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A Billionaire Author’s 24 Lessons For Success|J.K Rowlings

Get To Know The First Self Made Billionaire Author

JK Rowlings quotes

Joanne Rowlings is a British author who is popularly known by her pen name, J.K Rowlings.

One of her most famous creations is the Harry Potter book series .

When she was 25 years old a thought came to her on a train ” boy doesn’t know he is a wizard, goes to wizarding school”.

For 17 years Rowling worked on a book series based on this idea which sold more than  500 million copies worldwide and translated into 69  languages,in over 200 countries .

” The urge to write often comes from a wish to rearrange reality”

– J.K Rowlings

Lessons From J.K Rowlings

JK Rowlings Quotes

1. Make The Most Of What You Are Given

J.K Rowlings grew up in Edinburg, a city with so many coffee shops where she did lots of her writing,

Even after some Harry Porter books had ben published and did well she still could write at this shops because people in Edinburg were great at respecting people’s privacy.

Rowlings also speaks about some of her teachers who had a great impact on her growing up, teachers like Makonikov in her Harry Porter book series.

She is one of the riches writers in the world because she made the most of  all these things and people she had access to, including her incredible writing talent

2. Follow Your Dreams

When Rowlings was 6 years old, she wrote her first book which was a story about a rabbit called rabbit.

Growing up she knew she had to earn a living some how and she always dreamed of doing so by writing and at times she was not very honest about that becasue of the popular belief of the low chances of making money writing.

During an interview J.K Rowlings was asked to complete this sentence ” If I wasn’t a writter, I would be …. ” and she responded depressed and then she went on to talk about the day when her youngest daughter asked her what she will choose between them and writing and Rowlings responded, ” I will choose you but I will be very grumpy”

3. Always Finish What You Start

According to J.K Rowlings, the main challenge as a writer is not having an idea,or starting to develope the story, the real challenge is writing the story till the end.

She goes on to say finishing the story is what makes you a real writer.

She talks about her first story which she described as not good, no matter the quality of the story , Rowlings said what really mattered was finishing the story.

4. Every Good Thing Takes Times

It took J.K Rowling 17 years to complete the Harry Porter series.

Several days and hours spent in coffee shops and other places which are conducive enough for writing.

Completing this series took days of planning, then adding flesh to her sketched out idea.

Rowlings is a clear confirmation in the inexistence of overnight success.

5. Begin With The End In Mind

Rowlings first ever sentence she wrote for the Harry Porter series prior to editing had to do with gogrits Hallow, which we are only introduced to in the much later in the series.

She is able to know scenes and characters in the end because before she begins writing she first makes a writing plan, which is a rough sketch of the story she will then bulk up over time.

This goes a long way to reduce the writer’s blocks on the way, and increases her chances of finishing the story.

6. An Author Is In Every Single Character They Write

Here I was thinking I was unique, I thought I was the only writer who could relate with every character I write, then J.K Rowlings makes me realise this is a very common phenomenon and that way it should.

In order to write well detailed , relatable characters, it is important to walk in each character’s shoes, it is important to get into their heard.

You will need to make the readers get an understanding of why this characters do what they do, what is their though process and what molded that way of thinking.

7. Get With The Times

Listening to the request of Harry Potter fans world wide , Rowlings decided to make her writing available online.

You can visit  this site  to get a Highly visual and inclusive wizarding world experience.

8. Create What You Will Love To See

J.K Rowlings writes about the world she will like to exist in.

She creates content she will like to read.

She is able to attract like minded people by creating content which speaks to her on a really deep level.

9. Everyone has a special Place, Find It

When Rowlings was asked what she wished children reading her books several years from now will take away, she said she wishes they take away thesame thing she took away from reading her favorite books which is , there is always somewhere you can go that you would love,where you are safe.

10. Acknowledge Your Fears

J. K Rowlings began her 2008 Harvard commencement speech by acknowledging her fear of public speaking.

Many public speaking teachers tell us this is a great way to begin your speech, it puts you in a more vulnerable and comfortable state of mind to proceed.

