the reasons why you need to find answers to these questions and what to do with the answers you get.

ii) 10 Reasons Why You Feel Like A Failure

Some of our readers have confessed being able to relate to this reasons why they feel like failures.

We talk about the root of this feeling because we believe it will help you move forward with a more productive mindset.

A mindset which is not held back by limiting believes or lack of belief.

iii) 17 Signs You Will Be Successful

Next lets look at the bright side.

What are you already doing right.

We talk about the habits you need to keep going forward into 2020.

iv) 10 Tips On How To Set Goals For Success

Now that you know how to get the mindset necessary for success, next lets set some goals we want to to achieve in 2020 but first lets learn how to set the right goals.

How to set goals which inspire us to work harder,and  smarter.

Attainable goals which motivates us to set greater goals.

v) 26 Billionaire Habits To Help You Level Up

Okay Now lets learn about the habits we need to achieve these goals.

The lean about the proven habits for success.

vi) 10 Ways To Relax And Recharge

Relaxing and recharging is very essential on our way to success.

You want to be healthy and strong enough to enjoy the fruits of your labour when you finally attain your goals.

Some relaxation methods not only help you recharge but they also make you wiser, they add some value to your life, let’s talk about that next for a happier and healthier you in 2020

vii)  Motivational Quotes

Now lets get some material to keep us motivated as we work.

Like a bath or eating, daily motivation gives use the energy to keep going through the challenges.

viii) Some Lessons From The Extremely Successful

Get to know some of the tips and tricks which helped Bill Gates, J.K Rowlings, Jay Shetty, Liza Koshy and so many others attain their great levels of success.

See the practical steps we extracted from the lives of the extremely successful

ix) 12 Relatable Things I am Grateful For Today

It is always important to begin your year with gratitude.

It has being proven that the more we are grateful for the more we attract with that in mind let’s look at some thinsg you can be grateful for, right here and now.

x) Get To Know Wealthy affilaite

Now I will like to introduce you to the secret behind my online success.

Get to know about the training which helped me create my first website in under 5 minutes, helped make my first affiliate sale and so much more

2. Put Into Practice

Now that we know where to get the knowledge, the next and highhly essential step is putting into practice what we now know.

Without taking actions, results will forever be unattainable.

Taking that first step has always proven to be the most difficult but let your determination to make 2020 your best year yet inspire to do whatever it take.

3. Reflect Continuously On Your Taken Steps

We have began taken steps but mindful of the fact that it takes several tries to find what is best for you, it is important that you do regular checks of the results created by the taken steps.

I will recommend reflecting on your daily actions, followed by planning for the next day, then monthly assessments.

4. Be Honest To You

Sometime ago , I would have said brutally honest to yourself but brutal doesn’t sound like a nice word to me at this point.

I believ you need to be nice to you but this completely honest.

So I will recommend a nice blend of lovingly and brutally honest.

Admit to yourself the real reasons you are being held back.

Tak responsibilty for the result and choices in your life but this remain loving and encouraging.

Tell yourself I am not there yet, I am working to get there though, this is the growth mindset you need for success in 2020.

5. Do What You Have Been Pushing Forward

It is time to put an end to procrastination.

It is time to stop sending what you can handle now to tomorrow.

The time has come to make that move you have being reluctant to.

Start writing that book, create that podcast, youtube channel, business, make that move which has the potential of amplifying your growth in 2020.


  • Scott Hinkle

    Hello Etah,

         Thank you for this great post!

    I love several of the suggestions here.  Setting success goals, billionaire habits, relaxing and recharging, etc. are all great topics to focus on.

    Oddly enough, I’m actually already a member of WA and I love them!  I can see them really helping to enhance my online success and am looking forward to it.

    Thanks again,


  • Stephanie

    It is so important to work hard towards your gioals, but it is also really important to take a step back from time to time. Overwhelming yourself can lead to procrastination and procrastination leads to not being motivated. All of that can be gone in a matter of seconds. It’s important to set goals and stand by them. Also, really nice that you added those motivational articles, you never know who needs a few profound words. 

  • Gomer

    Thanks for this empowering article. Do you agree that all these are useless if the person fails to put into practice all that he’s learned? I have a friend that I think would be a perfect fit for this article you’ve published. He got a lot of plans but has achieved nothing in spite of his having all the knowledge and advanced degrees. I will share the link to this article to him so he can finally have a breakthrough in life. I think his intelligence and advanced degrees are getting in the way, all he did in the past 5 years was plan and plan and never actually applying anything. How can we help that person?

    • Etah

      Yeah, I totally agree with that, actions are what really matters. 

      Like you said what we can really do to help friends and love ones not taking enough or any action is finding ways to inspire them to, it could be through motivational content like this, accompanying them, or sometimes direct truth.

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