things all wealthy people have in common
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15 Things All Wealthy People Have In Common

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After writing numerous articles which required me to stalk a variety of wealthy people, successful in diverse fields, I noticed some things they all have in common.

Things they all credit for their success.

Habits and thought processes which when consistently implemented can go a long way to replicate our version of successful.

Differences Between Rich And Wealthy

the difference between rich and wealthy

According to the cambridge dictionary, rich means having a lot of money or valuable possessions while wealth is defined as having a great deal of money, resource or assets.

As seen above these two words are really similar and many of us turn to see the two as same but this isn’t the case.

The main difference being rich and being wealthy is the duration of the money.

How long those the money last, is it past on from generation to generation ?

We have lottery winners, artist , and professional athlethes who have had a relatively short period of riches, this isn’t wealth.

In order to turn your riches into wealth, there are some habits you need to put in place which all stem from the right knowledge and wisdom.

15 Things All Wealthy People Have In Common

things all wealthy people have in common

1. Work Hard

Working hard and putting in the hours needed to get the job done is the only way to attain success.

Many successful people like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerburg, Arianna Huffington, all talk about working extremely hard.

Sometimes even working too hard at the expense of their health and family.

2. Patience

Contrary to popuar believe, there is no such thing as overnight success.

Success takes time, becoming rich might even happen overnight but transforming that riches to wealth to be passed down from generetion to generation takes time.

Many successful people talk about putting in the work for a long period of time with no financial game but they were patient enough to keep going even after they get to riches.

3. Ambitious

When we have scary goals, goals that might even seem impossible to most , it motivates us to work harder.

Having goals which makes us feel comfortable to spend days bench watching movies on Netflix is not good enough.

Like many wealthy people, we need to aspire for heights which take us out of our comfort zone.

4. Focus

FOCUS – Face One Course Until Success

Lewis Howes a very successful motivational speaker and entrepreneur talks about beginning his entreprenuerial carreer with a LinkedIn profile boosting business, becoming really successful with that moving then moving on to other things.

Many artists like Will Smith and Jay Z first focus on one artistic endeavor, excel in that before diversifying to other sectors of the arts and business.

Sometimes you need a year, a month, or week  to chase that one course before we add other things to our plate.

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5. Limited Distraction

We have so many things distracting us this days;

Our phone notifications, our social media feeds always have distractions available, the is always a new series or show to begin watching.

Successful people have taken the necessary steps to limit distractions.


  •   Kanye West getting ride of his phone
    Selena Gomez deleting the instagram app on her phone in order to ensure she spends very little time on social media
  • Casiey Niestat deleting social media apps from his phone.
  • Several celebrities hiring people to run their social media accounts, and giving their phones to their personal assistants.

6. Great Team

Like everyone, the wealthy have 24 hours daily but they are able to get more done daily than most.

This is because they pay for more time, they employ people to help them have more productive days.

In order to ensure an increase in productivity with each hire, the wealthy are very cautious and thorough about who they hire.

Most look who are

  •  Good at their  job,
  • A good team mate,
  • And willing to learn and grow.

7. Don’t Give Up

The real failures are the ones who have given up.

It doesn’t matter how many times the wealthy fall, they keep rising up and keep trying to attain success.

Billionaire Warren Buffet, expressses his love for starting from crash and has done so several times.

He has invested in certain business ventures which didn’t go as planned but this didn’t stop him from investing some more, next time wiser.

8. Inspiring Stories

Their journey to wealth is always inspiring.

That journey from nothing to plenty.

Oprah Winfrey came from extremely humble beginnings, as a child she lived with her maternal grand mother who was so poor, Oprah had to wear clothes made from potato sacks.

Today she is one of the richest and most influential women in the world.

The builders of the foundation of wealth always have to work extremely hard to stand out and break the poverty cycle.

9. Stay Consistent

Before the wealthy begin projects they put in place the necceseties  to stay consistent.