Rowlings has also spoken about some of the fears she had in her life, prior to beginning Harry Potter, during the time she wrote it and after she completed this story.

The fears she experienced at every stage in her life differed but acknowledging this fears opened doors for helpful solutions for overcoming the fears or using it in her favour.

11. Begin With Achievable Goals

Rowlings cautions us to start small and grow.

She remind us on the importance of starting with easy achievable goals and using the results as a motivations to take bigger, better steps.

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12. There Is An Expiry Date For Blaming Your Parents For Wrong Guidance

” The moment you are old enough to take the wheel, responsibility lies with you”

– J.K Rowlings

Rowlings child hood was not the best, she didn’t grow up in a happy home, her now estranged dad  wasn’t a great role model.

In her early twenties she made some choices which stemed from the example her parents showed.

When she decided to put an end to put an end to this cycle, make her own decisions, let go of the bad examples from her upbringing, she was able to build a happier life, with the right people.

13. Poverty Is Romanticized Only By Fools

J.K Rowling believes the best thing about money is the freedom it gives to you.

The freedom to decide your vacation locations without limitations.

Money takes you to that place where don’t have to wrry about the rents or next meal.

Before the success of the Harry Potter book series, Rowlings had been accustomed to living a very poor life, as poor as you can get without being homeless in the UK.

When she looks back at those days, she is reminded not to take what she has now for granted.

14. Stop Pretending

When Rowlings decided to stop pretending, especially to herself that she was anything other what she was , she began doing the only work that had ever mattered to her.

She began to build her billion dollar creation.

15. The Is A Bright Side Of Failure

“It is impossible to live without failing at something unless you lived so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all in which case you failed by default”

– J.K Rowlings

Looking back at her life Rowling points out a reality in which she would have not become a very successful writer.

That reality in which she would have become successful in the other things she had tried a long the way.

“Rock bottom became the solid fondation on which I rebuilt my life”

– J.K Rowlings

During her Harvard Commencement speech in 2008 Rowling talks about some life- changing things she learned during her peiod of failure;

  • She learned about her strong will power.
  • She learned the importance of discipline.
  • She got know the friends in her life who are priceless, friends who were there during her downtimes.

“The knowledge that you have imerged wiser and stronger from setbacks means that you are ever after secure in your abilities to survive”

“You will never truly know yourself or the strength of your relationships until both have been tested by adversity, such knowledge is a true gift and it is worth more than any qualification have ever earned”

” Failure meant a stripping away of the inessential”

” I have been so fortunate to meet extraordinary people through Harry Potter and not one of them didn’t have their failure, more than one failure”

– J.K Rowlings

16. Imagination Is Highly Essential

“In its arguably most transformative and revolatory capacity, imagination is the power which enables us to empathize with humans whose experiences we have never shared”

– J. K Rowlings

Rowling strongly believes all our creations begin with our imagination.

The Harry Porter book series she is most famous for writing is entirely fictional.

Using her imagination, she was able to create a world which billions of fancy and characters we can all relate to.

One of Rowling’s favorite quotes are from the greek author Pluto which says ” What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality”

This quote is proven daily by J. K Rowlings and numerous other people like Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Steve Jobs and so many others who are able to bring drastically change our earthly experience by bringing to life their  imaginations.

“The greatest gift Harry Porter has given to the world is the freedom to use our imagination”

– Oprah Winfrey

17. Steer Your Passion In The Right Direction

Before deciding to focus on her writing, Rowlings had tried out other jobs, jobs she wasn’t able to excel at, jobs in which she lacked the drive and skill to succeed in.

When she finally decided to steer her passion and attention in the direction of something she had always being good at she was then able to achieve the billion dollar success.

18. It Gets Better With Time And Hardwork

At a point in time J.K Rowlings wanted to commit suicide.

She felt hopeless and trapped in a life and reality she detested.

