reasons why 2020 will be awesome

10 Reasons Why 2020 Will Be Awesome

What is Special about the New Year?

reasons why 2020 will be awesome

The year 2020 is a leap year and to many is believed to be extremely special.

2020, like any new year is an opportunity to have a fresh start.

Though we have this opportunity every day, the beginning of the year is a good mark and inspirational or motivational point to implement changes in your life.

These changes hopefully positive are a sure catalyst for creating an awesome 2020.

Reasons Why 2020 Will Be Awesome

reasons why 2020 will be awesome

1. You believe It Is Possible

First let’s state a fact, “it is possible to have an awesome year” and we have previously discussed about what it takes to have a year we will consider awesome.

The will to act towards having an awesome year all begins with us believing this is possible.

I trust you have this believe because you are now taking action by finding out how to make your year awesome.

This is a sign your 2020 will be awesome

2. You Are Alive

You are alive meaning you have the time and ability to make 2020 awesome.

Being alive means possibility for growth.

It means more time to achieve your goals.

More time to have a positive impact on the world.

3. You Have the Knowledge to Make It So

You know what it takes to make this New Year awesome.

You have done the research so you are steps ahead of many.

You are steps closer to getting an awesome 2020.

4. Continuous Growth

It is amazing the number of innovations that each year brings.

Innovations which our lives easier and the attainment of goals more doable.

Trust 2020 will come with more growth, more improvement, which gives you a better chance to have an awesome year than you did in 2019.

5. You Have Goals Written Down

If not yet, then do.

Many successful people talk about achieving more of the goals they had written down than the ones they didn’t.

With your goals already written as you get into the New Year, you are on your way to an awesome one.

Remember to write at the top of the paper “Goals for an Awesome 2020”

This will keep you reminded of your overall goal as you reread your goals regularly.

6. You are leaving Behind Toxic Habits

We have also previously spoken about some toxic habits you need to leave behind.

Leaving these habits behind is a sure way to guarantee an awesome new year.

Getting ride of these habits, like complaining, backbiting, comparing to others and so much more helps strengthen our minds and bodies for greater.

7. You Will Take Action

We all know that taking action is the major step required for making anything happen.

Doing what is necessary to eliminate the toxic habits.

Putting in practice all you know about making a year awesome.

8. 2019 and Its Predecessors have Made You Wiser

In the past years, you have failed, you have made mistakes, you went through good and bad experiences, all of these taught you lessons you could apply to 2020 to make it awesome.

You will get into the new year a wiser you, and that you is very essential for making this year awesome.

9. You Have What It Takes

You and you alone has the ability to make your year awesome.

True others could help, they could give you opportunities, and wise words but who really makes it happen is you and you have the ability to.

No matter what they say, which they will, alwasy remember you have what it takes to make this year awesome cause you need this consistent thought in order to keep doing even during the tough times.

10. You Are Determined To Make It So

We all have a strong desire to make our year awesome.

We are determined to make it so, and don’t care how many tries it takes.

You won’t give up on having an awesome year.

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