They keep going daily because ” Success doesn’t come from habits we do once in a while but from the ones we do daily”

10. Great Work Ethic

Over the 25 seasons of the Oprah Winfrey show, Oprah never missed a single day of shooting,come rain, come sun, come heartbreak, or bad days, she was always available to put in the work.

On a recent episode of the red table talk, Will Smith talks about having to wok hard to look a cettain way for a movie, he talks about the side effect of looking this way which was  continuous headache but this didn’t stop him from getting the work done.

These are both examples of great work ethics.

This is the type of work ethic which gets you to the top and keeps you there.

11. Continuously Bettering Themselves

The wealthy will tell you , you never stop learning, you never stop growing and the moment you get comfortable and think you don’t need to work towards better, that is the moment your fall begins.

Things change daily and the requirements to stay at the top change too, you need to get with the times, learn or hire people who are well acquainted with the new  must haves to stay successful.

12.  Exist Out Of Their Comfort Zone

One thing we all have in common is that we all find comfort when we are home, when we are on our beds, and are free to let go but success come with many nights and days away from home, away from your bed.

Comedian and actress , Ali Wong talks about having to get into cars with strange men who took her to the clubs in which she performed her standup comedy.

She felt uncomfortable,at times scared but she knew she had to do this to attain success.

Success and wealth comes from taking the steps which are out of our comfort zone, steps which require confidence and our strong will power to take the necessary risk.

13. Have Firm Believes

Most of our principles come from our believes.

What do you beleive in?, what is your believe about loyalty?, what do you believe is the importance of establishing bonds?, do you believe money is the root of all evils?

Where you stand on this topics determines the goals you make and being confident in your believes inspires your commitment to attain your goals.

14. Associate With Like Minded People

What do your friends teach you, what do they inspire you to do?

Wealthy people surround themselevs with people who give them the right information, opportunities and inspiration to aspire for better.

Think of the really successful people you know , who are their friends.

It is no coincidence that most celebrities get married to and are friends with other celebrities.

15. Efficiently Use Their Time

Managing Your time well is the best way to be most productive and we need to be highly and consistently productive to get to wealth.

Successful people say the secret to time management is beginning your day with your priorities and end with the optional tasks.

They also minimize the time they spend commuting from one place to next, watching tv or consuming irrelevant content.

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  • Ian

    I am a big fan of reading millionaire habits or the things rich people do so this article fell right in line with what I like. I am looking for just a passive income online. Nothing super extravagant. This article makes me feel like if I apply these points then I can probably achieve anything. Great work and keep up the stalking of rich people haha. 

    • Etah

      🙂 Stalking wealthy people is a hobby of mine, so I think I will be doing that for a long time. I am glad you found value here. 

  • Maryse Cameron

    Well done, I like the 15 things list, it is inspiring and so true.  I will follow your guide and stick to it.  I like following people that thinks and feel things like me.  I always get good advises from them.  Stay focus is also the key to success, I agree with that too.   Keep up your work, I will read more of your site. 

  • Paul

    Hi Etah,

    Everyone wants to be wealthy but many are not preparing for it. Once I read from one of Tony Robbins quote, “Model Someone Who Is Already Successful Because Success Leaves Clues”.

    So your post means a lot to me and thanks a lot for your effort in giving these valuable information. The information you shared on the difference between rich and wealthy is an eye-opener for me and I thought both are the same.

    Among the 15, I have only 4 and I need to work on the 11 things.

    Nowadays people want immediate success with less effort and that’s not going to happen. There is no shortcut to success! It takes a lot of time, effort, work, patience, continuous learning, etc.

    Face One Course Until Success, that’s great. I often switch away from my goals because of the shiny object syndrome and now decided to focus only on one thing and I am working on it.

    While working online there are so many distractions for me and I need to stay away from it.

    Thanks for the Great inspiring post! This has to be motivating, not only for me but also for many others.

    • Etah

      I am glad you found some value here, I love the quote by Tony Robbins, it is very important to know what others did to get where you want to 

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