She was so depressed and felt the only way out , the only way get reed of the darkness was making it all end permanently.

Rowling stay on, kept trying, inspired by strong desire for the well being of her daughter.

She got to see brighter days with time and hardworks, days she never would have if she gave up too soon.

19. Spend Time Doing What You Are Good At

we spend our time on the wrong things, doing what we are not good at.

This is one of the reasons why many people don’t get to excellence.

When Rowlings used most hours of her day working on what she was good at, the results lead to a drastic positve change in her life because she was already good at writing and fewer steps away from excellence.

20. Don’t Let The NOs Stop You

Before being finally published in , Rowlings had recieved  NOs from 12 publishers but she kept going because of the voice that told her ” the difficult thing will be to get published, if it is published it will become huge”

This drive pushed her on to sort out and meet the 13th publisherb who finally agreed to print it.

She signed the deal with a warning from her argent who told her she will never make money writing childrens book but that didn’t stop her from going on to write 7 more childrens’ books in the same series.

21. You Have To Believe

In the beginning of the first Harry Porter book, Sorcerer stone, Rowling writes about Harry “one day every child in the world will know his name” and this came to pass with the sales of billions of copies of the book worldwide.

When she was asked by Oprah why she wrote this highly confident professy, she said ” well you godda believe”

It was her strong believe in the success of her creation that kept her going through the tough times.

It was her believe that gave her the will power and discipline to write this book till compliment despite being a single mother living under really harsh conditions.

22. We All Have The Power To Shape Our World

“In magic man has to rely on himself”

This is the alluring side of magic which J.K Rowling points out during interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Magic is that practice in which you don’t depend on any outside source for the outcomes, only ourselves.

We could relate this to the real world, the world in which our choices and action are directly proportional to the outcomes of our lives.

23. Learn And Grow From Your Pain

At age 25 J.K Rowlings lost her mother.

To get away from the pain, she moved to Portugal where she got married and had her first daughter Jessica.

This marriage was short lived due to its abusive nature.

After her divorce she moved to Scotland and lived on welfare, while she worked on making a better living for her daughter had herself.

Despite the awfulness of her first marriage, Rowlings says she will do it all over again in order to have her daughter.

Reflecting on this marriage she realised she had modeled her parent’s relationship.

Lots of refelction and work on herself after this failure led her to the love of her life seven years after the end of her first marriage.

This period of her life taught her lots about herself like how resistant she is and her strong survival instinct.

i) Gain From Your Pain

The lost of her mother influenced every page of the Harry Potter book.

This loss inspired the loss of Harry’s parents and how he dealed with that loss.

Rowling suffered from acute depression from 25 to 28 this dark period in her life inspired the deamentors ( joy draining creatures) in her book.

The Potter book was hugely influenced by the good, the bad and the ugly in her life throughout the 17 years of writing the book.

24. Be A Voice For The Voiceless

Now that Rowlings has succeeded to pull herself up from extreme poverty, she still remembers and acknowledeges people going through similar situations as she once was and don’t have the power to be heard or seen.

Her most recent book the casual vacancy takes us into the life of a 16 year old girl going through very harsh conditions, this books help us see the humanity and relate with people trapped in an unfortunate conditions which prompt them to go down not very morally upright paths.


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  • riverdogg

    Hello Etah! Good article on successful tips from JK Rowlings. My favorite one was the fact it is very essential to have imagination.. without it you can’t write something engaging and entertaining. I can’t I a fine how boring life would be without the power of imagination in our lives. Fun read and have a good day! 

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    Hi Etah

    J.K.Rowlings has had an amazing journey from welfare to billionaire and it’s always good to read and gain inspiration and knowledge about  her and other achievers journeys and to find and   use any information relevant to you,  to reach inside yourself and look at your life and find opportunities to grow and achieve as well.

    I like your site, you must enjoy researching and finding and then sharing, so your viewers can  read and think and grow.

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