habits to let go of in 2020

21 Toxic Habits To Let Go Of In 2020

Make 2020 Legendary

Happy new year, 2020

To usher in our year , we have dedicated the last two months in this year to talk about ways to step into 2020 with things which takes you to higher heights, while leaving behind things which don’t have a positive impact in your life or the lives of those around you.

Letting go of the things I will be talking about below will take lots of will power, courage and determination, virtues which I believe you already have and can acquire with practice.

What To Let Go Of In 2019

habits to let go of  in the new year

1. Envy

Going into 2020, I need to leave envy behind as this habit influences the decisions made in my life and it is a habit which nurtures negativity and we know like attracts like.

Wishing you have someone else’s life is a sign you need to make some changes in yours.

So we could help eliminate envy by making the necessary changes because when we are living our best lives we won’t wish to trade life with someone else.

Social media is also very deceiving; I can’t count the number of times that my day has been spoiled by one wrong choice to the next due to some unresolved emotions which originating from spending hours scrolling through people’s highlights.

Also we need to remember another person’s success doesn’t negate ours, we can all be successful, we all have the possibility of winning and it is more fun when you are not alone at the top.

2. Procrastination

Do what you can do today, today, no need to push it to tomorrow.

Procrastination is the reason why some of my goals in 2019 were not met.

So moving forward in 2020, the principle to adopt is not pushing things forward when they can be handled in the now.

This takes a lot of will power because most time we procrastinate because there are other things we will be rather doing than meeting certain tasks.

We also need to improve our work environment because having a motivating and efficient working space could go a long way to inspire us to get things done.

3.  Talking More Than You Do

I will do this, I want to do this, I will become this, I will achieve this, in 2020 we should aim at talking about what we plan to do or what we will become and instead work more on realizing those things.

We spend lots of time complaining, arguing about what we capable of, we need to go into the New Year with a goal to let our actions and achievements do the talking.

4.  Being Late

Being late may seem cool at times but to many busy and productive people, this is a habit we need to leave behind.

Being late not only shows disregard for the time of others but it also bad for our credibility.

Making it a habit to arrive either on time or earlier inspires others to do same when teaming up with you.

Punctuality is a virtue which when put in place can go a long way to ensure efficient time management and a secret to ensure punctuality is always underestimating the time you have to get to places.

5. Bench Watching Netflix Shows

In my opinion this is the worst, this has being the cause of many unproductive days on my part.

Spending majority of my day watching from one episode to the next.

The trap is starting; each episode is designed to keep us coming back for more.

To stop this come 2020, we need to either stop watching series all together or we need to work on our will power.

6. Regrets

Filter out the lessons from your past mistakes, take them forward and leave the regrets behind.

No matter how much you dwell on the past and regret some of your actions, you won’t be able to change anything so you might as well just let it go and move forward wiser.

As 2019 comes to an end, it is important to move on from the regrets which can be done by taking sometime out to reflect on the reason why we have certain reflects.

Knowing the why is first step to getting how to let go.

7. Painful Love (Toxic)

I do believe love is a beautiful things which brings us joy in its natural state.

Sure maintaining a relationship is not easy, it takes work, but when love brings more pain than joy , then I things that is a sign to let it go in 2019.

You might want to consider taking time to be single in 2020, take time to get to know yourself, to work becoming the best version of you.

This might also help you attract better and even if you don’t atleast you still got you and you will always do, so make that relationship a priority.

8. Friends Who Drag You Down

You need to surround yourself with people who motivate you to aspire for greater.

You need friends who don’t glorifies your unproductive habits .

Friends who show by example success habits are there friends you need going into 2020.

I say it is better to be friendless than to have friend who inspire a goalless you.

9. Complaining

All complaining ever does is waste time, time we could have spent working on a solution.

Moving forward to 2020, complaining will be detrimental quality to carry on as it will lead to no productive results.

A good way to avoid complaining is by catching ourselves everytime we feel like and always reminding ourselves of the uselessness of this action.

10 . Comparing To Others

Comparing with others not only messes with our mental health but it also prompts us to work towards goals which are our true calling.

