2018 Wealthy Affiliate Review,7 Incredible features For Success.

Earn A Free Trip To Las Vegas.

2018 wealthy affiliate review


So I will be beginning this 2018 wealthy affiliate review with an ultimate goal most members of wealthy affiliate have, which is getting to qualify for the free trip to Las Vegas.

For a private conference where you get to meet many affiliate marketers including Kyle and Carson, the creators of the wealthy affiliate platform. 

As a premium member, you qualify by referring a 100 people to wealthy affiliate and you need 300 referrals as a starter member.


Which Is Better, Starter Or Premium?

2018 wealthy affiliate review


OK so I am a premium member on wealthy affiliate and this pretty tells you my response to this question but I will lay down some facts or the privileges you can enjoy either as a starter or premium member.

I will let you make the choice which is most suitable for your affiliate marketing goals.

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Cheap Fee

2018 wealthy affiliate review


So as I previously mentioned, we have two types of memberships in wealthy affiliate which is the starter and premium membership.

Unlike the starter membership, to be a premium member you will need to pay $49 per month which I understand if you feel reluctant to do so.

I mean, especially considering the fact that this sums up to a yearly fee of $588, though you can go for the yearly plan of $359.

A $229 reduction seems like a great deal to me.

Getting Back Double Of Your Monthly Fee.

2018 wealthy affiliate review


On wealthy affiliate, you have the opportunity to double, triple and even quadruple your monthly earning which of course depends on your commitment to doing the practical side of the training.


1.Wealthy Affiliate – Beginner Friendly Training.

2018 wealthy affiliate review

So Let’s talk about the training proper. There are several kinds of training you could go through on wealthy affiliate but there are only two I will recommend for beginners in order for you not to feel overwhelmed or too far behind.

I will suggest you block your eyes to all the noise and suggestions and focus either on the online entrepreneur certification or affiliate boot camp.

These trainings are being broken down into different sections which have titles which give you a picture of what you will be learning.

You are free to skip ahead though I will suggest you go through every step because there is always something to learn, you wouldn’t want to miss out.

2. Get Inspired By Experienced, successful affiliate marketers.

2018 wealthy affiliate review


One of the advantages of the wealthy affiliate platform, which could be in some way looked at as a disadvantage is the presence of thousands of affiliate marketers who are very friendly and willing to share some tips and tricks with you, all you need to do is ask.

The Downside

2018 wealthy affiliate review


In the beginning, if I am being honest even now sometimes I get overwhelmed by the amount of information flowing around on this platform.

I was still trying to figure out the basics then I came across this advance question and several answers which I had no clue about which made me feel so empty.

Anyway, my advice to you starting up is shutting off all the information and focusing on the training which gently and gradually gets you up to speed. Good luck.

3.Wealthy Affiliate – Live Chats

2018 wealthy affiliate review


Another awesome feature on wealthy affiliate is the live chat option which allows you to ask questions about challenges you are facing and get numerous solutions from members online.

One problem, I have with this is the challenge of picking out the best solution to your problem.

I really wish like Quora, the wealthy affiliate platform will have an option to pin the best answers to the top of the live chat which I understand might not be easy since it is live but at least comments coming from most experienced members could be selected and made last at the top for longer.

4. Build Your Website In 5 Minutes.

2018 wealthy affiliate review


Honestly coming from someone who has studied coding languages in order to build my first website, the web development tools and guides provided on wealthy affiliate is a blessing.

There are over 3,000 free web templates available which you can modify to suit your unique taste.

5. Wealthy Affiliate – One On One Guidance.


2018 wealthy affiliate review

You can also send direct messages to an experienced member including Kyle and Carson who are the founders of wealthy affiliate.

Also, if you join wealthy affiliate using my link, I will be immediately notified of any questions or challenges you are facing and so I could help in whatever way I can in order to make your road less bumpy.

6. Wealthy Affiliate -Live Training Sessions.

2018 wealthy affiliate review


Another feature on the wealthy affiliate platform which is very useful but only available for premium members is the live training session.

Four training sessions are carried out every month which is organized by very experienced affiliate marketers.

All premium members are being notified of the upcoming live training sessions, informing you of the topic of discussion and you can subscribe if the topic sounds interesting to you. You can still access these training sessions later on if you missed the live session.



2018 wealthy affiliate review

Like I mentioned before most of the other training like live training might be overwhelming for beginners, as many of the participants are more experienced and when they ask questions, the trainer will respond and might sometimes not take into account the newbies which might leave you feeling empty and overwhelmed.

So I will suggest for beginners please stick to the online entrepreneur certification or affiliate boot camp and you can re-watch the live training at any time once you are all got up. But you might be someone who situations which make you feel empty or less adequate inspires you to study harder, by all means, go for the live training from the start.

7. Guide To high Ranking Content.


2019 wealthy affiliate review

Finally, one of my favorite feature on the wealthy affiliate platform is the site content feature in which you have templates which guides you on the qualities of a post which lead to high rankings on Google.

Accompanying this feature is the Jaaxy platform in which you can do research on the best keywords with minimum competition and high traffic, being the perfect combination.

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As usual, I would like to hear from you, have you used the wealthy affiliate platform before, what was your best or worst feature?

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