motivational questions t ask yourself

10 Motivational Questions To Ask Yourself For Success

The motivational questions to ask yourself will guide your reflection.

This questions will help you come up with answers which will guide your steps towards attaining your goals.

This will also help you clarify some doubts and make better choices.

Motivational Questions To Ask Yourself For Success

1. Do You Love What You Do ?

motivational questions to ask yourself

Loving what you do is how you keep going when you can’t see any progress.

This is what keeps you going on days when there are so many people discouraging you.

Loving your job or side hustle is what motivates you to complete tasksin order to meet your goals even after a very tiring and demanding day.

2. Are Your Goals Written Down ?

motivations questions to ask yourself

Writing your goals down is highly recommended by so many successful people.

Having the constant reminder of what you plan to accomplish within certain time limits motivates you to get to work.

This written down reminder guides your daily to-do list.

crossing things off this list once accomplished gives you the confidence to go for more.

3. Are You Taking Action ?

motivational questions to ask yourself

Just setting goals and not taking any steps to accomplish them yields no fruits.

Watching motivational videos or reading blogs like this to get inspired and not putting in place some of the recommended strategies will not lead to a better you.

The better you, the you , you want to be can only be attained through action.

Actions after ups and downs, not giving up no matter how many times you fall.

4. What Is Holding You Back ?

what is holding you back

It is very important to identify some of the things holding us back and getting ride of them .

I have a confession to make.

I recently downloaded an app in which I could read several exciting stories.

I immediately became addicted to it.

My addiction led to a sleep deprived me.

I didn’t accomplish my daily goals, I was so consummed by wanting to know what happened next in the lives of the characters I read about.

I deleted this app, then installed it again because I felt so empty.

This led to more days of below average productivity.

After reading some inspirational content, and hitting rock bottom, I gathered the needed courage to permanently delete this app and now I am back to a more productive me , trying to make the right choices.

It might be people, emotions or things holding you back, from doing what needs to be done to accomplish your goals.

Whatever that is, you need to let it go.

5. What Is Your Why ?

what is your why

Having a strong why gets you up on days when all you want to do is stay in bed.

Knowing your why guides you HOW.

Sticking to this why attracts the right partners and customers.

Your Why determines what you are willing to compromises or not and what you make a priority

6. Do You Have Role Models ?

motivational question to ask yourself

I personally don’t believe that if you have a role model , it means you want to be exactly like them, flaws and all.

I believe you have one quality you admire in someone , I try to copy that no matter the other things which don’t necessary admire.

I personally have numerous role models  but who I want to be is unique.

The person I want to grow up to be has never been done by anyone but there are somany I am learning from to help me get there.

So many people who inspire me to work towards my best selve.

7. How Do You Recharge ?

motivational questions to ask yourself

Recharging is very important.

I know how our society tells us to work the hardest.

They say the harder you work is proportional to the amount of money you make, so in order to make the most, you need to work the most.

True hard work is important but an analysis of the most successful, you will find that in order to get success we need to work hard and wise.

In order to have the much need balance of hard work and wisdom, we need to be well rested and recharged.

A recharged and relaxed mind is very creative.

8. Who Do You Surround Yourself With ?

who do you surround yourself with

I am sure we have all heard of the saying that ” Show me your friends and I will tell you who are”

We might also heard of the saying that ” You are an average of the 5 people you spend the most of your time with ”

These quote all remind us of the need of picking the right friends.

Creating the right friendships opens doors to the right conversations and opportunities.

9. Which Winning Habits Have You Put In Place ?

motivational questions to ask yourself

Habits are what make the difference.

Google says habits are “a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up.”

“Habits stay with you even when you don’t have the motivation.”
― Neeraj Agnihotri, Procrasdemon – The Artist’s Guide to Liberation From Procrastination

Some successful people talk about habit being that thing you still do even when the mood in which you made the decision to do it has passed.

Habits are what eventually brings to us success, not just things we do once in a while.

Habits like discipline, punctuality, hard work, a poerful morning routine and so much more all lead to eventual success.

10. What Limiting Believes Do You Have ?

motivational questions to ask yourself

What are you telling yourself you can’t do ?

It is important we reflect on this and see why we thing we can’t.

With some reflections and research we might see that it is actually possible.

What we can become depends on how far we think we can go.

Like Henry Ford said, whether you think you can or cannot, you are probably right.

How To Use These Motivational Questions

You will want to find some quiet time.

During this time you could write down all the questions .

Then write down the honest answers, answers which you might hide away from the world.

Only complete honesty will help you take the right steps forward.

And most importantly take action.

questions to reflect on


  • Rodarrick

    As these questions appear to be very simple, providing answers to them might actually not be so simple as they appear and that is the reason we should all start to ask them right away. They could really prove vital in making the right change in our career life. Thanks so much for sharing these questions and I figure the est way to answer them is to write the answers down for myself. Thanks

    • Etah

      Yeah, answering them is done most effectively privately, because you trust you most and hopefully will feel most comfortable to be honest to you because complete honesty is very essential in getting truly helpful answers and an impactful way forward

  • Letsret

    This is a great list of questions!  Do you love what you do?  I don’t really like the job I am doing right now and going through these questions will maybe give me a clear idea of what I really would love to be doing.  Goals – it’s good to have a look at those on a regular basis.  Sometimes I think I get held back because I’m afraid of change.  Time to recharge, surround myself with great people and start at those goals.  Thanks for a great post!

  • C

    Thank you for this great article. I remember when I began asking myself motivational questions for success. There was this one podcast where the guy was like, “if you are awake at 2am and i asked you, what is your purpose, what would you say?” So I tried really hard to think of a purpose and stuff like that. In general taking yourself questions is a form of personal inventory and a good idea in life. Taking personal inventory in the years has helped me a lot and I’m definitely healthier than I was all those years ago. 

    Like for example I really enjoy weight lifting and its a big part of my life. I am pretty much naturally motivated to do my workouts but sometimes it helps to remind myself why I do it, to be healthy, to be physically strong, because it adds up over time, etc. Same thing with showering with cooler water, sometimes it helps to remind myself how much it’s helped reduce inflammation, and also it’s actually pretty refreshing. 

    Sometimes motivation ebbs and flows so its important to trust yourself. If something’s good for you, it will come back to you, including feelings of genuine motivation and enthusiasm. 

    • Etah

      Wow, very thoughtful comment, as I read through your comment, I actually took some time to reflect about the reason why I will be up at 2 am, what am I so passionate about, so much so that I will be up past midnight and thankfully the response, creating and reviewing content, things which I love very much . Thanks for your comment and for visiting my site, I am glad you found some value here.

  • DreaJay

    Sincerely, this is the best article I’ve seen today. These motivational questions are really essential for everyone, from the first to the last, they all hold utmost importance in the success of everyone. Loving what you do Is actually the most important thing any business person or worker should possess as it determines how far the person will go. Getting up when you fall and continuing your journey is the vibe, what gives it the love and passion you have for that thing. I’ve been awesomely blessed by this article, thanks for sharing it.

  • shelley

    All these questions are needed to get Life in business right on track. Asking  these questions would help to decipher if the business is going the right path or just being redundant. Taking the right steps with this questions and the answers provided would help to figure out one’s path to success. enjoying what we do and taking our work as a passion would help us to stand with it even in the face of trouble and challenges. Thanks for sharing this.

    • Etah

      Yeah so true, we all need to have the inspiration to keep going, even in the downtimes and these questions will help us do just that.I am glad you found value here

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