Wanting to keep up, wanting achieve things solely because other have is a bad route to be on.

Limiting the amount of time spent going through our social media feed could help us eliminate this habit.

Also remembering that we are all unique and we all have our on paths, we all get to same similar destinations at varying paces.

11. Looking Low On Others

One thing we can be sure of is change.

Our standing in life is always open to change.

Someone’s less than standard today doesn’t in anyway hinder them from being greater than tomorrow.

Always remembering this as we relate with people will do us well come 2020.


2020 should welcome a more loyal you.

A you who doesn’t show one face infront and another behind.

In this new year it very important we remember our own shortcoimg whenever we have the urge to backbit.


Taking sometime out each day like Oprah to make a list of the things in our life we could be grateful for is a great way to attract more.

We could always start by being grateful we are alive and have the opportunity to make a greater impact on the world.

14. Looking Up To People’s Benchmark

We need to begin this new year by setting our own benchmarks in various domains of our lives.

Setting our standards according to what the world says is acceptable or the limits others set for you is a sure route to a unfulfilled life.

Knowing and writing down what we are working on, setting goals based on our uninfluenced ambitions is the way to go come 2020.

15. Indiscriminatively Following All Trends

Some trends are good, some are not and in my oppinion some are pointless ( well thats just me).

This new year should be one in which we follow trend we truly love not just because it was everyone is doing, so it must be cool.

16. Breaking Promises

As you endeavor to keep all promises you make, you will realise that the number of promises you make will be reduced.

This is because promises actually start meaning something to you and you are very careful about the ones you make.

You will begin to make sure you only make promises you are sure to live up to.

17. Neglecting The Truly Important

As we prepare to get into the new year, we need to take some time to write down the things, people and goals which really matter in ourlives.

Doing this is a sure way to give more time to those things instead of spending out time n things which are not that important , because this might lead to an unhappy life.

Neglecting our priorities might send us down a road towards disappointing events or currences.

18. Underlooking Our Capacitities

underlooking our capacities lead us to aim lower than we are capable of achieving.

2020 should be a year in which we push ourselves farther than our thought limits.

When we do this we will reach height which we thought were unattainble by us.

19. Spreading Hate

It is tempting to join the hate band wagon, post hate comments, make videos and tweets requesting certain people be canceled for their mistakes.

I strongly do believe every deserve a second chance, people deserve to be given room for mistakes and the growth that come after.

Digging into the past and persucuting people for mistakes made several years ago needs to be left behind in 2019.

20. Obsessing Celebrities

Diving into the lifes of celebrities, what they doing, where and when, who they are dating, and so much more has no positive impact in ourselves.

What this does is distract us from our own lives, our own problems, things we need to work on for better versions of ourselves.

Looking at the lives of celebrities, with all the glam and fabolousness could also have a negative impact on our self esteem.

Going into 2020, we need to try and make a concious effort not to spend time getting to know about the lives of celebrities.

21. Unauthenticity

This takes lots of courage and will power.

It also takes a determination to bare the consequences that follow wether good or bad.

Your authenticity will not be recieved well by many, many will feel threatened by your desire to live your truth but those who love you will be die heart fans.

They will love the real you.

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  • Luiz

    Hello Etah, thanks for writing this, I was so needing to read this words.

    I agree with you fully, specially on Netflix shows, and procrastination. I am doing my best also to take power in hands, motivate myself and DO MORE. 

    But of course I am human and I struggle. I even started to do some yoga and mantras, but I struggle with discipline. 

    In 2020 I need to workout more, lose some pounds, drink less, procrastinate less and watch less Netflix. Sounds like a plan! 

    Read you soon again! 

  • ALwande 7

    wha a powerfully massage

    complaining is not helping instead it’s let you down.

    procastination do what you plan to do, don’t postpone

    being late be punctual

    it is indeed a powerful one.

    talk less and do more

    sorround your self with motivated people,who are going to help you through out your goals

    regrats. Don’t dwell on the past please move on to be successful,

    your past will drag you back.

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