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23 Life – Changing Lesson Learned From Bill Gates

The Dedicated Problem Solver

Lessons from Bill Gates

We all probably have heard of the name, Bill Gates and like me, your  knowledge of him is linked to Microsoft but, after watching the recent Netflix documentary, I now realized the is so much more to Bill Gates than a computer obsessed genius, who is a workaholic enough to build a multibillion-dollar, multinational technology company.

In this documentary, we get to know Bill Gates as a dedicated problem solver, who is ready to go the extra mile to find a solution for everyday problems, which have previously gotten little or no attention.

He takes up challenges which many believe to be impossible and, the numerous lessons I will be talking about all play a key role to his high levels of success.

Lessons Learned From Bill Gates

Bill Gates quotes

1. Take Time To Think

Bill Gates take thinking weeks, during which he stays in a home far from family, far from any distraction.

He uses this time to think about the things we have decided to commit to and find solutions to pending problems he has decided to solve.

2. Give Back ( Every Human Life Is Of Equal value )

Based on the belief that all lives have equal values, in 2000, Bill Gates and his wife Melinda Gates founded the Bill and Melinda foundation.

This foundation works ceaselessly to tackle several problems worldwide.

They have goals to eradicate polio, diarrhea, improve our environment and so much more.

3. Find The Right Partners

Bill Gates has always looked for the best people to help him find and implement solutions to the problems he was trying to solve.

Bill Gates, worked with Paul Allen, to create Microsoft and previous business ventures due to Paul Allen’s high-level computer skills.

Bill Gates Partnered with his wife Melinda, who was better at connecting with people  to start the Bill and Melinda foundation.

To fulfill his goal of creating an alternative and more environment-friendly Nuclear energy source, he partnered with some of the best minds, like a famous inventor, Lowell woods and author and former CTO of Microsoft, Nathan Myhrvold.

4. Work Hard

Bill Gates is someone many have called, a workaholic.

He is a leader, whose intense and high productivity work ethics, prompt his employees to do the same.

To get Microsoft to its world-dominating level, Bill Gates spent several nights sleeping on his office floor.

He gave limited time for eating, sleeping or any social life.

5. Always Do Your Best

In every venture Bill Gates takes on, he does so with the intention of putting in his very best.

He puts in the hours, gets the best time, brainstorms and implements the best steps for the best outcome.

His commitment to the best, yielded a multi-billion-dollar company, a foundation impacting millions of lives and numerous future ventures which are sure to change the world.

6. Follow Your Passion

Bill Gates followed his passion for computers.

He is passionate about problem-solving so, he finds problems to solve.

He is able to dedicate countless hours, working and seeking limited distractions because he enjoys what he does.

7. Focus On What You Are Good At

One mistake many of us make is, focusing on things we are not good at, unlike successful people who find out what they are good at and dedicate their time to getting better.

When you are already good at something, it means you are closer to better and best.

This is a tip applied by Bill Gates and other billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg and Warren Buffet.

8. Find The Right Friends

One of Bill Gates’ earliest friendships was with Paul Allen, who he teamed up with to create Microsoft.

During an interview on a documentary about Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Bill’s  good friend, who donated half of his wealth to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, said, “It is important to make friends with people who challenge you to be a better version of yourself”.

9. Do things For Optimisation

Lots of the things Bill Gates has been up to are truly inspiring but, his goal, isn’t to inspire.

He doesn’t aim at inspiring people, he aims at leading to optimization.

10. Ask For Help

Bill Gates is humble enough to admit he can’t do it all and he doesn’t know it all.

So whenever he finds a gap in his knowledge or ability to meet certain goals, he gets the help he needs to get the job done.

His ability to get the right help he needs for the job has played a key role in his remarkable success.

11.Take Bold Steps

Throughout Bill Gates Life, he has taken bold, risky moves.

He has taken steps that many, including his parents felt, were unwise.

He made moves like dropping out of Harvard to focus on building Microsoft, he made that move before he made any gain from this venture.

On June 15, 2006, Bill Gates stepped down as the CEO of a company he has spent most of his life building to focus on other world-transforming projects he now believes in.

12. Get The Right Tools

Sometimes, what holds us back is inadequate tools and equipment to get the job done.

Bill is very thorough at laying the groundwork for projects he undergoes.

He gets the team who he can work with to bring out all the tools, environment, all the necessities for maximum efficiency.

13. Be Conscious About Your Thoughts

We can’t leave our thoughts on autopilot.

We must actively decide what occupies our mind and what doesn’t.

This not only helps us spent more time deliberating on goal advancing thought but, it is also a way to meditate, that is, aligning our mind and body.

14. Be Relentlessly Optimistic

Bill Gates was called by President Obama, “A Patient Optimist”.

He is optimistic about positive outcomes and works hard to get it done in the shortest time possible, but doesn’t stop being optimistic even though, it doesn’t happen as quickly as he wants.

He stays optimistic despite the setbacks and he believes, just because it has not happened now, does not mean it won’t. It just means, lots more work needs to be done.

15. Be Ambitious

Back in 1996, Bill Gates was asked if Microsoft had the possibility of being one of the biggest software developing companies in the world and he was very positive about this possibility.

Despite the several setbacks they had already faced, Bill Gates still believes and is working on his goal of eradicating Polio Globally.

Starting up Microsoft and all his business ventures, rooted from a highly ambitious mindset, believing he can accomplish whatever he sets his mind to, regarded he puts in the work and time needed.

16. Keep Reading, Stay Informed

Reading is one of Bill Gates’ favorite pass time and he credits this for his extensive knowledge.

