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5 Highly Recommended Books To Read For Women

What Is Motivation?

After reading the five-second rule by Mel Robbins, my view on motivation was modified, from believing motivation is about having the mindset in which we always feel excited and happy to do what necessary. The honest truth is to achieve success, we have to do a lot of things we do not want to do but still remains essential to the growth of our business or most importantly ourselves. So in my opinion, motivations are having a mindset which surpasses our wants and desires, it is acting even when we have numerous rational reasons why we should not.

About This List

One of my favorite quotes from 5-second rule by Mel Robbins is “You have been assigned this mountain so you can show others, it can be moved”. In that light, I will be recommending books to read for women which give real examples of others who have used the principles highlighted in the books to achieve various levels of success.

Five Second Rule By Mel Robbins.

Number one on my list for books to read for women, five-second rule by Mel Robbins which is a book worth reading several times. The main goal of this book is to encourage us to act, to meet this goal Mel Robbins highlights the success stories of people who decided to act before their brain comes up with several rational reasons not to. She then goes on to tell us how we can begin to implement this rule and some thought we need to eliminate which holds us back from acting.


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Lean In By Sheryl Sandberg

While reading, I thought of my mum who likes Sheryl Sandberg had to take her child to work because she could not find a suitable babysitter. After reading this book, I was so excited to recommend it to my mum, as I was sure she shares a lot of the principles and practical points talked about in this book and I know how comforting it is to know someone thinks like you and validates all the decisions you have made over the years.

This book was a real eye-opener to me, I evaluated the decisions I was making and limiting thoughts I had about work-life balance and how far I was able to dream as a woman. I can not recommend this book enough as one of the books to read for women and all, It will really help build a more balanced and integrated world.

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Girl Wash Your Face By Rachel Hollis.

Honestly, I have never read a book so fearlessly sincere. Rachel Hollis talks about a range of aspects which many ladies try to bury or pretend they never happened and bashed others who might be going through same. She talks about the following;

  • Relationships prior to marriage, going out of your way to please someone who is clearly bad for you.
  • Eliminating our belief of the ability to summarize years and years of struggles to attain success with just one word.
  • Challenges she faces in marriage as a working mother.
  • The unfortunate habit we all have to compare ourselves to others and how this can really lead to emotional turmoils.
  • The false illusion of perfect lives created on social media platforms.
  • Her struggle with weight, yo-yo dieting and so much more accompanied by personal examples.

The Power Of The Subconscious Mind By Joseph Murphy

This book definitely makes my list for books to read for women. It was first published in 1962 but most of the principles sighted are highly applicable in 2018. The concepts of the universe responding to our thought remains true and highly essential for success. This book encourages us to be mindful of our thoughts and highlights several ways in which we can make positive thoughts our mental reflex. He tells us about the various steps we can take to get what we desire and the importance of eliminating limiting beliefs. The importance of not giving up due to the duration for the realization of our dreams.

Share Your List.

This is a personal collection of books, I have already read which I do believe will be suitable for women. Please enrich our cause to transform the world by adding to the list in the comments below or giving your review of the books mentioned above.





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