Like many other successful people, Bill Gates’s book choice depends on his present ventures.

He reads to guide his path to success, he reads to find the problems in need of attention.

17. Be A Problem Solver

As I had pointed out previously, Bill Gates is a problem solver.

Many successful entrepreneurs will tell you that, they made their wealth from providing great solutions to problems.

Microsoft came to life to fill a huge gap in the computer industry.

18. The Greater The Risks, The Greater The Gain

Bill Gates took the risk to drop out of an Ivy League University, giving up a chance to complete a quality education and missed out on creating more helpful bonds.

He took this huge risk to focus on Microsoft.

The great success of this company can be credited to Bill’s undivided attention.

19. Be Confident About Your Abilities

In the Inside Bill’s brain documentary, he made us aware of his great problem-solving abilities.

Bill Gates commits to finding solutions to certain problems before he is fully aware of what it will take.

He takes on truly challenging projects, from finding the perfect timetable for a reputable private school to working to eradicate polio globally.

He goes into this assuring contributors and collaborators of a positive outcome, all it takes it time and the right amount of effort.

20. Be Detached

When you take up a huge and risky projects like Bill Gates, sometimes things don’t go well.

Sometimes it’s after you have already spent millions.

Like Bill Gates, you need to be able to be detached from the time, money and even the outcome of these projects.

This will go a long way to save your physical and mental health.

It will also help you keep your motivation to keep going.

21.Be Punctual

One very remarkable and consistent habit Bill Gates has is his punctuality.

This helps him efficiently manage his crowded and demanding schedule.

His collaborators also adopted this admirable quality to ensure smooth collaboration.

22. Learn And Get Better From Mistakes Of The Past

We all make mistakes, it is important to take the time to reflect on them and take better steps in the future.

It is also important to do research on the mistakes of others and find out why they made such mistakes.

This goes a long way to help us avoid similar mistakes, prevent drastic, deadly outcomes.

His recent work with nuclear energy is one that needs such detailed research to avoid big and lasting damages.

23. When Confronted With Something Difficult, Work Harder

When confronted with difficult problems, Bill Gates never takes the giving up option.

He only sees this as an indication of the need of more time and effort.

The more difficult the problem the harder he works.

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  • Rodarrick

    Learning from the best in the world of the rich and wealthy is surely like taking a lecture and I must surely bookmark this so that I can read almost everytime. Bill gates life is that of an achiever and a goal getter, this is just one of the many that he has achieved and learning all of these about him is really great. Thanks so much for sharing about him. This is worth the read

  • Strahinja

    Bill Gates is a truly an inspiration in all sorts of ways. Without him, most of what we bloggers do would not be possible. He made our life much easier in the ways unimaginable. We can stay at home, work from our computer and get paid. This was not possible before the 90s and 00s.

    He is definitely an exception,when you look at his education, but he is clearly very intelligent person. The best life lesson from your list for me is I think number 14 – be relentlessly optimistic. Because we are almost destined to fail sometimes and if we loose our faith in our projects, we will never achive anything. I respect Bill for that and many other great thing about his personality.

    Thank you for this wonderful article. I really enjoyed it.

    • Etah

      You are right relentless optimistism is definitely essential for the road to success which is most times filled with more downs than ups.

  • Boniface-AndroidBix

    Dear Arrah,

    Thanks for yet another very inspiring article and the video is great too!

    Those 23 lessons are quite practical and yet I find myself failing in several of them. For instance, I usually find myself often concentrating on things I have less expertise in, thus lowering productivity tremendously. I tend to lose focus on one key area and get distracted to do multiple projects abandoning some halfway to begin others. This really messes me up.

    I, however, have taken a very bold step lately, and I’m beginning to create new networks in the hope that I’ve learned enough lessons not to make those mistakes again. 
    Keep inspiring us on this site.

    Boniface- from AndroidBix

    • Etah

      Hello Boniface,

      I am glad you found some value here, we are all a working progress, what really matters is identifying our shortcomings and working towards getting better with time

  • Twack Romero

    I was just about to go and have a look at your article about Will Smith, who is one of my favourite actors, then I saw this one on Bill Gates. I have plenty of time for him, ironically, for the late Steve Jobs also. I think, though rivals, they shared similar traits and philosophies, or maybe they were both just very driven.

    They say that you should surround yourself with those who you would like to emulate and Bill Gates has plenty of attributes I would like to take onboard. I love that he practices, what is in essence, mindfulness. It’s easy then to understand how he has managed to maintain his focus and determination over the years.

    I’ve known he is classed, now, as a philanthropist and a humanitarian but I had no idea that he believed in and was helping so many causes. Rather than throwing money at something he has identified issues and is actively doing something to change those circumstances, that’s something I can get behind.


  • Robert

    Wow! Even though I had known a lot about Bill Gates that was mentioned here, there were many things I just learned. Thank you for sharing this insightful information. This is something we can all be inspired to do. Of course we cannot expect to do all of which Bill Gates has done, but most of it we can and some of them are extremely easy even without money.

    You do not need to be rich to help people solve problems or to learn new things or even to give to those less fortunate. For those like myself I like to read and learn new things and once I have a firm understanding and experience in how something works, I freely share my knowledge. I do not always ask to be paid for my knowledge because freely giving results in blessings.

    For example, I am an affiliate marketer and the main focus of affiliate marketing content on a website is not to sell a product. The focus should always be on helping your website visitors with information that will lead them to making an informed decision. Naturally you place an affiliate link to whatever it is you are helping them with, should they want to purchase.

    • Etah

      I am happy you found some impactful information over here. I agree and love your point of view. We need to learn to give back no matter how little we have

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